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Zulu Nylon Gear Introduces The MOLLE Quiver

By The ITS Crew

4/2/13 Update: As most of you have figured out, this was an April Fools goof that we thought you’d enjoy. It also looks like many of you enjoyed it so much that you are interested in this becoming a real product.  Well, Zulu Nylon Gear was listening and is considering making a few. Be sure to chime in on the Facebook post if you’re interested.  

As stricter gun control laws take effect in state after state, Americans are adapting with new methods to protect their homes and families. In light of recent changes in firearms laws and with more surely to come, Zulu Nylon Gear has begun to shift their product line to support more commonly available, legal weapon systems. Namely, the traditional bow and arrow.


The first product in Zulu Nylon Gear’s new line is the MOLLE Quiver. This is a fully modular arrow quiver system which can be quickly converted to either back or hip style carry modes to facilitate both range and field carry. The user simply clicks into either a shoulder harness, a belt hanger, or direct attach to armor by way of a quick disconnect system using ITW QASM Buckles. These buckles can be adjusted to any location on the Quiver body for the perfect fit thanks to a MOLLE grid running the full length of the tube. The MOLLE grid can also be used to attach other MOLLE/PALS compatible pouches and accessories, such as the ITS Skeletonized Bottle Holder and Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit pouches also made by Zulu Nylon Gear.



Expect to see continuing innovation in tactical load bearing equipment from Zulu Nylon Gear as they adapt to the ever changing tools of the warrior. Other upcoming products in development include discreet carry bags for takedown bows, concealable boxcutter sheaths and slingshots.

For more information, visit: http://zulunylongear.com/quiver.html

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  • JW Snydes

    But seriously, I would buy that.

  • I was just Rick Rick Rolled on the Buy Now!!!

  • Min

    01APR or no, I’d buy that.

  • Jason

    Can I get a Katana scabbard set up like this?
    No, I’m not joking, April 1 not withstanding.

  • Stone06

    First, that blonde can dance 🙂 I rocked the entire Rick Roll out of spite.

    Second, that sucks. I’m stealing the idea (or borrow if you really want me too). It would actually go with my Voodoo Tactical pack I use for bow hunting. So ha, fools on you 😀

  • Hmart316

    Nice try ITS, but I’m not falling it. 😉

    Does anyone know the model of the recurve bow in the picture thou? It looks like a take-down but I can’t tell who makes it.

    • Patrick

      Samick Sage Take-down Recurve

    • Brandon Lukenbill

      Samick Sage

  • Josh

    I. Would. Buy. This.

  • Seth

    This won’t be the first time that an April Fools joke becomes an actual thing after everyone says “Thats so cool!”

    • Josh

      I still want a tactical kilt!

    • D.T.

      I got one of the Tactical Kilts last year, it’s awesome!

  • Kyle Pope

    01Apr Strikes Again, shame, I would have bought 2…


  • Notice the cameo appearance, those military-developed MOLLE loops and a ‘magazine capacity’ of at least 20 arrows. Note too the fact that it is modular and highly adaptable. It’s clear that this is a military “attack bow’ and thus something that can and must be banned. Worse still, it’s a silent killer.

    Bows aren’t used in many murders you say? That’s also true of alleged ‘attack’ rifles and that’s hasn’t deterred gun controllers. At the core of their mindset is a belief that there’s no inherent right to self-defense, that the great majority people should live in abject dependence on the State. Guns, knives, bows and even slingshots reduce that dependence and are thus a threat to the all-powerful State and the few in whose hands it rests.

    And that, in turn, illustrates just how twisted beliefs can get when there’s no God to bring them all together into a healthy and coherent whole. Lacking a genuinely all-powerful God who is willing to share sovereignty with humanity, these people must have an all-powerful State that feels constantly threatened and thus must display an unwillingness to distribute power across society.

    As the writer G. K. Chesterton often pointed out, people who quit believing in God don’t believe in nothing, they believe in a constantly changing flux of distorted ideas: nationalism, socialism and (today) a rabid and socially destructive individualism. We’re evolving toward a society where you can have ‘anything you want’ except the means to defend yourself and those close to you.

    –Michael W. Perry, editor of Chesterton on War and Peace: Battling the Ideas and Movements that Led to Nazism and World War II

  • Zombie Vder

    Someone somewhere better come out with an actual one of these!!!!!

  • Raven

    Ha ha, you got me. Now, onto business ! Majority rules: make the fucking quiver! Multiple color choices please! This is not a drill.

  • Zombie Vder

    I agree with Raven!… As an archer I would buy this. I know fellow archers that would buy this.

  • Josh

    I want one in coyote or DCU, please. Damned trolls.

  • Howard

    Perhaps next year they can attack the problem of concealed carry for the longbow?

  • B

    Seriously, guys. Make. This.

  • D.T.

    If we email the two companies enough they just might make it. That’s what happened with 5.11 last year when they did the Tactical Kilt Joke. They got so many positive emails about it that they decided to do a one time, first come first serve order and approximately four months later, I was the proud owner of a Tactical Duty Kilt from 5.11!

  • Gil

    every year I see something that I would buy and every year I’m disappointed. Imagine one of those on the back of a hydration pack for a day of bow hunting.

  • Brandon Lukenbill

    I watched the whole video, hoping the real link was hidden. 🙂 Zulu owes it to us now to make this product. Perfect compliment to the Sage.

  • Samuel

    If only it was real!

  • Logan Anderson

    This is perfect for bow hunting, they better make one, or I’ll have to make one myself.

  • Brad Carvalho

    Pretty Sure I just got April Fooled!! Nice!! Still a cool product!!

  • Brad Carvalho

    Pretty sure this is Zulus was of testing the waters on a cool product they thought might flop given the current Gun shitstorm going on!! Or maybe it was an Apr 1 joke!!

  • More Liberty


  • Caleb

    I would love one that size and a smaller one for my crossbow bolts. Seriously. These must be made.

  • tremis

    I would have ordered one immediately. Seems with all of the responses, Zulu just April Fooled themselves.

  • Robbie Robeson

    This needs to be a serious product. I seriuosly want one..or two. I want an OD green quiver and would also take one in multicam. There is nothing else like this being made right now.

  • Grabill

    What Take Down Bow Is He supporting in those pics.

  • Bruce R.

    I would defiantly want one of these. Big into archery and with the crazy gun control politics goin on, having a piece of equipment such as recurve and the skill set to go with it would be very handy.

  • @Grabill  He is sporting a Samick Sage, circa 2011 or newer. I see these all the time in my profession. A good beginner to intermediate bow in the lower price range for a three-piece takedown recurve; at this time they sell for approximately $130. The bow is made in south Korea and almost every archery shop has access to sell these. They are one of the most common wood-handled three-piece takedown recurve bows available today.

  • XandeR

    This is awesome, I’ve been wanting to make a “tactical” quiver for quite some time now, and this only inspires me more 🙂

  • iliveoutside

    So are these being made? How do I order ?

  • AlexZafoot

    @Grabill It’s a Samick Sage or Samick Journey Bow.

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