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An Awesome Infographic on Why You Should Embrace the Beard

By The ITS Crew

Thanks to for the awesome infographic!

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  • Troutt

    Love it! Sadly, my job won’t allow me to grow a beard. The wife is thankful for that fact. She’s anti-beard. Some day I will have a rocking beard.

  • martin

    I have tried to grow a bread multiple times, but it seems to come in patchy every time. I want one but can’t have one. 🙁

    • Bear

      Keep trying! Let that badboy grow out for a while. It’ll fill in when it gets longer. Growing facial hair ain’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

  • Kendrick Jeremy

    The down side is the military doesn’t like beards (except SF).

  • HaydenT

    I personally love the ‘scruff’ because then I get the best of both worlds – cleanshaven makeout HEAVEN and delicious neck/back MIND-MELTING sensations; cleanshaven, tux sexiness and rough, outdoor sexiness.

    I can aesthetically appreciate a good beard but I would not want that gentleman near my lady areas.

    (Besides, men love it when ladies take care of their hair, no? Sexy time for everyone!)

  • Jason

    I’ve had a van dyke since I was 14. I’ve shaved it off 3 times (once to remove hair die, once for the USMC and once to correct a bad trimming job) and never kept if off more than a month or two. My wife has only seen me without it once, and her very first reaction when I turned around from the sink was, “You can grow that back.” She knows what time it is.

    But ladies, and my wife would back me up on this — is the beard really the hair you should be worried about? 😉

  • Aaron McDoomsday

    I’ve been running a Van Dyke for 5+ years, and have only shaved it intentionally twice, for photo shoots… just had a horrible shaving accident that I’m trying to recover from.

  • JH1388

    You know that episode of the Simpsons where Homer shaves and within five seconds, his five o’clock shadow is back?
    Perma-shadow, all the way.

    Personally, I shave with a pair of hair trimmers with a #1 guard so it matches the sides and back of my head and so it’s not like sandpaper “FO’ DA LAAAYDEEZ”.

  • Kris

    I want thin in a full size poster!

  • FlashlightSolutions

    Beard not always a Manliness Declare…
    I dunno if you noticed but there is afad among gay men for a trimmed, short hair length beard.
    Well, at least overseas.
    So if you want to make a statement make it big time. Grow a Full beard.

    Perosnally i am not taht much on the beard thing. Shaving against the “grain” makes a wonderfull tender skinner local women love to pinch and kiss!

  • Jay

    I like a CLEAN full beard… there is nothing quite so disgusting as looking at a guy’s last several meals in his beard. It’s hard to even carry on a brief conversation w/someone who has egg & tobacco juice in their beard. Ugh.

  • bassie

    haha awesome
    im definitly gonna show this to my girl
    maybe then she stops nagging that i need to shave


  • collander

    currently beardless. Beard comes out when destruction is required!

  • I like the 1 or 2 day scruff, personally. The Army likes me to be clean shaven though… when I become Sergeant Major of the Army I’ll try to get that changed…. (sly look)

  • Chet Marlow

    Unfortunately, I could go years without shaving and barely have stubble to show for it. It is nice shaving every other day for work but I do envy those that can grow beards. My brother has 5:00 shadow by 10:00 AM.

    Great article.

  • Benn

    I also would love to embrace the beard, but the USMC is extremely against it. At least until I get into my new MOS…(shifty looks all around).

    On another note, why did they put Otto the Great, a German Pope, under Celtic tribes? Am I the only one that found this weird? And is Zach Galifianakis really the one we want to use to represent manliness in facial hair?

  • Mark Whiskey

    Angry Marcinko flashbacks FTW !

  • Whether it takes you a week to muster 5 o’clock shadow or you can sprout a ghille face cover overnight…I say…OWN IT…and make genteel men hide their women-folk when you near.

  • JJustin

    I’d love to grow a beard. Sadly, the fire academy (as well as the fire service in general) doesn’t allow it (you can’t get a good seal on the positive pressure mask with any facial hair beyond a mustache)

  • Anthony

    Bravo! Thats all I can say.

  • Dan

    I’m in Justin’s boat. I loved my beard, looked like a god damn viking. However, since back in CONUS and being a Fireman…no beards for me. Interestingly enough, Fireman used to grow beards so they could stick them in there mouths and breath through them to filter out smoke. I think I should start a campaign……and get fired.

  • Greg Natsch

    My first beard, 1978 after separating from service. Then in ’03 after retirement from reserves, with a few in between tours. I have found there’s some women like the beard for the intimate feeling, and it’s been a conversation starter. Now, I’m looking like Hemingway. Love me, love the beard. No shaving for a woman, it’s their route to conquest.

  • AJ

    Have been with out a full beard only 2-3 times in the past 10 years. I feel naked and incomplete when I don’t have it. I think there needs to be a beard patch made. Yay or nay?

  • Gilray

    A woman who doesn’t like a man with a beard is not a woman. End of.

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