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January 7, 2020Mindset

Backup Gear: Field Repair Essentials

Backup Gear: Field Repair Essentials

Having a good field repair kit on hand is a must and these eight items will help make your repairs a breeze. First up, it’s hard to beat a good roll of tape and we’ve found the small rolls of Gorilla brand tape are perfect for light repair kits. Next up, super glue offers a binding option for rips or leaky seams in jackets, tents and other glued items.

Repairs don’t always need to be permanent and temporary items like Rigger’s Rubbers Bands and cordage are essential. Mil-Spec 550 Paracord is a tried and true classic, but if you’re looking to save space and weight, consider picking up some Accessory Cord. (Also known as Dummy Cord.) This micro cord is lightweight, durable and perfect for small repairs, or even use as a utility line for hanging clothing or other items.

No matter which cordage you select, have a lighter on hand to fuse the ends after trimming. It keeps things cleaner and also works as a backup fire starting method. A small sewing kit ensures you can repair clothing or other things like pack straps, but be sure to practice with it before you actually need it. Lastly, keep your repair kit inside a waterproof bag like the aLOKSAK bag, to protect it from the elements.


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