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Why You Should Learn How to Pick Handcuffs to Escape from Illegal Restraint

By Bryan Black

Why You Should Learn to Pick Handcuffs

Yesterday, a Baltimore couple was handcuffed by Police impersonators during a home invasion, where the man was subsequently shot in the neck!

One of the skill-sets we advocate here at ITS Tactical is picking locks as well as handcuffs to prepare yourself for any situation, including this recent Baltimore scenario. While Police are unsure of the motive in the Home Invasion/robbery, there’s no denying that being able to escape this kind of illegal restraint is beneficial to know!

Here’s our article on How to Pick Your Way Out of Handcuffs, as well as some related articles linked below. Stay safe and learn the skill-sets that could one day save your life!

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  • Lock picking of any kind is a great skill-set to have! Just like any of your tactical skills it needs to be practiced to maintain proficiency. Keep in mind there are a few different kinds of handcuff locks and the techniques to opening them are slightly different.

  • TacticalTom

    I agree that lock picking is a good skill but I think it’s better to never find yourself allowing someone to restrain you. You’re better off fighting before they tie you up. Not much you can do to prevent being shot in the neck once the cuffs are on.

  • Dude007

    Or you could just carry a handcuff key and make it a lot easier.

    • Justin

      But different cuffs have different keys there are like 30 different cuffs that could be used against you and there are also high security cuffs where there is a pin tumbler lock used in the common master padlocks. Unless you carry millions of keys you won’t always have the right one.

    • Yes, but something is better than nothing and you’re more likely to get restrained illegally by the cheapest cuffs a thug can find at the local store.

  • Raven

    Hey Bryan, can you possibly do a piece on different models of cuffs in the future? I have PD issue peerless model 500’s and they have a different double lock system and rotated key entry that are giving me some problems picking. Just a request. Thanks and great article as well; I’ve tought my girlfriend how to get out of the Smith and Wessons. Keep giving us more info, we’re like freakin sponges!

  • Jamesc

    Actually hand cuff keys are universal exept for high security

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