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How to Make a Liberty Bottle Leash for Your Lid

By Bryan Black

ITS Liberty Bottle Leash

In our newest Knot of the Week, we’ll be taking a look at a way to add a leash to the lid from your Liberty Bottle so it doesn’t grow legs and walk away.

One thing that I felt was missing from the US made ITS Liberty Bottles that we sell in our store, was a way to lanyard in the lid so it didn’t get lost. As I started taking Liberty Bottles with me while hiking and climbing, I quickly missed the ability to drink one-handed after removing the lid; which can be done with Nalgenes.

With a couple of easy knots and some Type 1 Paracord or the guts from standard Type III Paracord, you’ll be able to create your own Liberty Bottle Leash in no time!

Liberty Bottle Leash » Loops/Bends

(Strength: 5/Security: 5/Stability: 4/Difficulty: 3)

Please refer to our Knot of the Week introduction post for a description of what these ratings mean.

Liberty Bottle LeashWe’ll be using the Double Fisherman’s Knot and the Bowline for this Liberty Bottle Leash. Both are knots we’ve already gone over in our Knot of the Week series and while we show them being tied in the photos and video below, for a detailed look at each knot’s tying instructions, please refer to the following articles on the Bowline and Double Fisherman’s Knot.

Tying Instructions

  • Start with a 24″ section of Type 1 Paracord, or a strand from the guts of Type III Paracord and follow along with the video or photos below.
  • For detailed instructions on tying either the Bowline or Double Fisherman’s Knot, please refer to our articles for more info.

Click here to view the photos on Flickr.

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  • Stephen Brewer

    One question i have about this bottle, with the coating on the inside can you boil water in it by putting the bottle in a fire?

    • Geme

      The bottle comes with proper care instructions saying not to boil water in it.

    • Geme, it actually doesn’t literally say “do not boil water” in it. We’re going to run a test though and see what happens. Stay tuned…

    • Stephen Brewer

      thanks for looking into this and testing it, i look foreward to your results whatever the outcome, if it turns out you can throw it in a fire, awesome, if it turns into a molten pierce of metal you have a great paper weight.

  • wayne

    Don’t mean to seem argumentative but wouldn’t the bo-lin–bough-line controversy be similar to the Boatswain’s Mate pronunciation? Bo-sun vs. boats-wain’s mate?

    • Wayne, not really. They’re two different root words. Bow in Bowline and Boat in Boatswain. I just always catch crap about it, but that’s how we pronounced it when I was in the Navy. I never heard “Bolin” when I was in.

    • Sam Merritt

      Sorry to disagree with the Navy but it’s pronounced boe-lin not bough-line. Like lots of english words you can’t necessarily use rationality to determine pronunciation or meaning. It’s a complicated language sure enough. 🙂

  • lester packard

    bryan its a little over kill but i was playing with regular paracord and did a double 8 around both handle sections on the lid locked it to the bottle with gorilla tape (love that stuff) and left a butterfly knot hanging out to clip it to a back pack with a beneer

  • wyhunter

    No offense, but those bottles really suck. The lid strips off with very little force and the bottle walls are quite weak -you can crush it with both hands. Seriously, one of the worst lid designs on any bottle out there. Otherwise -keep up the good work.

    • I’ve got no issue at all with you disliking the bottles, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. I do have a problem with you incorrectly stating why you dislike it. It simply can NOT be crushed with a grip of both hands unless you happen to be the Hulk. I consider myself to have good grip strength and I can not physically crush this bottle.

      As for your comment on the lid stripping off, that’s simply not true either. If the lid isn’t completely lined up correctly it can be twisted on incorrectly, thus not achieving a good seal, but this can be visually seen. The lid sits tilted if it’s not correctly twisted on. I feel it’s one of the best lid designs out there, as it’s a simple one click on, one click off.

      Thanks for your comment.

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    Bryan, Some of the people that comment on your videos are “No offense” dicks. If they know everything about everything why are they watching instructional videos?

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