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Z-Medica Introduces QuikClot Z-Fold Combat Gauze for the Rest of Us

By The ITS Crew

We were able to get a sample of the new QuikClot Z-Fold Combat Gauze LE at the SHOT Show this year and have been scrambling trying to find out the details for our readers.

It seems that this is the replacement for the standard “Rolled” Combat Gauze that Z-Medica is currently manufacturing and designed specifically for Law Enforcement and First Responders. The Z-Fold Combat Gauze has been available for Military and Law Enforcement only for some time; distributed solely through Combat Medical Systems.

We’ve offered the Military and Law Enforcement only Z-Fold Combat Gauze as an option on our ETA Kits and are truly excited that it’s finally looking like this Z-Fold Combat Gauze is going to be replacing the standard Combat Gauze.

Z-Fold Combat Gauze LE

QuikClot Z-Fold Combat Gauze FrontThere is one difference though with the Combat Gauze LE and that’s the removal of the X-Ray detectable strip that runs throughout the current Z-Fold Combat Gauze. We’re not sure if this is an FDA thing or not, but maybe the FDA sees the X-Ray strip as promoting an “invasive” procedure and the regulations are different.

Hopefully this news sticks and the Combat Gauze LE replaces the non-vacuum sealed and rolled Combat Gauze that’s currently on the market. We feel that z-folded gauze of any kind is superior to rolled gauze, hands down.

UPDATE: Z-Fold Combat Gauze has now replaced the standard rolled Combat Gauze in all our ETA Kits!

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