Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast

ITS Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast T-ShirtRidiculous Dialogue was created to share the banter that takes place at Imminent Threat Solutions on a daily basis.

It’s us; candid, unedited and talking about everything from what movies we’re watching to the general geekiness that keeps us laughing here at ITS HQ.

While we generally keep the vibe in our articles PG rated, be warned, it may not be safe to blast over your speakers at work.

We hope you enjoy the insight into ITS and who we are behind the scenes as a company; pull up a chair and tune in to Radio ITS.

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ITS Tactical Crew


Episode 68 – Cut-rate Cashmere


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly and Rob discuss the early days of social media. They also offered their thoughts on Rogue One, so if you still haven’t seen it, beware of spoilers!

Finally, the crew talked about Rob’s newest hobby and why Bryan is over the moon about his “magic” juicer.

Click here to listen to Episode 68

Episode 67 – Butt Tattoos


On this episode, Bryan, Rob and Matt discuss avoiding Rogue One spoilers, Matt’s new dongle bag and his adventures in Butt Tattoos.

The guys also discussed stupid things they did as kids and trying to do math in a group.

Click here to listen to Episode 67

Episode 66 – Dongle Life


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly and Rob discussed what they did for Black Friday and their favorite holiday foods. Bryan also filled us in on his quest to bring his orange juice making in-house.

We also heard about Bryan and Kelly’s airplane adventure, which started when Bryan realized he’d forgotten the dongle for his new iPhone.

Click here to listen to Episode 66

Episode 65 – Ricky Broom


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly and Rob discuss GoPro and their recent recall, as well as giving up on TV shows that just make you feel bad. Fake news on social media came up, as did why old media is dying on the Internet.

Thanksgiving was of course a topic of discussion, including turkey cooking methods and why this year seems to be flying by.

Click here to listen to Episode 65

Episode 64 – Beignets or Bidets


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly, Rob and Nick discuss inconsiderate eating noises, including what they call “food porn noises.” They also discussed being embarrassed in public and why Nick confuses Beignets and Bidets.

Finally, the crew offered their thoughts on crazy gym-goers and Nick’s possible reality TV appearance.

Click here to listen to Episode 64

Episode 63 – Pulling Your Sword


In this episode, we’re bringing you the second and final part of our Dungeons & Dragons game, featuring Bryan, Rob, Nick and Matt. The band of adventurers found themselves journeying into a goblin cave and gaining a shaggy new ally.

From there, they traveled to a nearby town and interacted with some of the townsfolk. Once again, our apologies to diehard D&D players as we stumbled through the game’s technicalities. But hey, we had fun!

Click here to listen to Episode 63

Episode 62 – Phadelving into D&D


On this episode, Bryan, Rob, Nick and Matt gather for a rousing game of Dungeons & Dragons. Fun was had by all, despite no one being familiar with the rules or structure; our apologies to true D&D fans for stumbling our way through.

In the game, Bryan, Nick and Matt found themselves taking a wagon full of supplies to a far off town and Rob, playing as the DM, had a few surprises for them along the way.

Click here to listen to Episode 62

Episode 61 – Kids These Days


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly and Rob discussed being locked out of the house, new tech developments and the difference between funny and uncouth comedians.

The crew also heard about Rob’s Grandma and her adventures in texting on a “new” iPhone. Finally, we relived the frustration at the scarcity of risqué material available to us as kids.

Click here to listen to Episode 61

Episode 60 – Kelly’s Dry Tuna


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly and Rob discuss the ups and downs with Home Owner’s Associations. The crew covered the latest Apple updates and Bryan shared his thoughts on why Bluetooth will be dead within five years.

Weird eating and cooking habits also came up, leading Kelly to complain about the recent dryness of her tuna.

Click here to listen to Episode 60

Episode 59 – Mouthbreather


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly, Rob and Matt discuss the nostalgia brought on by our new favorite Netflix series, Stranger Things, which may or may not have got us on the topic of getting “corny dogged.”

The crew also ragged on Matt for his new 360° camera and its shortcomings, which he can’t see without his readers on.

Click here to listen to Episode 59

Episode 58 – Smoked Out of California


On this episode, Bryan and Rob are joined by yet another California guest, Matt! The guys heard about Bryan’s Tesla Test Drive, talked about changes to the Batman v. Superman movie and gave their opinions on must-read books.

They also discussed local attractions in the DFW area, including Dealey Plaza, the site of President Kennedy’s assassination.

Click here to listen to Episode 58

Episode 57 – Commiefornia


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly and Rob are joined by a special guest, The Jeweler! They discussed Tim’s California roots and desire to get back to a free state. The upcoming Olympics came up, as well as old school gaming and Nintendo’s newest console.

Finally, the crew gave their thoughts on older people and their weird habits, as well as how much stretching you truly need to do as you get up in years.

Click here to listen to Episode 57

Episode 56 – Donkey Show


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly, Rob and Amanda discuss family trips and examine Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours to mastery, as well as whether Elon Musk is crazy for building the Hyper Loop.

The crew also dove into the Gluten Free craze and if an ancestral DNA test is worth it.

Click here to listen to Episode 56

Episode 55 – An Extra 13 Inches


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly and Rob discuss how many of the problems with kids these days could be solved the old school way. They also talked about Kelly’s quest for the world’s quietest vehicle.

Bryan shared a story involving a friend’s prank on a UPS driver and Kelly gave us the title of the episode by underestimating what her living room was packing in the TV Department.

Click here to listen to Episode 55

Episode 54 – Bingo Wing


On Episode 54 of Ridiculous Dialogue, Bryan, Kelly and Rob discussed their childhood injuries and scars resulting from them. Grocery store trips came up as well the glory that is home repair and maintenance.

We fell down the rabbit hole of politics just a bit in this episode, but pulled out of the gutter before it got too cable news!

Click here to listen to Episode 54

Episode 53 – Cleaner Wieners


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly and Rob discuss Peter Thiel and his revenge against Gawker. They also discussed automating their lives and what they would do if they struck it rich.

The controversy of long lines at the VA came up, as well as keeping a cleaner wiener and pronouncing certain words.

Click here to listen to Episode 53

Episode 52 – Matt’s Big Package


On this very special episode of Ridiculous Dialogue, Bryan, Kelly, Rob and Matt celebrate the podcast’s 2nd Anniversary! It wouldn’t be a celebration without sucking down the helium from party balloons and doing chipmunk impressions.

The crew also discussed Bryan’s Tumbleweave discoveries, receiving unsolicited catalogs and Matt’s big Internet package.

Click here to listen to Episode 52

Episode 51 – Nick the Cannibal


On this episode, Bryan and Rob are joined by Nick, Jason and Shane for a Ridiculous Dialogue that’s all over the map. The guys discussed the Kentucky Derby, abolishing Daylight Saving Time and Nick’s foray into cannibalism.

Also featured were a few habaneros crossing the road late at night and a few fingers of bourbon and whiskey talk.

Click here to listen to Episode 51

Episode 50 – Backroom Plastic Surgery


On this episode of Ridiculous Dialogue, Bryan and Rob are joined by our newest crew member, Jordan. The guys discuss Star Wars, Film Noir and Bryan’s conspiracy theory about Apple’s newest headquarters.

They also covered new Netflix shows, botched plastic surgery and why Rob can’t play nice with other children at the science museum.

Click here to listen to Episode 50

Episode 49 – DeKanye the Internet


On this episode, Bryan, Rob and Matt talk all things tech, including the Tesla Model 3, what’s right and wrong with Apple, the future of smart tech and Bryan’s quest to De-Kanye the Internet. An unassuming catalog Bryan received also came up that actually contained a few surprising items.

The guys also discussed Bryan’s trip to a pinball convention, Matt’s blistering sunburn and Rob’s spaghetti confrontation.

Click here to listen to Episode 49

Episode 48 – Fur Missiles with Mike Ritland


On this episode, Bryan and Rob are joined by Mike Ritland, former Navy SEAL, founder of Warrior Dog Foundation and owner of Trikos International. They discuss Mike’s background and what got him started training K-9s.

They also reminisced about running around the woods in camouflage growing up, building snow forts and other random acts of mischief.

Click here to listen to Episode 48

Episode 47 – #WookieLivesMatter


In this episode, Matt returns for the lifting of the The Force Awakens moratorium and the crew discusses everything Star Wars, including their likes and dislikes of the new movie.

Additional commentary included what they’d add with just 15 minutes more screen time and what they hope to see in Episode 8.

Click here to listen to Episode 47

Episode 46 – A Gentleman’s Inch


On this episode, Bryan, Rob and Matt are joined by our special guest, Jarrod. The guys discuss the pitfalls of talking over speakerphone, Bluedouches and Dad Robes.

They also questioned Taco Bell’s marketing, Amazon Prime Now’s lighting fast delivery and how to eat 25 calories of Pizza.

Click here to listen to Episode 46

Episode 45 – Tickling the Trackpad


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly, Rob, Amanda and Zach talk about Valentine’s plans, or lack thereof. They also discussed phrases not to Google, Bryan’s VA Debacle and the discovery of a new planet!

Bryan offered a Star Wars themed Would You Rather question and the group offered their favorite local pizza places.

Click here to listen to Episode 45

Episode 44 – Tilted Uterus


On this episode of Ridiculous Dialogue, Bryan, Kelly, Rob and Amanda talked movies and Netflix binges. They also discussed some youthful troublemaking and Bryan’s brush with the law in the Navy.

This episode did not include any Force Awakens Spoilers, but we’ll definitely be spoiling it up in a later episode, so get ready!

Click here to listen to Episode 44

Episode 43 – Indoor Sky


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly, Rob, Amanda, Lang and Zach discuss gambling and their favorite casino games. They also discussed new movies coming out and dangerous activities they did when they were younger.

Indoor skydiving came up as well as Bryan’s recent Bourbon Trail tour and Lang’s lost wallet.

Click here to listen to Episode 43

Episode 42 – Double Dripping


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly, Rob, Amanda and Matt participate in Bryan’s Chip Chomp Challenge in order to find the quietest chomper. Kelly also reveals her shameful coffee drinking secret and the group discusses the upcoming Batman/Superman movie. Does Batfleck really have a full-length back tattoo?

Matt also debuts a new, shorter Shi**y Movie with Matt and finally, we hear the gripping story behind the Uncle Ray’s Potato Chips used during the Chip Chomp Challenge.

Click here to listen to Episode 42

Episode 41 – Rob Hates Christmas


In this episode, Bryan, Kelly, Rob and Amanda recap Thanksgiving and Bryan issues his Chip Chomp Challenge. We also discussed Kelly’s shopping cart violence, Rob’s lack of Christmas cheer and Bryan’s turkey cooking secrets.

The countdown to the new Star Wars movie came up, as did the Darth Jar Jar fan theory that’s been circulating the Internets.

Click here to listen to Episode 41

Episode 40 – Lang’s Hot Yoga


On this episode of Ridiculous Dialogue, Kelly, Rob, Amanda, Zach and Lang discuss swimming with jellyfish, Lang’s Yoga experience and what animal we’d want to be reincarnated as.

We also shared our dumbest jokes, problems with stray cats and of course, our favorite Thanksgiving traditions as the holiday is fast approaching.

Click here to listen to Episode 40

Episode 39 – Merry Tristmas


On this episode of Ridiculous Dialogue we’re joined by Zach, the newest member of the ITS Crew, as we discuss buying tickets for the new Star Wars movie, Daylight Saving Time and certain regional accents.

There was also a lot of post-Halloween talk about what we all did during the holiday and especially how much candy we all regretted eating!

Click here to listen to Episode 39

Episode 38 – Damn Nature, You Scary


On this episode of Ridiculous Dialogue, we talk all things Halloween including Haunted House stories, our favorite Halloween traditions and some of our favorite costumes.

We also discuss lazy Halloween parents, why nobody wants to shop at Wal-Mart and of course, the latest Star Wars trailer.

Click here to listen to Episode 38

Episode 37 – Matt’s Smoked Meats

Episode 37 Header

On Episode 37, Bryan, Kelly, Rob, Amanda and Matt discuss old cartoons vs. new cartoons, roommates from hell and Pawn Shop experiences.

They also delve into the terrors of cell phone carriers and why cable companies are dying. In true Ridiculous Dialogue fashion, Kelly derails the Podcast with yet another Not Safe For Work conversation on smoking meat.

Click here to listen to Episode 37

Episode 36 – The General Leak

Episode 36 Header

We’re joined again by guest Jason Crist for this special outdoor recording of Ridiculous Dialogue. Sitting on a screened-in porch with good drinks and fine cigars, we discussed Columbia House subscriptions, bug infestations and dogs eating things they’re not supposed to.

We also covered some history and Jason bravely defended his home state of Virginia in a room full of Texans. Movies were discussed as well as Jason’s trip to Bourbon Country and Rob’s love/hate relationship with his Jeep, newly dubbed “The General Leak.”

Click here to listen to Episode 36

Episode 35 – Milk Sandwiches

Episode 35 Header

We’re joined on Episode 35 by our friend Jason Crist, keeper of the WiFis. We cover everything from late night visits to Tallywackers, milk sandwiches and pre-storm trips to gather bread and milk.

Also on this episode, we discuss the Ashley Madison Hack and ideas on what to do with all that unused exercise equipment.

Click here to listen to Episode 35

Episode 34 – Swimming in Denim


On Episode 34, Bryan, Kelly, Rob, Amanda and Lang discuss driving a stick, office birthday pranks and the terrible influences we get from Mad Men.

Also in this episode, Bryan and Rob delve into their complicated coffee methods and Kelly shares yet another funny poop story.

Click here to listen to Episode 34

Episode 33 – The Cougar Den


In this episode, Bryan, Kelly, Rob, Amanda and Matt discuss the summer heat and driving with no AC. Bryan and Kelly also recount their daring adventure into the Cougar Den while on vacation in California.

We reminisced on magazine colognes and Rob shared his shameful secret behind his favorite fragrance. Lastly, we even got into The Donald’s run for the White House and our least favorite airports.

Click here to listen to Episode 33

Episode 32 – Hipster Punchcard


On this episode, Bryan, Kelly, Rob, Amanda and Lang discuss really specific hobbies and starting new ones. We also saw the need for a Hipster Punchcard for all the times you get a little too Hipster.

Kelly’s inner Ardmore made an appearance, as well as some of her “Short People Problems.” Lang offered an update on his backyard turtle and gave us all a lesson in the latest and greatest computer technology.

Click here to listen to Episode 32

Episode 31 – Bryan and the Wolf


Episode 31 of Ridiculous Dialogue comes straight from San Diego Comic Con! Bryan is joined by Nick Hayes, Nick Ueyji, Blake Nakamura and Billy Cho. Together, they discuss childhood friends making fun of their names and their worst childhood fears.

They also talk about their favorite things at Comic Con, including the awesome Trailers and other nerdy goodness.

Click here to listen to Episode 31

Episode 30 – Fifty Shades of Gummi Bear


On Episode 30, we celebrate the podcast’s 1st Anniversary… four episodes too late. We also brought up our favorite Internet photos and want you to Poundtag us your favorites! (Nothing too greasy please.)

This episode also featured another round of word association with Kelly, Vince, Bryan and Lang. We also included some listener Poundtag action like favorite superheroes and a NSFW Amazon Review of Haribo Gummi Bears, from which this episode got its title.

Click here to listen to Episode 30

Episode 29 – Turds on a Plane


In Episode 29 of Ridiculous Dialogue, we played the word association game and Kelly’s candid answers took us all by surprise. We also discussed our favorite candies, Matt’s Speaker Installation Debacle and Bryan’s Bonsai.

A few questions from Twitter were answered and we got an update on an interesting neighbor that Bryan had growing up. Grab a “cold beer” and tune in!

Click here to listen to Episode 29

Episode 28 – Old Man Matt


On Episode 28 of Ridiculous Dialogue, we talked manners in public, young people’s slang and eating at crappy diners. Matt rolls out another segment of “Sh***y Movies with Matt” and it’s a real floater.

Weird dreams also came up as well as our thoughts on Mad Max and Matt’s new Apple Watch.

Click here to listen to Episode 28

Episode 27 – Origins of Blue Bear

Ridiculous Dialogue Episode 27

On our 27th episode, we answer more Twitter questions including, “What’s your favorite pickup line?” and “What does everyone do at ITS?” We also discuss Snapchat, HBO Now and the origins of the infamous Blue Bear.

Matt debuted another segment of “Sh***y Movies with Matt” and tore into November Man, Snowpiercer and The Babadook. His new rating system finally gives some context to just how sh***y a movie is.

Click here to listen to Episode 27

Episode 26 – Poundtag Us on Twitter

Ridiculous Dialogue Episode 26

In this episode, Bryan talked about his journey to Silicon Valley and his Wi-Fi Issues. Tesla’s new and amazing Powerwall was also discussed, as was our mission to make the switch to Poundtags rather than Hashtags.

Our childhood nicknames, failed advertisements and whether beards are bacteria breeding grounds, were a few of the other topics we debated.

Click here to listen to Episode 26

Episode 25 – Haircut Anxiety

Ridiculous Dialogue Episode 25

In this episode, Lang discusses his Haircut Anxiety and Vince talks commitment issues, electronic and romantic. We also discussed the wussification of America and why no one seems to know basic vehicle maintenance.

Our hipster count also rose in the episode as we discussed artisan coffees and the Apple Watch.

Click here to listen to Episode 25

Episode 24 – Don’t Be An A-Roll


Our new series, Sh***y Movies with Matt, makes its debut along with a game he created that backfired, Hipster Slug Bug. Kelly shares some interesting details about a film she watched and we have a good discussion about Bryan being a vegetarian until he was in public school.

Dumb young fashion trends came up, as did liquor laws and a few questions we answered from Twitter.

Click here to listen to Episode 24

Episode 23 – Pantsed in Public

Episode 23 Header

Bryan’s good friend Mike DeLoach joins Rob and Kelly today on Ridiculous Dialogue #23. Mike D. delves deep into his embarrassing moments where this week’s title originates. We also put Kelly on the spot about her anticipation fear.

Along with the group sharing their embarrassing moments, we also discuss pranks in the good old days, which coincidentally are also when Kelly was in pageants as a little girl.

Click here to listen to Episode 23

Episode 22 – Potty Mouth

Ridiculous Dialogue Episode 22

Ridiculous Dialogue goes dirty in our 22nd episode. Come on, everyone enjoys a little bathroom humor, right? Bryan, Rob, Matt and Kelly also discuss nervous habits, impulse buys and even field a few questions from our audience.

If you’d like to get your question on the air, be sure to use the hashtag #RidiculousDialogue on twitter! We also discuss hipster things and Apple’s new product announcements. Those two topics don’t necessarily go together either.

Click here to listen to Episode 22

Episode 21 – Sprinkle Some Hashtags On It

Ridiculous Dialogue Episode 21

The Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast turns drinking age with episode 21. To kick off our celebration, the crew reminisced about their own 21st birthday adventures and we heard all about Kelly’s birthday spankings.

In fact, Lang treated us to a story about completely forgetting his birthday and we discussed other topics like our favorite things to do when camping and tales of sneaking out when we were younger.

Click here to listen to Episode 21

Episode 20 – A Real Brainer

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 20

In Episode 20 of Ridiculous Dialogue, Lang talks about googling himself and we discuss favorite movie soundtracks, Trekkies vs. Star Wars fans and what job we’d do if we could do anything.

We also started a Hipster count for Rob’s statements, talked about the recent Net Neutrality buzz, and the finer points of shopping at Ikea, including the infamous Ikea Swedish Market.

Click here to listen to Episode 20

Episode 19 – Softcore Politics

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 19

Don’t let the title fool you, there’s only a small amount of politics in Episode 19 of Ridiculous Dialogue. Somehow we even found a way to laugh about it. Kelly was discussing some local gas drilling and of course our minds went into the gutter when fracking came up.

We also talked about Asian candy, amazing Sushi and terrible fast food. Bryan also continued discussing his beer brewing adventures. We also migrated to toys and games from our youth, some adventures from SHOT Show, favorite hot sauces and snorting Pixie Stix in our youth.

Click here to listen to Episode 19

Episode 18 – Selfie Sticks and Shake Weights

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 18

In Episode 18, Lang does the intro, accidentally cusses for the first time and vows to get more sleep this year for his New Year’s Resolution.

We all discuss the finer points of life, like how to brew beer, why the eagle in Lord of the Rings didn’t help more, binge watching and the crazy dreams it creates. Bryan also talked about binge reading all 14 of the Ian Fleming James Bond books and we had an intervention with Mike and his signature anxiety.

There was also the weird part of the Internet that came up again and companies that employ content moderators to sift through the worst parts of humanity. Of course, no podcast would be complete without a zinger from Kelly. This time it’s all about Facebook pokes.

Click here to listen to Episode 18

Episode 17 – Living in a Van Down by the River

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 17

In Episode 17 of Ridiculous Dialogue we’re joined by Jon Gaffney aka The Van Man, who’s traveling around the country in a Sprinter Van with his girlfriend, Gale, exploring America and documenting their adventures.

Nick and Jon also got into a lengthy discussion on their rigs and road trips, since Nick’s been traveling lately in an RV with his family. There was also talk of crazy raccoons, creepy neighbors and Rob’s real wet mouth… Don’t ask.

We also talked a bit about challenges and found out that Lang is an amateur competitive eater!

Click here to listen to Episode 17

Episode 16 – Finding Porn in the Woods

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 16

Before you balk at the title of Episode 16 of Ridiculous Dialogue, it’s an ode to growing up as a youngster and the shenanigans most pre-teen boys wind up in on their adventures outside.

This episode we had our friend, Officer Matt, on the podcast where he shared some “interesting” stories from the jail he works at. Bryan also went over some Kellyisms he’s been tracking over the years and we all discussed a few other topics ranging from Superheroes to that “purse kleenex” smell. We also mentioned the Big Tex Steakhouse in Amarillo and their 72 oz. steak challenge. Do you think you could eat everything shown in this photo?

Click here to listen to Episode 16

Episode 15 – Two Balls for a Dollar

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 15

We’ll save the title explanation for the Podcast, but just to give you a hint, it’s another zinger from Kelly. In Episode 15 of Ridiculous Dialogue we talked about what a Paraprosdokian is, tried to get to the bottom of Matt’s Taste Disorder and his tolerance to spicy food.

Despite parts of this episode sounding like an Amazon commercial, we assure you it’s not. We do seem to all be members of Amazon Prime though and Rob tells us all about his Amazon addiction. You’ll also here about the weird food combos we all enjoy. Be sure to take notes, because Bryan shares his popcorn recipe too.

Click here to listen to Episode 15

Episode 14 – Lang’s Superpowers

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 14

Just like you, we’ve always wanted to hear an interview with Lang, so we made it happen. You’ll hear all about Lang’s superpowers, his favorite foods, music and even the movies he’s been watching lately.

We were able to get in a few words of our own and talked about a D.C. Wheelchair Experience, ancient Chinese proverbs, what cookies are the best, Brewing Beer, Mike’s Drinking Journal and Rob’s early gift giving problems.

Click here to listen to Episode 14

Episode 13 – No Socks With Sandals

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 13

We’re stoked to have Baker Leavitt of Kill Cliff on this Episode of Ridiculous Dialogue. Baker is somewhat infamous for his rants and all around hilarity, which we’re proud to have the opportunity to share with you. Bryan, Kelly, Mike, Rob and Lang round out the cast of characters and discuss some off the wall topics with Baker, including Seattle, music, photography and hunting & fishing the Pacific Northwest.

Click here to listen to Episode 13

Episode 12 – It Can Wait Snake!

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 12

We finally wrangled Eric onto this episode of Ridiculous Dialogue and gave him a proper 8-Bit character as well. Just remember that he’s a Detective in Florida, so he’s looking the undercover part and surprisingly like the Wolfman at the moment. Eric shared some hilarious cop stories with us that are sure to leave you in stitches.

Nick joins us again too, as we talk about his rollerblading marathon, Mike’s snake obsession, Rob’s bacon tips and of course our podcast wouldn’t be topical without mentioning Ebola. Bryan, Kelly and Lang round out this week’s cast of characters on Ridiculous Dialogue Episode #12.

Click here to listen to Episode 12

Episode 11 – Where Rob’s Going, He Doesn’t Need Roads

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 11

Another brain buster gets the crew talking about geography and problems created or solved by technology. Bryan, Kelly, Mike, Rob and Lang try to decipher the mystery of sleep and the irony of binge watching TV shows.

You’ll also hear all about Rob’s adventures off-roading in his new Jeep and the shame his tale will bring to all Jeep owners. We can neither confirm nor deny that it has anything to do with mud.

Click here to listen to Episode 11

Episode 10 – Marzonians Attack

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 10

Bryan, Kelly, Matt, Mike, Rob and Lang are joined by Joel Zaruba of Zulu Nylon Gear this week on Episode 10 of Ridiculous Dialogue. We got into a lengthy discussion about pet peeves and we’re sure to have mentioned a few you can relate to.

“Would you rather” questions also came up and we’ll just be up front and say there were some weird ones. Listen closely and you’ll catch another Kellyism that Episode 10 draws its title from. Enjoy!

Click here to listen to Episode 10

Episode 09 – Little Urban Annie

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 09

In Episode 9 of Ridiculous Dialogue, we’d just all come back from the theatre from watching Guardians of the Galaxy, so there’s a few minor spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet. Incidentally, it’s a fantastic movie that we all thoroughly recommend!

We also talked about the origin of the Ridiculous Dialogue Logo and intro music on the Podcast. We’re not sure why it took so long to do that, but see if you can figure it out before you listen. There were a lot of laughs on this episode, especially when we figured out that your voice gets higher when you disagree with someone.

Click here to listen to Episode 09

Episode 08 – Don’t Forget Your Towel

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 8

In Episode 8 of Ridiculous Dialogue, we all fight to understand the mystery of outer space just a little bit better. While we did our best to not talk about movies, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably never going to happen.

You’ll also hear about our favorite bands, OCD habits and even another zinger from Lang.

Click here to listen to Episode 08

Episode 07 – Boners on the Brain?

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 7

Titled after another classic Kellyism, episode seven of Ridiculous Dialogue features our friend Caleb Causey who dropped by to join us as our first in-house guest.

We talk about books we’re reading, summer activities we’ve enjoyed throughout our lives, other podcasts we’re listening to and even TV shows we loved growing up.

Click here to listen to Episode 07

Episode 06 – San Diego Comic-Con (2 of 2)

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 6

Kelly and Bryan just returned from the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con and were able to record two episodes of Ridiculous Dialogue on location with a few good friends.

In Episode 6, they’re joined by Billy Cho and Nic Uyeji again for a post Comic-Con wrap up. In this episode they discuss sights and smells, exclusives and goodies purchased, highlights of the show and tricks on navigating the sea that is Comic-Con.

Click here to listen to Episode 06

Episode 05 – San Diego Comic-Con (1 of 2)

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 5

Kelly and Bryan just returned from the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con and were able to record two episodes of Ridiculous Dialogue on location with a few good friends.

In Episode 5, they’re joined by Billy Cho and Nic Uyeji, who join them in discussing tips and tricks for getting to Comic-Con, almost getting to Hall H to attend panels and a few funny accents.

Click here to listen to Episode 05

Episode 04 – Lunchmeat and Boobsweat

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 4

While it may be a confusing title, you’ll know all about it after listening to Episode #4 of Ridiculous Dialogue. The title comes from a story Kelly tells about her summer vacation growing up that we dare you not to laugh at!

Lang continues on his streak of hilariously unplanned one-liners and we cover some favorite summer treats, pranks and also clubs we formed as kids.

Click here to listen to Episode 04

Episode 03 – Who’s Wes Anderson?

Ridiculous Dialogue Episode 3

In Episode #3 of Ridiculous Dialogue we’re joined by Lang for the first time, where he asks the infamous question “Who’s Wes Anderson?” We also discuss movies that we’d pick if we could go back and watch something again for the first time.

Have you ever asked yourself why our moon doesn’t have a name? Join us and hear our answers.

Click here to listen to Episode 03

Episode 02 – Beaters, BB Guns, Batman

Ridiculous Dialogue Episode 2

Our second episode kicks off with some more stories of our youth, including our first cars, childhood shenanigans, toys that got away, awkward church stories and even money schemes as a kid.

Click here to listen to Episode 02

Episode 01 – And So It Begins…

Podcast Episode One

In this first episode we talk about so many different things that it’s hard to narrow down the topics, but to provide a brief overview, there’s old school video games, first jobs and even first fights. Tune in to hear something you probably won’t expect to about Kelly and her first fight!

Click here to listen to Episode 01