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Introducing the ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit (INERT)

By The ITS Crew

We’ve now taken the proven design from our ETA Trauma Kits, along with feedback from our end users and created an inert version of our kits. The ETA Trauma Kit (INERT) was made with the sole purpose of providing a lower cost option of our kits to train with.

The components you’ll find in the inert kit are all the same items you’re used to seeing in our kits, with the exception of the Combat Gauze Inert Moulage Trainer. This blue packaged Combat Gauze is for simulated training only and not for medical use. It’s the same z-folded Combat Gauze in our ETA Trauma Kits, but it lacks the hemostatic agent necessary to stop real bleeding. The inert Combat Gauze also features a resealable closure, so you can repack it and train with it again.

With these Inert ETA Trauma Kits, there also may be expired components included. It’s important that this kit is not used to “refill” another of our ETA Trauma Kits, as this inert kit was designed with the sole purpose being used in a dedicated training environment. Along with the bright blue tell-tale pack of inert combat gauze, we’ve also stamped our insert card in blue with “INERT.” Again, this kit is for training ONLY!

The reason we’ve chosen to include an inert version of every component from our ETA Trauma Kits, is to ensure you’re training with the identical items you’ll be using in a real life situation. In the event you have to use an ETA Trauma Kit, you don’t want it being the first time you’ve ever had exposure to the components. Train like you fight.

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  • Asim

    folks you make a great product. my only issue is there are items in your kit that are considered ALS, these being the dart the hemostatic if you’ve had field medic training its a non-issue but for the lay rescuer it would be to much. infact it is out of my BLS protocol to use them. it would be great to see a BLS EDC Med kit. simple stuff Z-pack gauze cpr mask etc

  • Crooks

    You should do this to your EDC Trauma Kits to make an Inert EDC Kit.

  • DocT

    ASIM, you seem to miss a basic point, that being, “Having and not needing is better than needing and not having.” Having the ALS materials handy will allow for someone else, who is trained, to utilize your equipment in an emergency. THEY may be there with no equipment and just try to fabricate a Dart with a fountain pen! Now, here comes the, “oh oh, it;s dangerous to put these in the hands of a lay person – they might try to use it or use it improperly!” argument. Yep, that’s the same argument that gun control folks have tried for years. See any ANY difference. THINGS don’t make people do stupid things – PEOPLE do stupid things. I prepare to be prepared – for myself and others. Give us a break and realize that to concepts of “being ready” also encompass knowing our limitations.

    • Well said DocT, thanks for your thoughts.

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