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Carry Objects Like You Know What You’re Doing Using the Carrier Knot

By The ITS Crew

The carrier knot is easy to learn and great for hastily carrying rounded or hard-to-carry objects. To begin, start by joining two ends of an 8-foot section of paracord with a Double Fisherman’s Knot to create a fixed loop.

Now, create a bight in the loop, making a large U-shape, with the Double Fisherman’s on the inside. Twist the inside bight once to create an X-shape. If you’re using a rounded or slick bottomed item, you may need to lay something like a paper towel or handkerchief over the X-shape first, to give the paracord a bottom to grip.

Now pass the outside loop over the interior Double Fisherman’s Knot and pull it through that loop from the underside. Pass the outside loop all the way over your object and to the opposite side. This creates two side loops. Reach underneath a side loop and grab that passed over loop. This last step is repeated on the opposite side as well. Now pull up on the two handles you’ve created to tighten and you’ll be ready to carry away.

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