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100th Post and ITS Schwag Poll

By The ITS Crew

371781141_c5537766a1_oWe’d like to commemorate our 100th post on ITS Tactical with a huge thank you to our readers, as well as introduce a poll for the initial design stages of our T-Shirts and Stickers.

It was suggest in our comments that we just use the logo in all our promotional materials and leave off any mention of ITS Tactical, letting our brand speak for its self.

We want to get our readers opinions on whether they’d tend to side with this line of thought, so throw up your vote below!

As brought up by littleninja71 in the comments here, “If you have to ask…”


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  • littleninja71

    ok, so I am the one that said no words…but I think it might be cool to have the ‘if you have to ask’ on the back of a t-shirt now and then. Whatever you guys do will look awesome. The monkey guy does some awesome work! I’m going to order some stuff off him after checking out his site. Hope he gives you guys mad props for the referrals!


  • I was in the same dilemma when I was getting my web forum going last year and decided to stick with having writing on our big items, just to help get the initial kick off the ground. Almost a year later and we still keep using our name on most everything, except for some of our smaller stickers, which just have the logo.

    • That’s the same issue we’re having, deciding whether or not to have writing.

      Not everyone contributing to ITS feels this way, but my feeling is that by not having words it gives some sort of exclusivity to our plank holders (original members) by representing ITS Tactical before many knew who we were.

      ~ Bryan

  • Eh, who cares about making it all super secret special. There’s a straight up great new site out there and the more people that find out about it the better. It’s kinda like music snobs who tell you they listen to bands you’ve never heard of… just douchebaggery if you ask me.

    • Nance, You make a valid point. LOL!

  • I think it’s necessary to mix it up… and I think Nance is on to something. Perhaps keep certain items exclusive to just the logo (like the patches), but make other items with both the name and logo (like shirts and stickers). Promotion is the essential at this point and it’s pretty necessary to let people know who/where you are.

    • Thanks for the comment Shorty, can totally see that side of things too.

      ~ Bryan

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