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Bad Manners: The Development of the Soviet PPSh “Burp Gun”
The Ultimate Adventure: Competing in the 24 Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge
The Ugly Duckling: How the M3 “Grease Gun” Gained a Foothold in Combat
The Sidearm of the World: The Browning Hi-Power and its Everlasting Popularity
From Company Clerks to Commanders: Why the M-1 Carbine Found Such Extensive Use
The Right Arm of the Free World: A Look into the History of the FN FAL
The Annihilator: The Rise and Fall of the Thompson Submachine Gun
The EdGun Leshiy: A Subcompact Air Rifle With Serious Punch
Have You Been Following the BATFE’s Flip Flops on Pistol Braces? Here’s the Real Story
Considering Building an AR-15 Pistol? Here’s the 411
Three Layer Idiocy Cake: The Sickly State of the 2nd Amendment in California
Performance Under Pressure: Accurate Ordnance 6.5 Creedmoor Precision Rifle Build
How I Survived the 2017 Mammoth Sniper Challenge
DIY 80% Lower Build: Introduction and Tools Required
Practice Makes Perfect: Why Training Different Pistol Shooting Positions Could Save Your Life

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