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Custom KYDEX for your Weapons with JMC Custom Holsters

By Bryan Black

Like most all of you out there, I have a box of holsters. It’s been growing larger year after year as I strive to not only find what works the best for me, but for what will accommodate me as I learn and grow as a shooter.

As my friend Doc from RSKTKR can attest, if your shooting isn’t constantly evolving, you’re stagnating. In my many talks with Doc about shooting, he mentioned a new KYDEX-smith out of Florida he’d been working with named Jason at JMC Custom Holsters. Before we get into the awesomeness that Jason is cranking out in Florida, let me elaborate on my KYDEX  experience.

KYDEX and I have a love/hate relationship for the most part. Just when I think I’m getting used to running a KYDEX  holster, I realize their shortcomings. For the most part for me this is due to the way they fit on my hip. I don’t know if it has anything to do with having “manly” hips, but I’ve found that all the KYDEX  I’ve used up until this point does a horrible job of contouring to my hip. This is no matter if it’s ITW (Inside The Waistband) or OTB (Outside The Waistband).

This usually leads to me being overly paranoid about my weapon printing and going back to my SmartCarry Holster for Concealed Carry.

JMC Custom Holsters

JMC Custom Holsters 09While still skeptical about KYDEX, I contacted Jason at JMC Custom Holsters to inquire about availability and turnaround time. One thing that you might have already encountered when it comes to some Custom / Semi-Custom KYDEX-smiths is that they’re often hard to get ahold of. Jason was immediately going above and beyond in consulting with me to find out about my shooting style and what would work for me.

It’s my opinion that ITW holsters don’t necessarily provide the benefits they often tout, such as increased concealability. Not to mention they often more uncomfortable, but as a disclaimer I haven’t used a hybrid Leather/KYDEX  holster yet, but it’s on my list to add to my box of holsters.

Getting Jason’s advice, we settled on the JMC Charlie Model OWB Holster to accommodate my Sig Sauer P226 with Surefire X200 Weapon Light. Additionally, I went with a Belt Slide Double Pistol Magazine Holder and a Belt Slide Single M4 Magazine Holder.

Charlie Model Holster

JMC Custom Holsters 01The first thing I noticed about the Charlie Model Holster, when it came in the mail around two months ago, was that it wasn’t as form fitting as some of the other KYDEX  holsters I have. By form fitting I mean that you can’t see every little detail of your gun molded into the KYDEX. I’ll admit it made me curious about the retention level, but my concern was soon alleviated.

After I first put it on my Jones Tactical EveryDay Belt I realized that the contour around my hips was exactly what I’d been searching for in a OWB Holster. Not only did it contour perfectly, but the belt slide design pulled it in snugly to my waist. It’s also important to note that I wear the Charlie between the 4 and 5 o’clock position on my waist, which is just personal preference.

JMC Custom Holsters 11The retention level of the Charlie Model Holster is absolutely the precise amount of retention that I desire in a KYDEX  holster. It can be turned upside down and shaken without releasing, yet draws easily under pressure. Something I’m dealing with however is an ever-so-slight hang up of my XS Big Dot front sight on the topmost front lip as I’m drawing my Sig. This has become easier and easier due to me removing a slight bit of material in that area with a Dremel Tool.

Some of the great things about KYDEX  are that if you’re having an issue with fit you can use a Dremel, hair dryer or heat gun to tweak the Kydex. The downside is that you’re risking messing up the retention. I’d only recommend heating it up if you’re having issues with too tight of a fit. I haven’t had this issue at all with my Sig the JMC Charlie Model Holster.

JMC Custom Holsters 15One thing to also mention briefly to help enforce how easy it is to modify a KYDEX  holster is that after receiving the JMC Charlie Model Holster, I upgraded my Sig P226 with a threaded barrel. I was able to pull out my Dremel and within a few minutes I had a cut out for the longer barrel that works perfectly and doesn’t hang up at all on the draw or holster.

Belt Slide Double Magazine Holder

I’ve run a double mag holder on my waist between the 10 and 11 o’clock position for a long time and gone through at least 3-4 different KYDEX  versions as well as multiple Cordura pouches. While I like the Cordura pouches, I’ve run into issues with the retention while running. Most all of the KYDEX  pistol mag holders don’t experience this issue, but what all of them seem to have is an issue biting into my Sig mags.

JMC Custom Holsters 02Lately I’ve been switching between factory Sig mags and Mec-Gar magazines, while I’m saving that comparison for a future article, factory Sig magazines have a small notch in them that’s been snagging on the lip of the KYDEX  holster as I draw them. This isn’t a huge issue, but it has caused me to drop a couple of magazines performing emergency reloads.

I was relieved to notice that the JMC Belt Slide Double Magazine Holder didn’t bite my Sig mags at all. I attribute this to the semi-flared lip that seems to also help me out with faster mag draws. It may be all in my head, but it they do seem smoother and faster.

JMC Custom Holsters 20Again with the Double Magazine Holder it features the same Belt Slide design as the Charlie Model Holster which pulls the holder into my waist better and contours my hip better than any other KYDEX  double mag holder I’ve used previously. The retention on the Double Magazine Holder is just the right amount as well.

Belt Slide Single Magazine Holder

JMC Custom Holsters 06As I’m always looking to mix things up and not stagnate with my shooting, I also picked up a single Belt Slide Single PMAG Magazine Holder. I’ve only been working with a single primary magazine holder since receiving this KYDEX  order from Jason, but from what I’ve used of it so far it has its positives and negatives.

In terms of construction and function from JMC everything is great. As mentioned with the Sig holster and pistol magazine holders, this too contours excellently on my hip in the 3 o’clock position and the belt slide design pulls it in tightly. What I don’t particularly care for is having a large surface area sticking up from my waistband just asking to get caught on something.

JMC Custom Holsters 17I don’t feel there’s a place for running a primary magazine in this configuration if wearing full kit, but I can definitely see the benefits of this if working a detail, needing to keep your chest clear, or needing to stay as streamlined and discreet as possible with a primary weapon.

The configuration I ran with this holder was rounds forward, to stick to my typical index-finger-extended magazine draw style. I’m not a beer can gripper when it comes to drawing magazines and again this is just what works for me, your mileage may vary.


JMC Custom Holsters 23Two other items Jason sent along for me to check out were the Business Card Holder and the Money Clip. I think both of these items are great and show his creativity with KYDEX. While there’s not much to them, they’re both made with the same .093 KYDEX as the Charlie Model Holster and the Belt Slide Magazine Holders.

I admit I’m not much of a money clip kind of guy, but it works great for carrying around ITS business cards! The Business Card Holder has also found a place on our shipping table to easily grab one to toss in every order through our store.

Notes and Availability

JMC Custom Holsters 07Something I feel I should mention is that the items I received from JMC Custom Holsters are not ever going to win first prize in a beauty contest, but I say that in the most positive way. Some of the edges are rough, but not to the touch or to the point that it takes away from the functionality of the product. Rather, these products from JMC perform incredibly despite aesthetics.

To me this is a non-issue, but I wanted to mention it as some people out there might feel that their gear needs to look perfect. The reality of it for me is that I hate brand new shiny gear and look forward to breaking it in as much as possible.

JMC Holsters currently offers all their products in .093 KYDEX available in the following colors/styles: Black, Coyote Brown, Carbon Fiber and Desert Digital Camo (as seen in this review). I’m thoroughly impressed with the craftsmanship and innovation coming out of JMC Custom Holsters and look forward to seeing what’s to come.

UPDATE: We’ve received many emails about JMC customers not receiving their orders. Please keep this in mind if ordering and note that we are not affiliated with JMC Customer Holsters.

Photos and Video

For further information, check out the additional photos and YouTube video review below:

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  • Blade Staker

    Looking forward to this contest! 😀

  • Casey

    Solid review. I’m glad to see that companies are still finding ways to innovate in the Kydex world without copying common designs from companies like Blade-Tech and Raven Concealment.

    You mentioned that you’ve been gradually transitioning to this from the SmartCarry – if you’ve used it for CCW purposes in addition to range use, could you elaborate a bit on how well it works as a concealed holster?

    I generally prefer IWB holsters, because for my body type and the way I dress, they do indeed conceal much better than OWB. This is especially noticeable when reaching for objects on the top shelf at, say, a grocery store – I don’t have to worry about the bottom of the holster becoming exposed. In addition, it seems like having my belt on the outside of the holster does a better job of pulling my gun in tightly to my hip than would any form of OWB attachment.

    That said, I’m still looking for the right holster to allow me to comfortably carry a handgun with a mounted light in a concealed capacity, so a JMC might be just what I’m looking for.

  • Very nice. I like that it isn’t molded super tight. It looks like it would print a lot less.

  • Great photos!

  • Chris

    Good review, but I think JMC needs to offer more then 11 pistol models for their holsters (Springfield XD, Kimber, hello….?). Love the option for a tactical light!!

  • Good review as always Bryan.
    Been using a JMC for about 3 months now and still loving it. I have the same model with the RSKTKR cut to it so it’s slightly different.
    Chris, although you may think that he needs to offer more than 11 pistol models realize this is a one man custom shop. How many pistol combinations do you have in your gun safe? I think he is doing good for having just started. Besides just ask him, if he doesn’t have it listed he can probably tap friends for other weapons, I can attest that all the sigs are molded on mine except the 226, as he always has one or two of mine at his house 😉

  • well I have been wanting a new holster…

  • Jason A

    Not bad. Just another tool in the tool box.

  • Austin Vermillion

    Bryan – Is the JMC made well enough for sandbox use (Specifically regarding retention)?

    Thanks – AV

    • Absolutely Austin, there’s as much retention with the JMC Holster as there is in any other Kydex Holster I’ve owned. Now, if you’re referring to retention to prevent takeaways, then no. I owe you an email too and apologize for the delay!

    • Austin Vermillion

      No worries dude. I know you’re busy doing your thing — keep doing it. Not really as concerned about takeaways as much as moving and having confidence it will stay put. This just might be the answer. Appreciate it and shoot me an email when you get caught up.
      Thanks – AV

  • I am not in the sandbox, and I no longer kick down doors but even with the RSKTKR cut on mine I have no issues with it staying put.
    Just used it yesterday in an instructor level class, as a student and I had no problems shooting and moving, classroom, picking up brass (I haven’t had to do that for a while now) and other gyrations. No apparent issues. This holster puts the weapon system pretty high up above the belt line which really helps with retention by allowing you to keep tabs on the weapon with the inner arm ABOVE the elbow. Might be problematic for heavy body armor, but concealable body armor should not be an issue.
    just my .02

    • Austin Vermillion

      Appreciate the input. Spoke with Jason this morning and I got my order lined up. I asked him to make a simple design modification and he was more than willing to accomodate. We’ll see how the mod works and I’ll post once I get some time on the gun in a few weeks. This looks to be a great answer to what I have been looking for.
      V/r, AV

  • Paul Forbes

    I have been using a Leather/KYDEX holster for about a year now and i don’t think i will ever go back to any thing ells. I have a Garrett Industries silent thunder slim IWB and love it. I carry a full size Kimber in it every day.

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  • Jason Thompson

    Is Jmc holsters still in business? I have tried to contact them but cannot get a response.

  • Nick Niedenthal

    I have the same concern as Jason. I ordered a holster on 06/25/2012 and JMC took my payment. Since then I have tried to call and email them 4 times and have got no response. I have no problem waiting for a well made product however, the website states the turn around time is 3-5 weeks and now it has been much longer. Anyone have any idea if they are still in business or have been overloaded with business from the ITS promotion.

    • Jason Thompson

      Nick if you read this you are not alone. I also placed an order in May and my payment was quickly taken. I have also tried facebook and e mail with no luck. I have sent my last messg and will soon be contacting L.E about the issue. I can understand being behind and not being able to have a quick turn around but the lack of any response to attempts to contact is b.s.

    • Gregory

      What is his phone number? I want to call this jerkoff, even if he doesn’t answer.

  • Hey guys, just wanted to pass along a message from Jason at JMC. He’s currently in Louisiana working disaster relief and mentioned he put up an announcement on his Facebook page. He also said he can receive email from his phone but can’t send it for some reason. I’m sure he’ll be back in touch with everyone as soon as possible.

  • Gregory

    Jason at JMC makes a great holster however, his business practices have much
    room for improvement. I have been waiting for my third holster from
    him for many months now. I have sent several emails and politely
    posted on his Facebook inquiring about his situation with zero
    response. I understand he apparently is busy with is day job, however, I have a
    tough time seeing how he could go over two months with no ability to
    get a phone call or email out. As a small buisnessman, he should have
    made sure his customers were looked after during his abscence. As a
    member of our shooting community, he deserves some extra
    consideration, but there comes a point were bad behavior should not be
    tolerated. I am disappointed by Jason’s apparent lack of give a [email protected]&
    for his customers and have wrote off the $60 of mine which he has had
    since last Spring.

  • Brian Heeter

    DO NOT ORDER FROM JMC. I have had an absolutely awful experience with JMC Holsters. I ordered the holster, my account was debited and I never received the holster. Jason won’t return any of my calls or messages sent through the website. I don’t know what the problem is but it’s a big one.

  • Gregory


    I placed an order last Early last Spring with JMC custom Holsters which I received in July. As expected, there was a back log so no big deal there. Unfortunately, the design of their holster changed from their original (I own an older JMC) so I had to return it to get the cant I needed. Jason seemed cool about this. I returned the holster in July and was promised a quick turn around for my exchange.

    It is now December. I have tried emailing JMC many times since August with no response. I have also tried posting on their Facebook with no response. I filed a dispute with PayPal, but they have informed me there is nothing they can do.

    Now, back in September Jason did post on his Facebook that he was on “disaster relief” stateside. This may be a short term excuse for not replying to emails from customers whose money he took, but I refuse to believe he has lacked the ability to get near a computer (or have someone else do it) in the past three months. At this point I don’t expect to see the $60 kydex holster I paid for, nor do I expect that he will refund my money, but I plan on letter others know of his shady practices and will be in contact with the BBB to file a complaint.

    Do not give this guy your money.

  • chris cartier

    well, I guess i am a victim of Jason also. I ordered a holster 10/6/12 and no communication========like ever. I got a payment email, thats auto from paypal, but thats it.

  • Gregory

    Update on my order. After finding Jason’s home phone by doing a whois search on his website, I called and left several messages. I didn’t expect any response, but to my surprise I got this email:

    Greg, There is no excuse for my lack of communication. I assure you I have not forgotten about your holster exchange and have no intentions of taking your money without providing the goods you ordered. I will have your holster shipped no later than Monday 12/17/12 by 3pm or a refund will be issued on that date. I will try my best to get your holster shipped before then but am unable to guarantee anything sooner. Thank you for your patience in this matter. -Jason

    The holster Jason mentioned showed up in my mail box today. I don’t know what his problem has been these past few months, but it goes to show the importance of proper communication. Hopefully others will have their orders filled soon as well.

    • Jason Thompson

      Glad u got your holster. I’m still fighting for my order in May. Jason does check Facebook because he removes negative post about ripping people off. Glad ITS put the little disclaimer with the review. Need to put it at the beginning also.

  • Mike

    Go to doubletapcarrysystems(dot)com, better quality, someone to answer the phone, REAL phone number on his website. Mac is a YouTube personality and is a stand up guy, I have ordered three holsters from them so far and get them in a reasonable time.

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