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Recommended Reading: Elite by Former Navy SEAL Nick Hays

By Bryan Black

Editor-in-Chief’s Note: ITS wouldn’t be where it is today without the advisors that played a big role in helping me get it off the ground. Nick Hays is not only one of those people, but a great friend and still a frequent contributor here at ITS. I’m proud to not only endorse his new book, Elite, but wholeheartedly recommend it.

Elite: High Performance Lessons and Habits from a Former Navy SEAL offers lessons learned and habits Nick’s developed throughout his career, which can be applied to almost any facet of your life. To pre-order your copy from Amazon, click here.

Elite in Nick Hays’ Own Words

“Above all, Elite is relatable. This isn’t a book written to whip readers into shape with harsh realities or intimidate them with unmatchable tales of triumph. Instead, Nick unabashedly relates how his life’s accomplishments were inseparable from the failures, uncertainties and setbacks. However he never stopped struggling to get to where he wanted to be, no matter what. In the face of adversity, he learned to keep going, to surround himself with the best of the best and to turn struggles into lessons and motivation for relentlessly pursuing his dreams.

One of the key messages in the book is that the path to becoming elite isn’t a smooth one. Sometimes we must do what we have to do to improve our situation and get where we want to be. Knowing when to listen to the experts and when to stand up and fight is easier said than done. By implementing the processes outlined in Elite, readers can learn to look at every situation strategically, taking their performance to the level of the elites.”

About the Author

Elite Nick Hays 01Nick Hays isn’t your typical Navy SEAL. After cutting weight as a wrestler, his growth was severely stunted. Standing just over 5 feet tall, he was often bullied as a kid and was laughed at when he told others of his dream to become a member of one of the world’s most elite units. Nick learned that what first seemed like a deficiency was indeed his greatest strength, because it made him immune to adversity.

After leaving the SEAL teams after ten years, he tried out for a para-military unit within the CIA called GRS. Nick’s operating days came to an end when he ruptured a disk while preparing for an operation in Afghanistan. Disillusioned, broken and without means to provide for his family, Nick was left without a purpose in life. After recovery, his training kicked in and he remembered the lessons learned from the SEAL teams and put them to the test with professional athletes. Word spread and before he knew it, he was taking phone calls from and training the Miami Heat and eventually helped coach the Atlanta Falcons to a Super Bowl. Nick holds a BA from the University of Maryland, a Masters in Business from the University of San Diego and a post-graduate degree from Harvard Business School. He now resides in California with his wife, Ivy and their three children, Vela, Eli & Shiloh.

Editor-in-Chief’s Note: Nick’s passion for helping others succeed is only matched by his drive to share his knowledge and passion with others. Elite is a rare glimpse into the motivation and habits Nick has used to achieve everything that’s stood in his path. Elite: High Performance Lessons and Habits from a Former Navy SEAL will be available on May 29th. To pre-order your copy from Amazon, click here.

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