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Do You Know How to Start a Fire Without Matches or a Lighter?

By The ITS Crew

The ability to start a fire is absolutely crucial, whether you’re camping for fun or end up in a real-world survival situation. While many people may be relying on matches or a lighter to get their fire going, having some alternative methods on hand just increases your abilities and provides some fallback options.

Years back, we published this article on some valuable alternative methods and rather than tell you how long ago it was, we’ll let the section on using a “removable flip phone battery” speak for itself. While you probably won’t be popping out your cell phone battery in the near future, it will at least get you thinking about options with a modern mobile phone. The article also offers information on other methods as well as a great demo video.

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The ITS Brass Fire Starter is a pocket-sized tool that makes building a roaring fire simple. These throw the largest spark we’ve ever seen from a flint-based sparker and the extra large wheel allows greater purchase area. Additionally, each includes two Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs, which are extremely effective and take up almost no room.

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