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Backup Gear: Shooting Range Essentials
Is Your Crappy Recoil Management Affecting Muzzle Velocity?
Tips and Tricks for the Mammoth Sniper Challenge from a Range Officer and Competitor’s Perspective
Use These Non-Permissive Environment Carry Tips to Enhance Your Concealed Carry
Shoot Straight: Breaking Out of the Square Range Rut
Derp Debunked: Retiring Two Cherished Myths About Guns
TDA Pistols On the Rise? Why We’re Seeing a Return of Traditional Double Action Pistols
Maternal Instinct: Why the Ma Deuce .50 Caliber Machine Gun Still Dominates
The Pros and Cons of a Miniature Red Dot Sight and Slide Cuts on a Defensive Pistol
The G.I. Forty-Five: Why the M1911 Still Reigns Supreme in Military Units
Vehicle Holsters: Slightly Modifying the Safariland Quick Locking System for Use in a Vehicle
Ugly But Effective: How the Sten Gun Became a WWII Workhorse
The Powerful Punch of the Edgun Matador R5 Airgun
Get a Grip: Shooting Tips for Those Just Starting Out
Bad Manners: The Development of the Soviet PPSh “Burp Gun”

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