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Unlocking the Benefits: Why a Prepared Citizen Should Learn to Pick Locks

By The ITS Crew

While lock picking is often associated with nefarious characters and criminal activity, it’s actually a skill that offers significant advantages to prepared and responsible citizens. When utilized responsibly, these skills can provide a better understanding of one’s own security, help in emergency situations and even serve as a fascinating hobby.

Debunking the Criminal Connection to Lock Picking

Broken Window

Most criminals prefer not to invest time, effort and money into mastering how to pick a lock. Breaking into a home usually entails a quick and forceful entry, like smashing  a window, kicking a door, or exploiting an unsecured access point.

In reality, picking a lock can take a lot of time and criminals don’t want to spend any more time than they have to at a location. Therefore, it’s crucial to separate the skill from criminal intent and recognize its value for law-abiding citizens.

Enhancing Personal Security

By learning how to pick locks, you gain valuable insights into their function and vulnerabilities. This knowledge will help identify weak points in your security system and encourage you to invest in high-quality locks and other security measures, making your property less attractive to potential burglars.

Emergency Situations

Ambulance Driving Down Street

Lock picking skills can prove invaluable during emergencies. Lost or broken keys, accidental lockouts, or assisting someone in distress are situations where lock picking can save time, money and even lives. In these instances, quick and non-destructive entry is crucial and having the ability to pick a lock can make all the difference.

A Rewarding Hobby

For many, the skill is a fascinating and challenging hobby. It requires patience, dexterity and problem-solving skills, making it both mentally and physically stimulating. The lock pick community is filled with enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their experiences and knowledge, fostering a supportive environment for learning and growth.

Where to Start with Lock Picking?

We’ve been producing content and products with a focus on lock picking for over 14 years and in that time, we’ve created what we feel is the best starter pack for those looking to dive into the skill.

ITS Lock Picking Starter Pack

The ITS Lock Picking Starter Pack includes everything you need to get started with picking pin and tumbler locks. The included Modular Practice Lock allows you to scale the difficulty from extremely simple to a full-on challenge when using all six of the included Security Pins.

For a limited time, we’re even offering a FREE Universal Lock Picking Practice Station when you purchase a Starter Pack. There are no coupons needed, simply add a Starter Pack to your cart and you’ll see the Practice Station added automatically!

Universal Lock Pick Practice Station


Lock picking is an invaluable skill for prepared citizens who wish to enhance their security, assist in emergencies, or just explore a rewarding hobby. By demystifying the criminal association and embracing the practical benefits, you can use this skill responsibly and to your advantage, so you can prevail!

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