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Mojo Medical Shears Redesigned and Made in Germany, not Pakistan

By The ITS Crew

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of the Mojo Medical Shears to the ITS Store and we’re excited to announce some new changes.

Combat Medical Systems has retooled the Mojo Medical Shears and removed a few of the previous dummy cord attachment points in the handles and colored them coyote brown.

They’re now also made in Germany, a trade compliant country, rather than the prior manufacturer in Pakistan. If you know medical instruments, you’ll know that many high-quality surgical-grade tools come from Germany.

Mojo Medical Shears

As the previous version, they’re still made in stainless steel and retain the features that put them above all the other cheap shears on the market. I’ve linked to the video below where we demonstrate the way that other shears can bind up while cutting. The industry standard seems to be to think of shears as disposable, but investing in a good pair of shears is definitely worth it in our opinion.

We also have the Mojo Retractors back in stock as well, these make a great companion to the shears or to just about any sensitive equipment you want to lanyard in.

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  • Crooks

    Phenomenal! Ironically, I was having and still have trouble with my MOJO Shears, almost right out of the package with the MOJO Kit they were just as loose as my older cheapos, and were made in Pakistan, ugh! It seems that they fixed all the issues, the only thing I could criticize on is the non-subdued blades (not needed, just look cooler) and I, personally like OD Green better than Coyote Tan. P.S. go on the CTOMS website and compare their Coyote colored Shears to Combat Medical Systems, very interesting.

  • they don’t have non reflective black instead of the silver

  • The Dude

    Awesome. Glad they’re back I’ve been waiting to get a couple more sets.

  • Glad I visited today. That Retractor is an awesome find. Thanks!

  • Crooks

    Just got mine in today! These Shears are solid as rock! With none of the flaws I pointed out in the older MOJO Shears on my post above. They have some considerable heft to them, which I believe is a good thing. Thank you Combat Medical Systems (CMS) for making them and improving upon them, and thank you ITS Tactical for carrying them (as I believe you’re the only distributor). Great Job ITS!

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