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Innovative Alternative to Stun Guns: Just Shoot Them

By The ITS Crew

TaserXREPA new product was recently brought to our attention by an ITS reader, the Taser XREP.

The XREP is a a self-contained, wireless electronic control device (ECD), that deploys from any 12-gauge pump-action shotgun.

It delivers a similar Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) bio-effect as the handheld TASER ® X26â„¢ ECD, but can be delivered to a maximum effective range of 100 feet (30.48 meters), combining blunt impact force.

The battery supply is fully integrated into the chassis and provides the power to drive the XREP projectile engine, while the  nose assembly of the XREP projectile contains four forward facing barbed electrodes.

On impact, the forward facing barbed electrodes attach to the body of the target. The energy from the impact breaks a series of fracture pins that release the main chassis of the XREP projectile which remains connected to the nose by a nonconductive tether.

The XREP projectile autonomously generates NMI for 20 continuous seconds. As the chassis falls away, six Cholla electrodes automatically deploy to deliver the NMI effect over a greater body mass.


  • 12-gauge round
  • 18 gram projectile weight
  • 25 gram total round weight
  • Worlds first wireless TASER Electronic Control Device
  • Can be fired from any 12-gauge pump-action shotgun

This innovative round by Taser is truly a game-changing design, and appears vastly superior to traditional less-lethal 12 gauge impact rounds such as bean bags and rubber balls.

While less lethal rounds need not be discounted in their own right, the Taser provides a new way to “reach out and touch someone.”

Taser video presentation on the XREP.

What do you think? Is the XREP as revolutionary as it appears?

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  • That’s a fantastic device.

  • While a really interesting technology (especially XREP FL ‘finned live’) a reloadable version for use in training would be nice. Anyone call and get a price on a 5 pack yet?

    • Brian,

      If you follow the XREP link, Taser does make training rounds, but I don’t remember seeing anything about the rounds being reloadable.

      Thanks for the comment,
      Bryan (Spelled the correct way LOL!)

  • Matt

    From what I’ve found, they’re going to be about $100 a round. Which makes sense given the amount of technology thats crammed into such a small package.

    • Matt, thanks for the information.

  • Alex

    or if your just defending your home, shoot cheaper, more effective, good old fashioned bullets.

  • Yan

    Looks like a condenser like in many electronic devices… You just connect it to some batteries for some time and it charges its “600 volts load”… Then you touch both prongs and bang, it decharges instantly… No idea if it feels like a tazer but it’s probably not good for your health either…

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