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Dirt Time 2010

By The ITS Crew

logoWe wanted to give our readers a heads up about an event that you may or may not have  heard of before called Dirt Time.

Dirt Time is a yearly Survival and Self-Reliance event that will take place in Wyoming this year, June 13-18, 2010.

Instructors from various backgrounds and skill-sets converge for the week-long gathering to teach their respective skills to attendees and participate in all the information sharing-activities.

ITS Tactical is proud to sponsor Dirt Time 2010 and will be donating our ETA Kits to be raffled away at the event.

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  • Hmmm, this definitely sounds like something to put on the family vacation list. 🙂 Don’t know how much the wife would appreciate that, but my son would LOVE it.

    Time to start dropping hints to the wife.

    • Norm,

      I haven’t been yet, but looking forward to attending. Should be an awesome time!

      ~ Bryan

  • This looks awesome! Reading their article “With What We Have In Our Pockets” ( and loving it.

    Will you guys be there or just sending stuff? Great idea by the way!

    • Mike,

      That is an awesome article. Makes me want to try something like that. I’m not sure who will be going, but I’ll be there for sure.

      ~ Bryan

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  • Hey Bryan, thanks for putting this up. I’d be happy to answer questions.

    During our last event in August, we had active military personell teaching tracking, communications, and some field first-aid.

    This year, in wyoming, we will have more of the same, but also some other stuff. Also, at the conclusion of the event. There is a tactical handgun instructor who will be running a two day course including low light training. the cost wil be 75 bucks for dirttime attendees and 125 for non attendees. 75 bucks for two days including low light is a price that can’t be touched, but be warned he is only accepting 25 students and they’re filling fast

    Currently, we have about 125 registered participants. its going to be a blast.

    Bryan, keep up the great work on the site. I love it.

    • Alan,

      Thanks for stopping by to answer any questions our readers might have about the event, and for the awesome compliment about ITS!
      The course sounds like a great deal, I’ll have to register for that 🙂

      Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas,

  • bill

    need one in texas

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