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Comfortable, Tuckable, and Concealed: The Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe Holster

By Rob Kroupa

Like most of us, I am constantly on the hunt for the “best” gear. Recently I’ve been going down that road in search of a good holster for every day concealed carry. I started with an outside-the-waistband (OWB) Phantom holster from Raven Concealment Holsters and carried it for years.

It’s a fabulous OWB holster, but, once I ordered the tuckable soft loops to convert it to an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster, I found it less than satisfying. The rigid, all kydex, holster was fairly uncomfortable to carry IWB, especially when sitting for long periods of time, such as driving. I needed something different.

The next stop on my holster journey was the Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe. The SuperTuck is a dedicated IWB holster. It is a hybrid (or crossbeed) holster, consisting of a kydex holster shell attached to a large leather backer with two spring steel belt clips.


The holsters are offered in both a black cowhide and a natural horsehide. The horsehide is more moisture resistant, which makes it better for humid climates and folks who sweat a lot — like me. As of this writing it looks like they can make these holsters for around 100 different handguns.

The other major option they offer is what they call the Combat Cut. This option is a cut down version of the leather backer. It can possibly increase the speed of your draw, at the cost of sacrificing some comfort.


After some research I decided to go ahead and order a SuperTuck for my Glock 19. I ordered mine with the horsehide backer because I tend to sweat a little more than the average person. I elected not to get the Combat Cut, figuring that I could trim the leather later if I decided it needed it.

One of the bonuses of ordering it for the Glock 19 is that the kydex holster section is open on the bottom. This allows the holster to work with any of the 9mm or 40 caliber Glock frames, from the little 26/27 all the way up to the large 34/35.

When I ordered my holster there was a four to six week wait. Crossbreed is a small shop and each holster is custom made by hand.


My first thought when I got the holster in the mail was “Man, this is an ugly holster.” It really is just half a kydex holster attached to a big freaking slab of leather with some belt clips on it.

At first it just felt different. Not bad, not good, just different. Over the next several days I kept wearing the holster to give it a fair shake. It began to break in and mold itself to my body. Finally, after about a week of wear, the holster became exceptionally comfortable. I also found it to be excellent at concealing the firearm. During my all too brief time enjoying the Alaskan summer I spent several weeks in shorts and a t-shirt. My wife usually could not tell that I was carrying until she bumped into me just right and felt the gun.

Obviously, walking around with the holster was comfortable but I figured I would try the holster in a few other situations to see how it fared. I spend a lot of time with my family riding our bikes around town and figured this would be another good test of the SuperTuck. I also spent a lot of time driving around with the holster on.

The only issue I noticed was that occasionally when my torso was bent over (such as when getting in and out of the car, or riding the bike) the back clip would slip off of my belt. This isn’t catastrophic; the holster has always stayed in place. I just had to reach back and give it a small push back down onto my belt. Part of this could be caused by me wearing a fairly thick 1 1/2” riggers belt. When I wear it with a leather belt I never have this issue.


The Crossbreed Supertuck is also a tuckable holster, as indicated by its name. What this means is that you can actually tuck a shirt in around the holster. I regularly wear it with a tucked-in button-up shirt and it is nearly invisible. You do have to blouse you shirt just a little extra around the gun, but not enough to look unnatural.

Remember that tucking your shirt in over the holster will slow your draw down by a good bit and is going to take a little extra dry fire practice to get used to grabbing your shirt and pulling it up enough to untuck it from around your gun.


The only thing I would change about my holster is that I might trim some of the excess leather off of the backer. The way it comes from the factory it holds the gun so close to your body that it can be slightly difficult to get your hand in between the leather backer and the gun to establish your grip. If I was to order another one I might go ahead and order it that way with the Combat Cut. As it stands, I do feel like mine has a little too much leather.

I think my trim job will be somewhere between the standard holster and the Combat Cut. One of the best features about the holster is the comfort, which allows it to be worn every day. I want to trim as much of the leather as possible without sacrificing any of this comfort I’ve grown accustom to.

Overall I’m very happy with my holster. I’m still wearing it every day, except for the occasional days when I feel like wearing my cowboy boots and my 1911. If you’re looking for a very comfortable, very concealable holster for your carry gun take a look at the Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe.

Editor’s Note: Rob is Active-Duty Air Force stationed in Alaska, a fellow Texan and ITS Plank Owner. Be sure to check out his blog at

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  • Jon

    I really wish Crossbreed would make a version that supports a Glock 19 with a TLR-1 mounted light. I carry in my C-Tac holster that’s fairly comfortable, but isn’t as comfortable as my friend’s Super Tuck Deluxe.

    • Yeah, I really wish they would make pistol light compatible holsters, I’ve sent them emails asking for them and hopefully you have to. Maybe one day….

    • Adam Schilperoort

      There is such a thing as a tuck-able crossbreed holster that fits a Glock 19 with a tactical light. Check out Comp Tac they have one and there products are easily personalized to your wanted position, and very comfortable.
      Here’s the link to your site hopefully this was helpful.

  • brendan murphy

    I just received my second supertuck- went with the combat cut and j-clips this time. I don’t feel like any comfort was sacrificed and the j-clips keep the holster in place even when bending and twisting. I think it was Clint Smith who said “Wearing a gun isn’t supposed to be comfortable, it supposed to be comforting.” well Crossbreed has pretty much given us both.

  • James

    I have a box full of holsters that I heard were great for concealment but never really delivered. I kept hearing about Crossbreed holsters but thought they looked to big to be comfortable or concealable. Man was I wrong. I now own two of the supertucks. One is for my Walther PPS-9 which disappears under a t-shirt, polo, or button up and is super comfortable to the point I usually forget I am wearing it. The other is for my Glock 36. I have tried so many holsters for Glocks but could never conceal them during warm months. The supertuck has allowed me to conceal a Glock under a t-shirt and with the right over shirt it completely disappears. I will probably only buy crossbreed holsters from here on out because they do what concealed carriers expect from a holster … comfortably conceal your firearm.

  • ian

    i’ve gotta agree about how comfortable these are. I looked a long time for a holster that i can wear in the waist band that doesn’t print a lot and feels really good and this one is it. I’m still in the breaking it in process but i sat through a 2 and a half hour movie last night in the theater and it hardly bothered me at all.

  • Mills

    I have the Minotaur MTAC Holster from Comp-Tac ( and it’s the same type of holster, leather against the body, kydex exterior and tuckable. Another soldier turned me onto this brand after I had shared that i liked the concept of the crossbreed holsters, but after carrying all day, did not find the crossbreed all that comfortable of a daily carry holster. If this holster doesn’t grow on you, I’d give the MTAC a try.

    • I went back and forth over getting the crossbreed versus the mtac while I was deployed and finally just picked one. I’ll probably end up trying out an MTAC one of these days.

  • chimaylxa

    I would encourage you to check out . They are very similar to the Crossbreeds but cost $55 for the horse hide and the turn around for me was almost one week. I was about to order Crossbreed when I came across this site on one of the gun forums I go to. Do some searching on him and you’ll only find happy customers. Tommy is a great guy, he and I talked for about 30mins before I ordered the holster. He gave some some good recommendations about where to wear it and adjustments to make if I wanted to try appendix carry with it.

    • Instructor J

      I will have to agree with Chimaylxa, the Theis holsters are equal or greater in quality. The price is excellent, better customer service than raven to be honest. Don’t worry im not bashing ravens products, but they dont call you through out the very quick product to let you know the status and to ensure you are getting the product thats going to work for you.

  • Adam

    I’ve never owned the other brands mentioned here, but I own a kholster and it’s very comfortable, made in the USA, seems more customizable than these, and is much lower price (normally $50 but regularly on sale for $40, usually along with a portion of the proceeds going to a military charity).

    I would be interested in knowing if anyone has owned both and if there is a quality difference that would make me want to spend the extra money?

  • Ron

    I ordered one of the horsehide backed holster for my newly acquired Glock 19. I gave it a couple of weeks, as suggested, and I have to say that I love this holster. It keeps the pistol tight to the body, and with the CrossBreed belt to accompany the holster, I get no sag even after 14 hours of wear.

    I just ordered another for my Kimber Stainless Pro Carry for when I get in the mood for a 1911 at my hip. Great article guys, this is the third piece of gear that I have picked up after reading about it on ITS Tactical.

    Thanks for the hard work guys.

    …Semper Fidelis…

  • John H

    I ordered a CrossBreed Supertuck Deluxe in horsehide with J-Hooks for my Kahr PM9 and then it got stolen. To bad I didn’t order the Crossbreed earlier because the reason my gun got stolen was because my carry holster wasn’t comfortable and I wasn’t carrying it that day. Needless to say I purchased another PM9 and I have worn my Crossbreed everyday since. Like everyone has said you need to “break- it- in” I believe it even gets better after you shampoo the leather. I love my Crossbreed and would highly recomend it to anyone looking to carry comfortably tucked in or out.

  • waykno

    I recently found the Remora IWB or pocket hoster. It is not for everyone nor every gun but I am taken with it. It is a tacky exterior that does not move and the inside allows a smooth draw. More than one variation such as a reinforced top (kydex on inside) for easier insertion after draw or not, but the holster will close up somewhat. Wherever you put it, it stays–one demo vid on You Tube shows a lady wearing it inside a bikini with a cover on, of course. It excels with smaller guns, e.g., .380, .25, .38, etc. Plus, it is in the $30-$35 range. Check it out.

  • Kevin

    Rob, thanks for the write up… I actually have and us both currently – Raven Concealment for OWB and Crossbreed Supertuck for IWB….

    I’m thoroughly satisfied with my choices…

  • William Chase

    I have a crossbreed holster for 3 different guns and they are incredibly comfortable and I like the rigidity of the horse hide and it manages sweat well on a hot day. My only complaint is that the first thing I have to do when I buy a Crossbreed is remove those raised crosses from the metal clips. IWB-Tuckable holsters should draw no attention to themselves and any ornamentation is contrary to that position. Fortunately I have found alternative metal clips and even better Kydex clips that are nearly silent and hold very well. Several of my friends were not going to buy a crossbreed because of the crosses on the clips but I pointed them to other alternative clips and they ordered their own supertuck holsters right away.

  • Ya I love mine. Was a ‘long’ wait to order it but well worth the wait. now my EDC holster. Love it!

  • Brad

    Bought one for my USP Compact. Much like everyone else I love the thing and it’s my go to holster. I ordered mine with the combat cut, but found that there was still quite a bit of extra leather there. I finally decided to cut mine down more and traced just around the rear of the slide for my cut. The result is great comfort with no restricted abilty to get my hand on the pistol. Anyone have any advice on reducing the sqeek it sometimes makes? Thanks for the great review on yet another solid product!

    • Corlissimo


      I’ve never been able to get rid of the squeak mine developed. I tried cleaning the horsehide with saddle soap, lubrication with Obenauf’s LP, etc… nothing has helped. My squeak comes from a “burnished” spot in the area where the muzzle end of the slide contacts the backing material. I wore mine for 18 months and for 12-16 hours a day. It was an amazing holster, but the squeak was so bad that you could hear the noises even in a moderately noisy environment. It’s been retired from all situations where true stealth is a requirement. I’ll still wear it in outdoor environments and the like. I’ve since moved on to a Comp-Tac and will likely try a M-Tac in the near future as I like the option of changing the Kydex shell to accommodate different weapons.

  • catfishinfinity

    I have never used the crossbreed but a buddy has one. My kholster came in the mail only after 5 days and was only $40 while my buddy was waiting 6-8 weeks. Kholster makes it out of the same material as CrossBreed but they do it faster and cheaper. I would say the Kholster is a little better in quality as the clips seem a little more sturdy and comes with twice twice as many pre-punched holes for adjustments (but you can do that on your own). I am not sure what the benefit would be to spending the extra cash on CrossBreed.

  • Joel Ryals

    This is my daily carry holster, and I have to say that I love it. I whole heartedly agree with the man who said that this “is the ugliest best holster I have ever carried.” As comfortable and functional as I have ever had. I can wear this holster on all day roadtrips or sitting against the chair back with no problems whatsoever. And I have never had a concern that the holster would slip or the gun come loose.

    I have found that the easiest way to carry is with an undershirt and a nice outer shirt or light jacket in winter. I can only recommend them highly. I hope you all have the opportunity to give it a try.

  • Will Comptis

    I’ve had my Super Tuck Deluxe for over 2 years now and love it. Never leave home without it. Highly recommended.

  • Theblackknight

    They only person who is going to notice you holster talking is another gun guy.

  • Ian Herden

    For the squeak I apply a little bit of baby powder to the area that squeak. Mine squeaks at the top of the clips where they contact the leather and on the inside of the holster where the clips are mounted. A small dash and then work it around with your finger and the squeak goes away. I have to apply some about every week to week and a half. I only wear mine for a few hours during the week since I can’t carry at work and pretty much all day on the weekends.

  • John

    Looks like a knock off from Comtac’s holster line which is very comfortable and if Ravens can hold up and a cheaper price then thats great.

  • Ty G

    I have been wearing the Crossbreed Supertuck Delux for almost three years now. I started with my 1911, then switched to Glock 19 about a year later (personal choice not related to the holster). I have not tried any of the other holsters mentioned here, but I have been very happy with the Crossbreed. I am in a professional environment daily and have no issues whether I have to tuck in my shirt or not. I will say that it takes some diligence to make sure you are 100% concealed. Bending over allows the grip to print so I have had to train myself to be very conscious about my body position and how I move when around others. Thus I keep people in front of me whenever possible and am careful about close encounters, like when a woman wants to give a hug or a ‘half hug’ around the waist.. When I have to pick something up off the ground, or look at the lower shelf in a grocery store, I go to one knee and keep my back straight so the butt does not print. I doubt the average person that is not familiar with guns would notice the grip printing, but I am extra cautious at all times so I don’t run the risk of LE noticing the print. I am in Texas and concealed means concealed. Printing of any kind is not an option. I also have to be careful about the length of shirt I wear when not tucking it in. Bending over allows a short shirt tail to hook over the grip, blowing concealment. So, as long as I am conscious about printing when bending over or crouching, and making sure my shirt tail does not hook over the grip, I have no problems.
    I do have some squeaking. I am going to try the suggestion made here to use powder. But other than that tiny discrepancy I carry all day, every day, including driving 2 hours a day and sitting at a desk 7 hours a day, with complete comfort. Even when I get home I keep it on. Part of that is my own insistence on always being armed (city living) but I don’t suffer comfort based on my choice. So all in all I have the thing on from the time I get up to the time I go to bed and never get pinched, poked, or gouged.
    I see some folks have encountered large delays in delivery. Maybe they are busier now but I received both of my orders within a week.

  • Jason

    I am trying to decide between all of these IWB holsters for my Glock 27. Does anyone have any experience with the Galco King Tuk?

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