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Z-Medica Introduces QuikClot Z-Fold Combat Gauze for the Rest of Us

By The ITS Crew

We were able to get a sample of the new QuikClot Z-Fold Combat Gauze LE at the SHOT Show this year and have been scrambling trying to find out the details for our readers.

It seems that this is the replacement for the standard “Rolled” Combat Gauze that Z-Medica is currently manufacturing and designed specifically for Law Enforcement and First Responders. The Z-Fold Combat Gauze has been available for Military and Law Enforcement only for some time; distributed solely through Combat Medical Systems.

We’ve offered the Military and Law Enforcement only Z-Fold Combat Gauze as an option on our ETA Kits and are truly excited that it’s finally looking like this Z-Fold Combat Gauze is going to be replacing the standard Combat Gauze.

Z-Fold Combat Gauze LE

QuikClot Z-Fold Combat Gauze FrontThere is one difference though with the Combat Gauze LE and that’s the removal of the X-Ray detectable strip that runs throughout the current Z-Fold Combat Gauze. We’re not sure if this is an FDA thing or not, but maybe the FDA sees the X-Ray strip as promoting an “invasive” procedure and the regulations are different.

Hopefully this news sticks and the Combat Gauze LE replaces the non-vacuum sealed and rolled Combat Gauze that’s currently on the market. We feel that z-folded gauze of any kind is superior to rolled gauze, hands down.

UPDATE: Z-Fold Combat Gauze has now replaced the standard rolled Combat Gauze in all our ETA Kits!

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  • Justin Myers

    Could you explain why you feel the z fold is superior to standard rolled gauze? Is it better as far as space saving? easier to pack into wounds?

    • Sure Justin, the great thing about Z-Fold Gauze is all in the way it leaves the package during wound packing. With rolled gauze you’re exposing all your gauze to the elements and if you’ve ever packed a wound with rolled gauze you’ll no doubt know how unwieldy it can be. The last thing you need during an emergency is to have your gauze roll drop and start unrolling and collecting debris etc. You sure as hell don’t want to pack dirty gauze into a wound, so you’ve just ruined the remaining gauze.

      With Z-Fold it’s just like the name implies. It unfurls from the packaging in a Z, thus eliminating the possibility of it unrolling and becoming unsanitary. You can also just pull out what you need, cut it and still know that while not sterile, you still have the clean gauze to use again.

      Hope that helps!

    • Brian nailed it, the z fold makes it amazingly easier to pack wounds.

    • Patrick

      Thanks a lot. I will definitely keep that in mind when resupplying my med kit.

  • Dave J.

    I had figured it would be a matter of time before a civi version came about. Too much money to be made for it not to be. Now I just wish they would really vacuum pack it to fit better in smaller BOK’s.

  • Christian Nadeau

    I think it is great they are starting to expand the capabilities of Z-fold quick-clot gauze to people outside the military, but it still leaves it inaccessible to “the rest of us” unless we are Law Enforcement, Fire or EMS. It doesn’t seem very “civilian” to me because true civilians still cannot get their hands on it. I know that as a civilian I can buy quick-clot sport sponges, but I would really like to see a real civilian version of Z-fold quick-clot gauze (especially because a sponge in no way equates to gauze). I guess I’ll just have to settle for plain z-fold gauze (available at TACMED).

    • Christian, I think you’ve heard some bad gouge on QuikClot. Just sent you an email to clarify its availability.

    • Andrew

      Any chance you could share about its availability here? Is this only available to LEO/EMT, etc, or is it really for sale to anyone? Thanks.


    Any news on when this will be available?

  • Just need some clarification here, what is the difference between the LE version and the sport, home or travel versions available from the same manufacturer?

  • Keep us posted!!

  • Jay P.

    I really want to emphasize that this truly is a great leap forward in hemostatic agents (Anyone remember quick clot powder and its use during hot LZ?). Just like any good medical product, I caution its use in the lay rescuer (civilian) asset role, unless you are familiar with the wound and how it needs to be managed. When used properly, it is a huge asset. However, someone with no, or even worse, too little training, puts the Combat/tactical PT at risk. Improper use of hemostatic agents can cause vasculature necrosis, the formation of emboli in open vessels (which puts your patient, who is already hemodynamically unstable, at an increased risk of a TIA), partial and full-thickness burns, and exothermic reaction (thermal increase is directly proportional to the ratio of QuikClot and blood). Although, thermal reaction is minimized by removing excess moisture on or near the wound and by only using as much as you need, typically no more than a 2:1 ratio. Just like any “cool guy kit” there are going to be people who want to get it just to have it. However keep in mind that there are real dangers with improper use of this amazing life saving tool.

    Just my .02

  • Phil800101

    Anything from Z-Medica as to when this is going to become more widely available? Just wondering.

    • Phil, still waiting on the word brother. Hopefully soon!

    • Phil800101

      Cool, thanks.

  • Sgt Cody Savage

    This is good stuff. I used it yesterday on a suicidal subject who cut his wrists. While waiting for EMS to arrive I pulled it out of my blowout kit and began packing the wound. After I covered the area I had more left so I started wraping. I thought EMS would remove it when the arrived but they left it on there. The even used my israilie bandange and a SOFT Wide tourniquet just like we carry. At the hospital I found out that even the doctor was re-using it. It was a serious life threatening wound and that combat gauze did its job well. I recommended it to all our officers and for anyone to cary with them for EDC for that matter.

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