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New LaRue Tactical VFZ Mounting Solution

By The ITS Crew

Introduced just this morning over on and via their mailing list, the LaRue Tactical VFZ (Vectored Force Zero) Mounting Solution provides a solution for those that don’t require the screaming fast quick-disconnect capability of traditional LaRue QD Mounts.

While still able to disconnect quickly via a 3/8″ wrench and retain the well known “Return to Zero” function LaRue is famous for, this is what some shooter’s have been waiting for.

Here’s Mark LaRue’s Top 7 Reasons for the VFZ:

  1. For those folks that just refuse to come to grips with the fact that our LaRue lever mounts solved all the past issues widely known to plague lever mounts.
  2. For those folks that don’t want levers no matter how good they are.
  3. For those folks still wanting removable repeatability, but don’t mind carrying a small tool (3/8″ wrench) to do it with.
  4. For those folks that want removable repeatability, but don’t care if it takes a little longer than the blink of an eye our LaRue lever takes.
  5. For those folks never faced with removing or replacing their optic under no-light conditions (in the dark)
  6. For those folks just not willing to pay for LaRue lever capability, but still want LaRue quality in a mount, that will still hold an incredible zero.
  7. For those folks that have no intention of ever swapping their optic (but can in a pinch if their scope fogs in Alaska)

Coming soon from LaRue Tactical…

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