Attach MOLLE Pouches to Your Belt With Ease

by September 9, 2009 09/9/09
Down Range Gear Belt Stabilizer 02

Down Range Gear Belt Stabilizer 02It’s the simple things in life… Down Range Gear recently blogged about a new product in development they’ve dubbed the  Belt Stabilizer.

We live for reporting on revolutionary designs like this, and are truly excited about this product.

The Down Range Gear Belt Stabilizer is something we took one look at and laughed. Laughed that no one had thought of this sooner!

How many of you out there have mag pouches that feature MOLLE/PALS attachment via MALICE Clips? Would you like to be able to run those on your belt without having to run a belt with PALS webbing?  Well, now you can!


Down Range Gear Belt Stabilizer 05The Belt Stabilizer was originally designed for MALICE clips, as Down Range Gear feels they  support equipment better because they do not flex and employ a locking system that cannot be stressed to failure the way some systems can be if they are not properly woven into a PALS surface.

While MALICE clips are great, many of us also run gear that features a proprietary PALS attachment such as Eagle MLCS.

We put the belt stabilizer on two Eagle M9 Single Mag Pouches as well as the double variant, and they worked great!

(We haven’t tested this on any other proprietary attachment system other than Eagle’s)

The Eagle FB variant (with hard insert) of the mag pouches would need a wider Belt Stabilizer to be used.


Down Range Gear Belt Stabilizer 01Belt Stabilizers measure 3″ Wide x 2.75″ Tall and are made of HPDE (High Density Polyethylene) wrapped around what appears to be 1000d Cordura, creating two long slots to accept short MALICE Clips.

The HPDE prevents lateral movement while worn on your belt and is aided by friction of the stabilizer pressed against your belt as well as your pants.

A good Riggers Belt should be used with the Belt Stabilizers, as they work better with wider belts that fill the belt loop, and less well with narrower belts which allow for more play.


Down Range Gear Belt Stabilizer 06We’ve been running these for a few weeks since getting them from Chris at Down Range Gear and have nothing but good things to say. Time will tell how well the HDPE holds up to repeated friction on a belt, but from what we’ve seen, it’s working great.

Other than the potential of the Belt Stabilizers to be used with any proprietary PALS attachment, we could find nothing that doesn’t earn this product our highest recommendations.

It would definitely be a pain to gather all the proprietary PALS attachments available on the market and make different sizes for each, but it could be done.

We’d like to thank Chris at Down Range Gear for letting us beta test the Belt Stabilizers, which are coming soon with a price in the ballpark of $7.50 each.

What do you think about these?

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