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An Admittedly Stupid Start to My Day… QuikClot Works!

By Bryan Black

I thought I’d share my misery from yesterday morning with everyone, because misery loves company.

My day starts around 5 a.m. every morning because I like to workout first thing when I’m fresh and it gives me a great start to the day. This means it’s still dark outside and I typically walk through a dark house while performing morning rituals.

So thinking I was Batman and could see in the dark, I went into our master bathroom to put something away. Walking barefoot, I stepped just the right way on a right angle corner of molding and it went right into my foot.

It pushed the skin on the pad of my foot completely away creating a sizable flapper. At first I didn’t think I could have possibly messed myself up until I started to feel it and sat down on the ledge of the bathtub.

I turned my foot over to take a look, and blood started gushing out of my foot. I’m not talking running, but gushing. It was actually impressive how much blood I started to lose.

After rolling my eyes thinking about how my wife was going to kill me for bleeding all over her bathroom rug, I grabbed some gauze from the bathroom drawer and started applying pressure. After realizing that the pressure wasn’t stopping the bleeding, I decided to throw some fresh gauze on, wrap it with a nearby ace bandage and hobble myself to my med bag where I had some QuikClot Combat Gauze.

As much as I hated using it for something as stupid as splitting my foot open on molding; I grabbed it and quickly took the ace bandage and gauze off to apply it. I’ve never personally been involved in any live tissue training where QuikClot was used and this was the first chance I’ve had to see it in action; let me tell you, it works!

Blood had already soaked all the way through the ace wrap and onto the floor of the bathroom when I removed it to apply the Combat Gauze on top of all the blood. It literally stopped the substantial capillary bleeding in less than a minute.

Unfortunately, since the injury was a flapper, all I have is the photo you see included. While I only probably lost about 5 ml of blood and my accident wound up not being very manly, I still wanted to share the experience I had with QuikClot.

So there’s my totally inglorious story, back to gimping around…

An Admittedly Stupid Start to My Day

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