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November 26, 2019Hitches

How to Catch a Thief with a Square Knot

How to Catch a Thief with a Square Knot

Can you spot the difference between these two knots? A Thief’s Knot is a simple variation on a square knot that’s said to have originated with sailors wanting to know if someone had tampered with their sea bag. It looks very similar to a square knot, with the only difference being that the ends of the knot wind up on opposite sides. A careless thief may not notice this small fact when hastily tying it back.

To tie this knot, form a bight with your left hand so that the working end points to the top of the loop. Now pass the right end in and around the back of the bight. Continue to thread the right end over the bight and back through it. The right end should now be parallel with its starting point. To tighten, simply grasp and pull both ends. As a final check, ensure that the working ends are pointing in opposite directions.

This is a simple knot that won’t prevent someone from accessing your goodies, but it may alert you to some tampering. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to get your snacks back.


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