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December 3, 2019Mindset

Where Would Jason Bourne Sit?

Where Would Jason Bourne Sit?

Quick, which one of these seats would you choose? How about now?

Is there a correct answer? Most people are probably saying they’d choose the seats facing the door, so they can be ready to spring into action. But in these photos, you can only see a part of the picture and don’t have a 360 view of the room. There could be a completely different set of entry doors or maybe a shadowy, unknown hallway.

Rather than choosing a hard and fast rule, ask yourself where Jason Bourne would sit. It’s a tongue-in-cheek example, but it can help you to practice situational awareness and think outside the box. In most cases, it’s preferable to be on the ground floor with your back to a wall and close to an emergency exit. These are just best practices though and we’re not advocating ruining your date night because you can’t give an extensive ocular patdown to everyone that enters.

In the end, the more visibility and awareness you have, the better, especially when it comes to dipping out when that Mariachi band arrives.


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