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Longest Sniper Shot Record Broken!

By The ITS Crew

British Super Sniper Craig Harrison has uprooted the Canadians for the longest sniper shot on record, 1.54 miles!

Not only did he beat the record by 150 ft., but took two shots that each killed a Taliban machine gunner. At 8,120 ft., which is 3,200 ft. further than the range of his Accuracy International L115A3, conditions had to be perfect. The .338 Lapua round again proves it’s worth in the battlefield.

The shots were taken in November of last year, when Harrison’s Household Calvary unit came under fire in Helmand, but the details surrounding the shots have only just been released. This article from dailymail.co.uk has some interesting details, and some good first hand information of the November events from Harrison.

Thanks to Mike P. for the tip via Twitter on Sunday!

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  • The conditions must have been just perfect and luck was on his side for those shots to hit their mark! Just mind blowing really. The other amazing thing is that he was able to take out more than one enemy. That’s what makes me think that there was more than luck and skill guiding those rounds.

    • n1ffum

      by the grace of god.

  • John Galt

    What else would guide them?

    • MadCanuck

      The spirit of Chuck Norris! 🙂

  • Jesus Christ

    I farted and gave them some extra tail wind

  • Hammac

    Allah whom was not behind or supporting the terrorists ideals?

    Who knows, I’m not one for geo-religious/political debate.
    Could have been a gust of wind that helped for all we know.

    • Ray

      Twice? No it was pure skill

  • rtwrench

    With the training, equipment and talent available these days its I guess its not surprising that the record was broken. As a proud Canadian I am sad that it was, however I am glad it was by someone on our side.

  • Fraser

    Inshallah…. god was on the side of copper and sorted the black turbaned sons of satan. |The quoran and Islam does not allow for these people to spout their misguided interpretations and we need to quash their idealology

  • Sceptical

    I am a former USMC Sniper Instructor, and the second I was told about this, I threw up the red flag on it, as well as every other shooter/sniper I know. The prep time it takes to make three shots (one also made to disable the weapon)at that range, total time of flight, sniper-observer dialogue, breathing cycle etc, the wind somewhere along the gun target line will change, throwing the projectile off by feet at the minimum. The round will also be sub-sonic. Additionally, at that range, the reticle will completely cover up two men. Is there enough MOA in the scope? If it was done then rock on, but I’m just sayin’.

    • Thanks for throwing up your analysis brother.

  • Aristodemus

    Big differnece between a .50 Cal and a .338. All previous long range shots were with .50 Cal . I’m a bit sceptical as a lighter round with any wind or slight breeze will deviate over such a vast distance. Is this the end of the Macmillian Tac .50 and The Barrett .50’s As with sceptical above I can’t believe that he got off 3 accurate and world record breaking shots. I’m still not convinced

  • Viet Nam vet

    Sounds like a couple of you guys are just jealous… but I’m just sayin’….

  • Chicken butt

    It seems a bit far for a 338 but i don’t know. I’ve shot a 50 at over 800 with no prob and the same with a 338 and it dropped reasonably more. Must have been real skilled or lucky I say.

  • falf

    heck of a shot no reason to dis beleive ….. I have taken shots whilst hunting that are supposadly beyond the capabilities of the round 325yrds with 17HMR …. i suppose its all relative ….. goood shot well done

  • Derek

    Great shot. As a Canadian I wasn’t to happy to hear it. But my helmet is off to you Craig.

  • n1ffum

    but the canadians shot was walking…

  • Christian Notrik

    If you read the interviews with Harrison, you will note that he is the first to emphasize that the conditions at the time of his shots were as close to perfect as one could possibly hope for.

    My choice would still be the .50 BMG over the .338 (And, yes, I own and shoot both.), but I don’t believe there is reason to doubt Harrison’s claim.

  • Chris Aiken

    As an old Army dog there has always been doubt all the way back to the kills in Vietnam . But no matter my hat goes off to anyone on our side who has the talent to do a sniper’s job . As long as there is war there will be doubts about records of kills . I praise anyone that is fighting for the freedom that has been earned by so many before us with so little praise for their sacrifices they made for all in the free world .

  • pete

    When I got my 2000meter head shot we were saying never gonna get better
    afghan is our paradise

  • Conditions must have been better than perfect ! i got no dout that luck was a factor , after all two shots were fired , fired with precion .

  • David Olexsak

    Super weapon, super training, super mindset, super badass!

  • sam

    Im a sniper fanatic and I have to agree with sceptical not only are those conditions needed to be perfect but altitude spindrift and the last shot that I heard of, which is true and made by a marine sniper, had three different winds and took out a man with a morter my point is im callin BS on this but canadian snipers own too big time

  • paul brinkman

    “Lets just give him a huraaaaa”

  • that would help in the present war don’t you think that, that gun would.

  • Kevin Malone

    That is one heck of a shot and is very impressive

  • rod

    no video footage …………… must be B.S ! Canada Rocks !

  • Dennis B. Morrison

    I am a disabled Marine Corps combat vet with lots of training and several tours under my belt and I am not taking anything away from this very talented member of elite marksman, he made the shots thousands of feet beyond the recommended range of the rifle, the shots were definitely made because I saw a documentary on snipers on either the discovery channel or history channel I can’t remember which one but what this article doesn’t tell you is that he made several shots before actually hitting his targets and made adjustments as he went, his shots are definitely remarkable but it’s misleading to make it sound like he just went up and figured out the correct dope on his rifle and made two killing shots right away, he damn sure deserves the credit for persevering and hanging in there to save the members of his uni and my hat is off to him but there was more to it than this article tells but I love this site and am considering becoming a member

  • matt

    Every marksmen is only as talented as his spotter hats off great teamwork at long range especially under heavy fire. Hooahh!!!!

  • SanDan

    Word is getting around that a Australian Commando has beaten this

  • Gerald Todd sr

    I would believe that the shots are real but with the a 338 pretty sure both were walked in by the spoter, since both work as one my hats off to the Team and since I was a sniper 30 yrs ago I know how hard a shot at that distance is especially with a weapon that is not supposed to be able to hit its target at that distance, it had to have taken great skill and patience and teamwork all I can say is congrats to the Team Rock on brother.

  • larrylorden710

    If he is not busy next week could you send him to L.A. for some cleanup work

  • MichelJeanMcCorkle

    Well I am glad we are on the same team. Lets remember that the sniper didn’t go out and say I am going for a record. He went out to kill the enemy and he did that. Who cares if he used a spotter or not. I am a Marine combat veteran there are always limits with any weapon. However you can always squeeze out a little more. I never let listed limits keep me from trying to go for.

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