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Reader Tip for Difficult Paracord Projects

By The ITS Crew

We were recently contacted by one of our readers, Nick, who had a great idea to utilize a small nail fused onto the the working end of a length of paracord.

This not only provides a better tip than fused paracord alone, but will give you a helping hand to weave paracord, somewhat similar to a fid or a marlinspike  in traditional ropework.

Nick started with a medium sized bullet-head nail that he filed the tip on, to avoid snagging. He then inserted the nail into the working end of the paracord sheath and fused the sheath to the nail.

We’d like to thank Nick for providing the tip and hope that everyone got something out of it! Try it on your next paracord project!

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  • Sharpie

    Hey, good idea.

  • Ian Vissers

    I’ve made a fid out of an aluminum screw post using this instructable. It works well and is easy to attach/remove paracord.

    Love the site, keep up the great work. Semper Fi

  • Chris

    Very nice idea. What color paracord is that? Is it ACU or Digital?

  • Pete Wheeler

    Interesting idea. Like Ian, I’ve made a bunch of lacing needles from screw posts and they work great. When using the nail, as suggested in the article, I’d recommend chucking it into a drill and running it over some progressively finer sandpaper to polish up the tip, otherwise you risk the rough edge catching on the cord fibers and ruining your project. Also, I’d dull/round off the point a little bit for the same reason.

  • Jerry R.

    What a great Idea… Thanks for the tip Nick & ITS

  • Ben

    Great idea, I gotta try this one!

    BTW it is called a ‘finish nail.’

  • knock

    I use superglue. Dip the end of the parachute cord in superglue, let it dry, then you can cut a point on it.

  • Tego

    I use a folding marlin spike like this one: though I picked mine up from west marine for about 20, cant find it on their site right now, but it was their house brand. Love the folding one because the lock on the spike keeps it stable and firmly locked while I am working, and keeps me from randomly poking things when i am not. I have mine attached to a small ring of paracord, and a several foot leash + carabiner that I can connect to my harness when climbing. I may give the nail a try though, for my next project, adding a handle to a large glass jar to use as a stein.

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  • I agree with Pete, I have used nails in the past but you do need to rough up the nail tip. Also, make sure that when you melt the paracord onto the nail, you use your fingers and form it around the nail to a point. Or it will get hung up as well.

    I use a paracord fid / lacing needle that I made myself for about $1.00 that looks and works just like the real thing. Here is a video on how to make one for yourself –

  • Easy and very effective. You can find some professional ones online (the needles). A must have for projects like can coozies!

    Greetings, Mark

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