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Knot of the Week: Paracord Storage Lanyard

By The ITS Crew

Paracord Storage Lanyard

This knot of the week started off as a request from a reader who wanted to know how to create a lanyard he saw at the end of a knife sheath.

On analyzing the knot, typically tied to shorten up loose ends, we’ve come up with a few more uses for it and another way to tie it.

When tied in this manner it creates a way to keep a few feet of paracord ready to deploy quickly. While not a quick-release per se, there’s just one knot to untie at the end to unwrap it.

Paracord Storage Lanyard » Misc.

(Strength: 2/Secure: 2/Stability: 2/Difficulty: 2)

Please refer to our Knot of the Week introduction post for a description of what these ratings mean.

Paracord Storage Lanyard

As mentioned you typically see this kind of wrapping hanging down from longer fixed-blade knife sheaths, as it allows you to store a length of cordage to untie and tie around your leg to further secure the sheath from flapping around.

Another useful method for tying this knot is to follow the instructions below, but use more paracord and double up the wrapping to make a fatter lanyard.


  • Keeping paracord handy and ready to use
  • Decorative way to store paracord
  • Shorten loose ends of a lanyard

Tying Instructions:

Paracord Storage Lanyard

  1. Start by finding the mid-point of your paracord, for this we used a four foot section.
  2. Create a bight in the midpoint and gather it your hand.
  3. Using your hand as a guide, create another bight in the working ends.
  4. Bring working end up to the original bight and wrap a lock just under the original bight loop (see photo)
  5. Continue to tightly wrap the working ends around until you reach the lower double bight.
  6. Thread the working ends through the double bight to secure the wrapping.
  7. Grab the loop that’s now created and push/twist the wrapping down toward the point you secured it.
  8. This will not only tighten up the wrapping and further secure it, but create a larger loop on the top.
  9. This larger loop can now be used to girth hitch the Paracord Storage Lanyard onto an object or hook it on a keychain or carabiner.

Video and Photos

A special thanks to Foreman for suggesting this Knot of the Week!

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