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Winners Announced in the What’s in Your Pockets Forum Contest

By The ITS Crew

We’re excited to announce the winners in our ongoing What’s in Your Pockets Forum Contest. Due to the length of time we let the contest run, we decided to choose the top three posts and award them each a $25 Gift Certificate to the ITS Tactical Store.

You guys made some great posts and it was definitely a challenge to choose only three, but here they are! From now on, this contest will be run on a monthly basis so if you didn’t win this time, be sure to get your post in on the ITS Forum for July’s Contest!

Winner #1 – EDC Planet

Winner #2 – Revisualize

Winner #3 – GuardianEthos

Congratulations to our winners! Please send us an email to claim your prize and we’ll get your gift certificate issued!

Remember to visit the ITS Forum to enter the What’s in Your Pockets contest for July!

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  • Scott M

    You guys should make sure that contestants know it’s the “What is ACTUALLY in your pockets” contest. Not the “What do you think the TAC guys would think was cool if it was in your pockets” contest. I doubt any level-headed street operator has 6 knives, 4 magazines, 2 phones, fire, 3 tactical flashlights, a stinger ball grenade, 2 chapsticks, and an IR laser designator in their pockets everyday.

    Although a separate contest showing what people look like wearing their corporate loadout would be fun.


  • Aaron Anderson

    I dont think these should count unless we get to see what kind of pants these guys are wearing!

    • gene Childers

      I only wear tactical cargo pants with zip off legs. I only wear shirts with at least two pockets. And if it is not hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk i wear a multi pocketed fishing type vest. And i still do not put some of that nonsense in my pockets.

  • gene

    What kind of dummy wastes valuable pocket space by putting his wrist watch and bracelet in his pockets instead of wearing them on his wrist?

  • Trevor

    I call Shennanigans!!!! Unless someone can show me how to fit a 1911, ps90, and all my other day to day things… I am surprised these guys did not have a Larue in their pockets..

  • Jeff

    Congrats to the winners!

  • Some people re-posted their photos from the EDC thread so dont read into it too much.

  • I thought this was a great idea! Love how competitive everyone one was and it gave me some great ideas of some new things I should carry in my pockets. Keep up the good work. -dg

  • Bizo1

    Do people normally put watches, bracelets, and necklace knives in their pockets? o_O

  • Denchy

    at least you guys have the ability to carry a leatherman let alone a pistol. Down here in Australia its a criminal offence to have one in your pocket for average joe.

  • RsC

    …I’m afraid I must agree with several postings; with regards to several of these winners either still wearing MC Hammer-tactical pants or they no habla english. INSIDE YOUR POCKETS! Not whats around you neck, wrist, waist, etc…C’mon people!

  • Tyler

    Despite the people who took the contest title literally, I really enjoyed seeing this contest unfold. It is always useful to see other people’s EDC loadouts to share insights. I was pleasantly surprised I am not the only one who carries a small notepad around.

  • Max

    I call BS. Come on ITS. Besides the obviousness of all the crap not carried in the pocket the second place winner is a fake: the pocket holster is one for a subcompact GLOCK, and that handgun is no subcompact, its a compact. On top of that you’d be hard pressed to find a front pocket big enough to hold a subcompact, let alone a compact + ALL OF THE OTHER STUFF!

  • Jesus Tits everyone! Every Day Carry includes all the shit on your person not just in your pockets. Stop whining about not winning ya bunch of Charlie Sheens.

  • Rusi

    What is the name of folder (Winner #3)???

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