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Don’t Be a Zombie, Be Prepared with Free Posters from the CDC!

By Bryan Black

If you haven’t seen the recent Center for Disease Control spoof on how to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse it’s definitely a good read.

This announcement though is all about the recent posters they announced that not only spread the message about preparing for the Apocalypse, but are absolutely free!

That’s right, simply head on over to this link and tell them where to send yours to! They have two different versions, the one in the image to the right and another that says “Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Prepared.”

Both posters are available in either 18″ x 24″ or 24″ x 36″ (flat or folded). We’ve definitely got some coming to grace the walls of ITS HQ too!

What’s in your Zombie Preparedness Kit?

Tip of the hat to Facebook fan Terry.

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  • Kevin Zuniga

    In the “Zomb-Away” Kit as I call it:
    1. Mossberg M500 modified survival shotgun
    a. 50 rounds of Buckshot
    b. 20 rounds of solid slugs
    2. Complete North American Rescue Products (18-D) Bag
    3. Chem-lights
    4. IR Strobe (For Rapid Extraction without bringing attention to my party
    5. 2 MREs (Beef Roast w/ Veggies mmmmm)
    6. 100′ 1/2″ repelling rope
    7. 3 Petzel swivel lock ‘beeners
    8. 4 pocket ponchos
    9. Spare E&E kit in an iPhone sized pelican case
    10. 4 emergency blankets
    11. hermetically sealed dog food (Fresh for years)
    12. whatever combination of the rest of my firearms that I can equip on my wife and daughter before moving to our family’s RP.

    • John Bucklin

      I like your list,always good to have cutting tools,ie..machetes and such,been stockpiling meds too,antibiotics,emergency first aid gear.I myself carry a 14 inch bowie knife,a samurai sword also.Love a shotgun! have my M-14 and .30/30 rifle,Ruger 9mm sidearm..I personally have trained my family on any and all military tactics and tequniques I know.Army trained me well,I trained them..Food Ammo and water,very important..Looks like you are well prepped.My hats off to ya!

  • Kevin Zuniga

    BOOOOO! Just received an email stating that the entire series of these posters is OUT OF STOCK!!!

  • Tightey Whiteys


    All the “Don’t be a zombie” ones are out of stock.

  • Grunt

    They only have one series left. Kinda bummed out guys. It’s the small folded get a kit one.

  • Maverick9110e

    Apparently they are out of stock on Everything except:

    Preparedness 101: Get a Kit, Small Poster (18×24)- Folded

  • Theblackknight

    It’s not very funny on our tax dollar right now.

  • don of yhe dead

    All gone. 🙁

  • Scarstruck

    Gone….. all sold out 🙁

  • Donovan Matthew

    All out, bummer…

  • Ryan

    They all say out of stock now.

  • The Captain

    Yup, all gone.

  • ian

    bummed ther all out!!

  • Mike Muchow

    the cdc website is now completely out of stock. there are no more free zombie posters

  • Heck no wonder they are out of some of them. I put this on TSP yesterday and you blogged about it. LOL

    • No joke brother! LOL

    • Grunt

      no joke at all

  • Patrick Devine

    These posters are not “free”! Our tax dollars are supporting this nonsense. I am all for disaster prep, but maybe CDC should be focused on more pressing issues like the Dengue Fever carrying Asian Tiger Mosquito and it’s spread up and down the East Coast! Or would that be governmental overlap with the USDA? Either way we already have Zombies roaming the halls of Congress and the US Economy is a prime example of the living dead!

  • Michael Honeycutt

    As is normal for the Govt- They will not tell you that all are out of stock- they just go down the line with each one…:(

  • Byron

    Will they come back in stock? if so how can i be notified?

  • Cervantes

    How much of the much needed (I jest) stim-you-less wenbt into these posters, and which representatives beer drinkin buddy got the job? Time for me to put on my invetihatin hat.

  • Kent Gilbert

    No Joy. Just got off the phone with CDC INFO and they said that they are completely out of stock and to check back on a weekly basis for them to receive the next shipment of posters.

  • Night Wolves T1

    Still out of stock..

  • Cody

    WOW guys, lighten up. This probably cost about 0.0000001 cents of your “tax dollars.” Relax. Obviously you don’t see the actual point of this campaign which is to appeal to a wide range of people (especially youth, who don’t care about anything except video games and zombies) and get them interested in what the CDC does and how to prepare for an emergency.

    I guess money is the bottom line for you people, instead of survival.

    • cervantes

      You can lead a horse to water, but spending my tax dollars to entertain/educate a person ate up w/ the dumbass is not a good idea given our current fiscal situation.
      Anyhow, we can download the PDF and have kinkos print a banner sized zombie poster, unless this community is waiting for big daddy GOV to give us what we want for “free”.

    • I whole-heatedly agree… the purpose is to introduce people to the need of an emergency kit; Be it a simple stash of bottled water and canned food, or more fun items like guns and ammunition.
      It served it’s primary purpose… promote the importance of an emergency kit, and to say it was a waste of money is easily the most short sighted response possible. How many other CDC campaigns got this much attention and exposure? Would it be totally different if you replaced that “Zombie” with a tornado or flood?

  • large flat posters back in stock, just ordered a few

  • Señor eggroll

    I just got back from the zomboree and you gise were there, don’t be a zombie be prepared

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