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February 4, 2020Firearms

Backup Gear: Shooting Range Essentials

Backup Gear: Shooting Range Essentials

Don’t cut your range trip short! Consider adding these items to your loadout so you can repair, maintain and replace on the fly.

Tools are an important part of a range kit and two critical items for us are Otis Ripcords and Slip2000 lubricant. Both of these items have a small footprint, making them perfect for storing in a chest rig or pack.

MultiTasker tools are another great addition to your kit. They have several options and their tools are specifically designed for shooting. They include valuable things like a front sight adjustment tool and carbon scraper.

Another often overlooked piece of backup gear is a second set of hearing protection. Smaller options like the SureFire Sonics or even just a set of foam earplugs don’t take up much room and will keep you covered in case someone has forgotten theirs. (Spoiler Alert: It might even be you.)

Lastly, no loadout is complete without a good trauma kit and tourniquet on hand. You never know when an accident will happen and having the tools on hand to treat injuries like gunshot wounds could save someone’s life.


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