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Eric Cartman signs for 500 AK-47s

By The ITS Crew

The creators of South Park have apparently gotten wind of the Senate Armed Services hearing last month.

A Paravant/Blackwater employee withdrew hundreds of unaccounted AKs from  Bunker 22, an armory near the notorious Pol-e-Charki prison in Afghanistan, under the name “Eric Cartman.”

So the real question is whether he used the phrase “You will respect my authoritah” when withdrawing the weapons?

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  • Sundevil98

    If it was only that easy.

  • That is funny. I wonder how many guys are now signing their name as Eric Cartman at the Gym or Laundry facilities over in Iraq and Afghanistan now. I used to see all sorts of funny names on those rosters, but this one will definitely get legs. lol

  • Cartman kicks ass! I wonder who’s idea it was to use Cartman to skillfully acquire the AK’s, the operator or the BB Stacker?


    Psh, they should’ve known that it wasn’t Eric Cartman, because everyone knows that Eric prefers the AR, since that is what he used in ‘Nam.

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