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AR-15 Spare Parts Organization Schematic for the Obsessive Compulsive

By Bryan Black

AR-15 Spare Parts Organization

In my previous article about AR-15 Spare Parts Organization, there were a lot of comments from readers that wanted to see a detailed photo of the layout, as well as links to each specific part. It was a lot of work, but I’ve managed to put together a list of links to every spare part in the organizer and have even created interactive, clickable photos below with links and a description of each part as you hover over them.

For those of you just now seeing this for the first time, my previous article highlighted my addiction for organization, which carries over to the spare parts I take with me shooting. When I’m at a course or even shooting with friends, I like to have everything I need to keep everyone’s guns running. While I’ve never come close to needing everything in here, I follow the Boy Scout motto; “Be Prepared.”

If you’re looking for the same Made in USA plastic organizer that I used, you can get the Akro-Mils 6318 Case, available here from Amazon for around $20. The top section has 42 individual small compartments and the bottom section has another 20 compartments. The top section compartments are also secure enough to keep small parts from rolling into another compartment and get mixed around. The section dividers are adjustable as well, should you find yourself with odd shaped items.

Top Section Organization

Ejector Spring Extractor Spring Charging Handle Pin Charging Handle Spring Gas Tube Roll Pins Safety Detent Detent Spring Pistol Grip Screw Pivot/Takedown Pin Spring Pivot/Takedown Detent Spring Ejector Extractor Insert Charging Handle Latch Bolt Catch Plunger Safety Selector Triggerguard Roll Pin Pivot/Takedown Pin Detent Hammer/Trigger Pins Ejector Roll Pin Extractor O-Rings Carrier Key Screws Bolt Catch Springs Magazine Release Sling Swivel Buffer Retainer Spring Trigger Springs Gas Rings Extractor Pin Cam Pin Bolt Catch Roll Pin Magazine Catch Spring Taper Pins Buffer Retainer Hammer Springs Retaining Pin Extractor Crush Washer Bolt Catch Magazine Catch Ejection Port Cover Spring Ejection Port Cover Clip Disconnector Springs Firing Pin Carrier Key Ejection Port Cover Pin Ejection Port Cover

Click here for high res image or hover/click individual compartments of image above for product links/descriptions.

This list is based on Column format of Top to Bottom. 

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

Column 5

Column 6

Column 7

Column 8

Bottom Section Organization

Image Map Handguard Cap Barrel Nut Delta Ring Weld Spring Snap Ring Trigger Guard Charging Handle Buffer Castle Nut Receiver End Plate Action Spring Rear Sight Rear Sight Hammer/Trigger Assembly Flash Suppressor

Click here for high res image or hover/click individual compartments of image above for product links/descriptions.

This list is based on Row format of Left to Right. 

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

Row 4

AR-15 Spare Parts Organization

Most of the links above are from Brownells, which has great deals on individual parts. Bravo Company USA is another one of my spots to shop for parts and is where I buy my complete MPI’d AR Bolt Assemblies from.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to take a look at our DIY AR-15 Build Series for tips on parts to purchase and of course how to build your own complete AR-15 from a stripped lower receiver.

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  • rpstaller

    ITStactical Very first AR-15 I ever owned I built with the guidance of your video series. Keep up the excellent work!

    • ITStactical

      rpstaller That’s awesome to hear Patrick! Glad we could help! ^MP


    That is killer! Thanks for the idea!

  • CaseyScott

    Nicely done.  I have one of these set up with spare Glock parts.  Still need to set one up for my ARs.

  • Davis_45

    Awesome! Your first post about this inspired me to put something similar together. Though I must admit, it is not nearly as awesome as yours!

    • Davis_45  As the title says, this satisfies my obsessive compulsiveness LOL! The fact that you’ve put something together is awesome in itself brother!

  • S_O_L

    Awesome idea!
    Another useful thing to have on hand, especially for those of us with less experience, have an indexed exploded view of the receivers that shows the location and orientation or each part.  Also, just in case the internal organizers fail, it might also be beneficial to have a 1:1 silhouette of each part in the bottom of the organizer.

  • JasonVee

    Can you list parts that you would include and/or replace to this if you have a piston driven AR?

    • @JasonVee  Jason, the problem with that is that the majority of piston guns utilize proprietary parts and those would vary on nearly every model. That’s one of the downsides to a piston gun; the specific piston parts aren’t interchangeable. Those parts aside, what would be needed for those are the majority of the parts in my kit above. Hope that helps!

  • geoff2

    Impressive organization.

  • FiberOpticRabbit

    Good info. I once saw a similar system in and organizer box like this for managing magazines. Any thoughts on that?

  • Joeinaforest

    Thank you sir!
    I just ordered the whole works!!  Your work was excellent!
    I had one question, the roll pins for the trigger guard come up as a trigger guard from Magpul…so, do you have any suggestions?  My search on Brownells turned up zip…

    • Joeinaforest  We actually couldn’t find that part on the Brownells Website, but the trigger guard itself comes with one, so we went with that. Our search had turned up zip too. Hope that helps!

    • Joeinaforest

      bryanpblack Joeinaforest Thanks!  I ordered two trigger guards…one in black and ODG so I guess I’ll have a couple of pins then, lol
      Eagerly awaiting your Glock version, 🙂
      Always love it when you are on TSP BTW!!

    • Joeinaforest Thanks Joe, glad to help and I appreciate your continued support!

    • ChristianJardine

      Joeinaforest bryanpblack  Midway sells roll pins, and most other spare parts individually, Im talking down to the pistol grip screw being separated from the washer.

  • RebelMan

    This is pretty cool. I have been wanting to do this for my black powder inventory and various little parts I have around the garage. Thank you for opening my eyes to these cases!
    I hate to pick nits, but I think you linked to a different one on Amazon than the one you have pictured. You appear to have a 6215 and you linked out to a 6318.

    • RebelMan  Thanks for the kind words, the Akro-Mills case I have is indeed the 6318, not the 6215 you mentioned. The link in the article is for the 6318 as well.

  • Trjnsd

    Wow! What a way for an AR15 newbie like me to learn the proper name of all the parts. Thank You! I’ll use this article as a reference.

  • SnafuBlogspot

    immitation is the greatest form of flattery.  BE FLATTERED!!!!  EXTREMELY WELL DONE!

  • wildfire02

    I have another set up on my build bench with Harbor Freight’s hanging organizer sets, but I noticed you were missing the forward assist assemblies! Since I have the assortment set up in order of how I assemble my AR’s.

    • wildfire02  I like your idea of setting it up in the order of assembly, might have to do some reorganization one of these days to mine. I was indeed missing forward assist assemblies and have since gotten some in 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  • 03jesse41

    Love this and nice work! Any other gear organizing that you have, tip or tricks would be appreciated if you could post pictures or little articles on them. Thanks

  • Baltrice

    Where can you get individual parts in bulk for a good price? Buying complete lower / upper parts packages would be way to pricey .

  • Quietmike

    Great idea and article. Bought the organizer and have it over halfway stocked already.
    Hope its not a derail when i ask if anyone has made a similar setup for glock spares.

  • Quietmike

    Great idea and article. Bought the case and have it over half stocked already.
    Hope its not a derail when i ask if anyone has made a similar case for glock spares.

  • mricozzi104

    Awesome article!!! Can’t wait to get started on building my first 2 AR’s. Still deciding on parts and the look, just have 2 stripped lowers sitting around staring at me! Can’t wait to have a little fun with my new found hobby.

  • LanceMarekJohnston

    Ha! I used that same box at Magpul for years for our small AR parts. I had a similar layout, but we had way more of the larger parts like triggers, hammers, safeties, so they went in the bottom. Buffers, charging handles, delta rings, etc, were stored in Akro bins.

  • Davco78

    How did you make the labels for the small compartments ??

  • Johntgray32

    I like this idea…It’s about $1,000 worth of parts, depending on how many of each part you want on-hand.   Not sure If I need to stockpile all of this at once…

    • ffemtp

      Johntgray32 My OCD kicked in and I created a spreadsheet with prices and quantity he seems to have in the pictures. As of today, they total price would be $1910.32

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