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The New EDC Trauma Kit™ Smaller, Stronger and Ready to Save

By The ITS Crew

Believe it or not, we found a way to make our EDC Trauma Kit™ even smaller! We reduced the kit’s overall footprint by utilizing our TruFlex™ material found in the Boo Boo First Aid Kit™ and ETA Trauma Kit™. This durable material is more puncture resistant than other vacuum material on the market, which allowed us to eliminate the protective outer sleeve from our previous version.

EDC Trauma Kit™

EDC Trauma Kit 01

Featuring a full-size tourniquet, the EDC Trauma Kit™ is designed with a minimum footprint, while still being fully capable of preventing the number one CoTCCC preventable cause of death; extremity hemorrhage. (AKA Bleeding Out)

At around the size of an average wallet, the EDC Trauma Kit™ fits perfectly in your back or side pocket and weighs only 7 ounces!

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New Product Sneak Peek

RP Sneak Peek

We’ve got a new product launching next week and you’ll have to head over to our Instagram page to see the teaser for all the details! That’s as much as we can communicate right now, but rest assured, you’ll be talking all about this product.

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