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And So It Begins… Ridiculous Dialogue Illustrated

By Bryan Black

Ridiculous Dialogue Illustrated Comic 001

Straight from the ITS art hut, we bring you our newest project, Ridiculous Dialogue Illustrated! We’re selecting some of the best moments from our Podcast, Ridiculous Dialogue, to bring some of the inside jokes and adventures to life that we all share here at ITS. This is a monthly comic strip that we’re sure our devoted podcast listeners will relate to and love.

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  • Nelson

    Someone tell me I’m not the only one that thought of this:

    I don’t listen to the podcast [nothing personal, ITS, just not enough hours in the day, sorry 🙁 ]

    • Virius

      @Nelson I love that movie, I would hope no one would get rid of the susper suit by the name of ACU, that could get expensive.

    • @Nelson That’s one of my favorite scenes from The Incredibles! LOL!

  • Virius

    I don’t remember which episode this came from but it’s funny and as someone who was in the National Guard and living at home after I was released from active duty I can remember doing something along those lines. 
    I unfortunately only had two pairs of ACUs and my new unit only gave me one patch that seemed to always be on the other set when I was getting ready for drill.

    • Virius Hah! This story actually came from one of our ITS Musters, where we were giving Caleb crap, but that happens quite often when we’re all hanging out. Being in the military you know how often that happens 🙂

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