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Hong Kong Producing Fake CAT Tourniquets

By The ITS Crew

Just received an alarming tip from a reader, alerting us to a knockoff CAT Tourniquet being produced by a Hong Kong Airsoft Company.

A general email was distributed to the DOD on May 10th with the following PDF on how to tell the difference between the North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet and the fake Element Airsoft E-CAT.

[gview file=”https://www.itstactical.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/faketourniquet.pdf”]

As we’re sure you realize, fake tourniquets are nothing to take lightly, and the close resemblance of these to the real thing is scary indeed. The possibility of these being purchased by uninformed consumers is real. Please distribute this information to all those you know in harms way, or anyone who could potentially be using a tourniquet.

With all interventions like tourniquets you should consistently check for proper occlusion, but knowing this is out there, its time to take a detailed look at all your CATs. If you’ve purchased direct from NARP you should be good to go. There’s a substantial .gov discount from NARP, so there’s no reason not to buy direct if you’re looking at individual purchases by service members.

Here’s the link to the original source we received for the PDF www.545ar.com/faketourniquet.pdf

Thanks to Doug W (Tango 7) for the tip!

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  • btmims

    wow, glad I got the SOF-T, from an American seller. I hate those Hong Kong airsoft companies on e-bay. I ordered a pair of goggles that say Revision Dessert Locusts on the papers that came with it, but let’s just say I’m glad I’m not in the military, cause I would hate to have to go straight to the manufacturer and buy another pair…

    • Wow, Revision too eh? That’s ridiculous!

  • Riceball

    I personally like all of those Hong Kong sellers on eBay, they’re a great way of getting gear for cheap when all you’re looking for is a look alike. I wouldn’t count on them if I were still serving and about to be deployed but for airsoft, paintball, or just costuming they’re a great way to go; why a lot of money for something when you just want it for the looks and don’t care about functionality.

    • Riceball, the problem isn’t that it’s being made, it’s that it looks so close to the real thing that it’s easily confused and dangerous for the uneducated. I can’t personally see the reason to save a few bucks when you could potentially be carrying a lifesaving device that could really be used, not just worn. Gear is one thing, and to each their own, but medical supplies is not something to pretend with.

    • Riceball

      I agree wholeheartedly with you, my views on the Hong Kong knockoff gear is only from a costuming and airsoft/paintball standpoint. If I were still in the Corps and about to go on deployment to either Afghanistan or Iraq I would definitely avoid any gear meant for airsofting and spend the extra money on the real deal for a fully functional piece of gear.

      The thing that has me wondering about knockoff tourniquets is whether they’re being marketed as actual tourniquets or just an airsoft prop. If they’re meant to be an airsoft prop, don’t know why you’d need a fake tourniquet for aisofting but each to their own I suppose, then they should be clearly marked on the both the site and on the packaging that they’re not meant to be actual tourniquets and should not be used in a real medical emergency. On the other hand if they’re being sold as a way of making a quick buck off of the unsuspecting then something needs to be done about it, either don’t allow them to import to the States or require them to be marked as I described in the previous sentence.

  • The airsoft gear has a purpose, and it’s important. It’s supposed to be a dummy tourniquet. The idea is that if you get “hit” in airsoft, you can apply a “tourniquet”. That means it needs to be something that is applied like a real one, but doesn’t cut off blood flow like a real one. I think we can all agree that applying a real tourniquet when you don’t actually need one is a bad thing.

    I’m 100% with you on the markings, though. If they had, say, orange lettering on the webbing that said “SIM” or “TRAINING” I don’t think anyone would have a problem.

  • There are many fake site that our making alot of money off this junk. I dont not like this at all as a tactical medic instructor this is a low blow. If you our going to order one of the CAT’s or SOF-T make sure that it is from a company in the USA. Any CAT or SOF-T that is sold on a AirSoft web site will be fake and should not be used. You can find and see the difference of the ones in the link I listed so be very cautious with the one you get. If you have any questions on the one you are looking at and need more info please contact me I will let you know if its the good one or not.

    http://zzhuanuo.en.made-in-china.com/ main site to look at this is where the fakes come from

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