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New Magpul Dynamics DVD Trailers

By The ITS Crew

Unless you’ve been living under a tactical rock for the last few days, you’ve hopefully  seen the awesome new trailers from Magul Dynamics.

The two latest DVDs they’ll be releasing in February are “Aerial Platform Operations,” and “Art of the Dynamic Handgun.”

If you aren’t familiar with their first two DVDs, The Art of the Tactical Carbine I and II, check them out here on

We highly recommend these DVDs!

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  • I’ve only seen Tactical Carbine 1, but thought they made some excellent points in it. One thing many people fail to realize with any instructional type video or book, is that you actually need to go out and practice, practice and practice again what you have learned. That being said, I’ll definitely be picking up the Dynamic Handgun video.

  • Keith

    ( insert droool )

    • we’re on the same page…

    • Aaron Frankel


      Is there a release date on this yet?

  • just sayin’

    Now all I need is a helicopter !BWAHAHAHAHA!

  • Rob

    When I first saw the aerial operations one I thought it was some kind of pre-shot show joke or prank.

  • Haley & Costa up the Bar yet again.

  • TxSoldier

    Man, I can’t wait for the new Dynamic Handgun DVD to release. I just finally picked up the first of the tactical carbine series, excited to get it in the mail too! Man I LOVE mail days when you know something good is coming!!

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