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Can Criminals Copy a Key from a Photo?

By The ITS Crew

Today we show how easy it is to duplicate or impression a key from a photo and how criminals could potentially use this method to gain entry into your home.

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A person with direct access to your key could make an impression or use carbon paper to trace the shape. However, even a photo posted online can be used to copy a key.

Starting with an 8.5×11 scan of a blank key, someone can superimpose your key photo on top and delete the background with image editing software. The provides an accurate scale print out of the key, which can then be cut out and laid on top of the actual blank key to trace the pattern.

Once the key pattern is traced, it’s a quick few minutes with a hand file to file a bit past the tracing and make the rough pattern of the key. With many household locks, even a rough pattern will do the job.

As you see, even the actual key is a bit rough in the lock from years of use, but the filed key still gets the job done. Remember, don’t post your key photos online.

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