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Sneak Peek of Our New ITS Hypalon Wallet Coming Soon *Update*

By Bryan Black

Hypalon Wallet_01

Update: The ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet is available in the ITS Shop!

We wanted to give you a sneak peek today of one of our latest projects with Zulu Nylon Gear, a Hypalon Wallet. While this is still in the rough prototype phase of production, we’re pretty excited about it and wanted to share a few photos of the progress thus far.

Hypalon Wallet_02

Hypalon Wallet_03

We’ll save the big surprise about this design for the actual launch, but we have a few variations in the works, as well as multiple colors of Hypalon. Coyote is show here and we’re expecting to have them available in black and foliage too. Hypalon is essentially synthetic rubber, with the big benefits being its resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet light and extreme temperatures.

Hypalon Wallet_04

Stay tuned for the launch!

Update: The ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet is available in the ITS Shop!

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  • mahozzle

    ITStactical if you need some field testing done, let me know!

  • laurakfillault

    ITStactical Marines1994 Need your TX CHL peeking out there too!

  • Q

    Coming from here, I suspect the “surprise” is  RFID and NFC blocking.    Either that, or it’s bulletproof and has a built in first aid kit.

  • AaronAGonzales

    I WANT! I need a new wallet for patrol and have already talked one person into getting one when they come in.

  • Nobull

    Good stuff, something i would use. Looks rugged in this stage, like it would wear well. I like how it doesn’t have I.D. window, they get gummed up with “I don’t know what” HA! Like the OD green too. Good Stuff.

  • mkvans1

    ITStactical These look awsome! Hypalon is virtually indestructible too!

  • Dave S

    Add three slots for cards on the inside, make it as small as possible and under $50, I’m sold. An I.D. window on the outside would be nice, but not really needed.

  • Matt

    Just let me know when its available in Canada and ill buy

  • Good timing I need a new wallet. The one I have eats my cards. I have to get a new debit card every 9 months or so. Grey would be good too….oh, and I liked grey long before it was cool or tactical.

  • jdp510

    You should add a rfid blocking feature

  • Whiskeysierra

    A ceramic razor, a hidden cuff key, and Kevlar cordage?!?!?! And a complimentary bogota key card?

  • WDunk

    Have a badge holder option for us LEOs

  • Guest

    Looks cool! If you happen to hit a snag with credit cards cracking at their magnetic strip, a leather goods maker in San Antonio figured it out for his bifold wallets, making each card pocket a curve rather than a straight cut.  It’s about 54 seconds in at

  • ScoEck

    I would suggest a optional badge insert for those of us who have to carry additional identification that is shiny.

  • El_Rey_Dallas

    I like the idea of a single card slot on the outside. Also, turn the slots inside the wallet sideways, facing the center. It prevents the cards from falling out and the wallet must be opened 180 degrees to retrieve a card.

  • panch0villa

    Like the idea and all the input from everyone.. More good stuff.  Gonna look like a fanboy at the next muster.


    I’m in the market for a new wallet….perhaps a way to secure it shut such as “Velcro”?  Alot of the other suggestions are very good as well….keep us posted!

  • That is a great looking wallet

  • Pedro Gonz

    No Velcro! Silent but deadly.

  • Section 13

    This will be great!

  • 1bryce1

    an embossed ITS logo would be badass

  • Rob

    Looks pretty sweet. Something similar to the Kavu slot machine in the same fabric would be kick ass for a low profile wallet

  • Jmanwit

    Need one. I would love the ITS love embossed as well. It’s awesome.

  • ten9eighty

    Any word on a release?

  • Curtman

    Any plans to make an information security version against RFID tracking?

  • StepUpToTheMack

    Been watching this since January anxiously but no updates. Any word on possible release date?

  • bondj26

    is there a update on the release date

  • ten9eighty


  • BillHuntington


  • Dustan56

    What are ya waiting for? When are these coming out?

  • Codeman

    When can we expect to see more?

  • MightyP

    Bump for an update.

  • DesertMarine

    Idea on a price point?

  • ascholl

    Any more info on release date? I’ve been trying to make my old wallet last for this things release but it’s getting to the point where I need to replace it and I would love one of these.

  • Chris

    Been trying to make mine last too. Whats the word on this thing?!

  • what about the coins??

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