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Zulu Nylon Gear Releases the First True Cobra Belt!

By The ITS Crew

We never thought we’d see a Cobra Belt from Zulu Nylon Gear, but they’ve just announced the Cobra Belt to end all Cobra Belts!

Guaranteed to send shock & awe deep into the hearts of your adversaries and utilizing the strongest Cobra Buckle on the market today, the Zulu Cobra Belt is sure to be a game changer.

We’ve got the exclusive scoop on the newest advancement in Cobra Buckles to hit the market, be sure to check out Zulu’s Website for further information!

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  • guardsman

    April Fool

  • Ugh…you got me.

  • bfum1059

    Cobra! this will go great with my soviet sub from la police gear

    • bryan

      you april foolin SOBs…i love it

  • On a side note…what kind of belt is that?

  • R3D R3IGN S1X

    MINE! I want it! Haha, April Fool!

  • Didn’t get me. I’ve been completely on guard with you guys after falling for last year’s “Silent Velcro.”

    I still have dreams about that stuff.

  • Jared Roberts

    Me and RedRaven88 both fooled! Nice Job!

  • Justin

    Got me….. 🙁

  • Paolo

    Ah Bryan
    You got me

  • Tang350

    Ha ha ha…looks like it’ll fit the holster for my Glock 1911 just fine 🙂

  • Mike Muchow

    I’m in disbelief, but I had a good laugh!

  • Crooks

    Yo Joe! NOT and never Cobra! Hooah!

  • Reddog245

    Dang! Yet another April Fool joke that I really want. The dog bark translater is still number one, but this is now a very close second. (The Rick-Roll links should have been the first clue.)

  • Nate

    Biggest let down ever. Not funny at all. Damn I really wanted 1 too. SOB

  • Gene

    what ever you do dont click the links

  • Jay

    Damn….they got me. I got Rick Rolled.

  • Eldensword

    Boom! Got me too…

  • mon5ters

    I hate you!!!

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