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Are You Going to SHOT Show 2011? Here’s a Good Reason!

By Bryan Black

We’re throwing out all the stops at the 2011 SHOT Show in Las Vegas and bringing you an all out media blitz! We’ll have our team walking around covering the show by pushing updates to you via our Social Media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as daily recap posts here on

But that’s not the reason you’ll want to run into us at the show.  As we’re walking around covering the show January 18th-21st, we’ll all have these Limited Edition ITS Tactical Commemorative SHOT Show 2011 Poker Chips to hand out to anyone that asks us for them. Of course there will be some other swag to hand out as well, so come find us and say hi!

We’d love to meet any of our readers, Crew Leaders or Plank Owners at the show and thank you personally for all the support you’ve given us since we started just journey. It’s been amazing seeing the site grow and we’ll have more announcements later today on what awesomeness you can look forward to in 2011.

ITS SHOT Show 2011It will be easy to spot us at the show as we’ll all have on dark grey Mechanics shirts with an ITS logo design on the breast pocket, American Flag on the left sleeve and a logo near the nape of the neck. We’re considering making up a run of these shirts after SHOT Show too, depending on how they hold up for us and the feedback we get.

We’ll only have a few hundred of the ITS SHOT Show Poker Chips, but if for some reason we come back with any after SHOT, we’ll work something out in the store to be able to purchase one if you want. These were produced by Combat Bet and we’re pretty impressed with the quality. Definitely not the same as a Challenge Coin, but appropriate for Vegas nonetheless!

Drop a line here in the comments if you’re going to be at SHOT. If we can get enough of us together there we can get a meet-up going one evening. We discussed this option with our Plank Owners already, but the more the merrier! Vegas here we come!

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  • The chips and shirts look great and I hope to run into one of you at the show. Now I have a reason to fire up twitter on my Droid to keep up with your updates. I’ll also be sporting my v.1 ITS Tactical shirt so you all can find me.

  • Cool! I want a chip! Those twitter/FB updates sound like a great way to keep people in the know. See you there!

  • zmtthw

    Damn, I talked to the boss and it seems if that ‘trip’ gets funded then I wont be able to attend both, but the boss will be able. Maybe I can pass him your contact info so ya’ll shoot the $h!t. Have a great holiday brother, stay safe and slam a beer for me. I would but I got lucky and get to spend the holiday with 4 kids under the age of 6……………awesome, haha.


  • There is so many different kinds of awesomeness going on right now….

  • Love the shirt. I live in that style of work shirt. Would love to score one if you make ’em up.

  • HinckleyPoland

    Currently making Tim Allen grunting noises….LOL. SWEET shirts. You should def. consider a production run if they hold up.

  • Brian Warthen

    I would take one of those shirts!

  • Yeah those shirts are sick. Polos are for nerds, Mechanic shirts are for MEN!

  • Ryan

    I would also love to get one of the shirts. I have to work straight through the shot show so won’t be able to head out there but would definitely buy a shirt and poker chip if they became available.

  • Those shirts are awesome… The chips are badass too. Really want to get to that show one day. Not that I really need to but why not? 🙂
    Have fun up there guys. And sell the mech shirts too!

  • Daniel Garcia

    Chips and shirts are very cool!
    Really like the shirt! Hope a version of it goes on sale in the store. 🙂

  • I’ll be there in spirit. Shirts look great.

  • Benjamin Fasseel

    anyone know if shot show is open to the military? or do you have to be a vendor etc.

  • cracker red

    Hey Eric, get me one of those chips!!!!!

    • Buy me a ticket to Vegas and I’ll get you a bag full haha

  • Looking forward to my first SHOT Show this year. Those Poker Chips are a gret idea. I hope I run into you guys there.

  • walrus61

    The shirts are very cool and the chips also!
    Alas, I’ll be at SHOT only in spirit.
    Have a nice Show!

  • Smilodon

    I need one of those mechanic’s shirts. Please do a run! Have fun @ Shot. Maybe if my Dad is going, I’ll play hookie with work…..

  • Bryan,
    Just got back from SOMA (Special Operations Medical Association) show in Tampa and just read your Combat Gauze article. Good stuff! I also have an announcement for you. Come see me at SHOT and I will let you get a scoop on a new product we are introducing at the show that will be of interest to all your readers. Then they can tell everyone they saw it on ITS first. Call me at the show, you have my cell. Brad.

  • Forgot to add. I will have a sample of the New Product for you to keep at SHOT. It can replace the Combat Gauze you used for your foot in your med kit. **Yes, that was a hint at what we will be rolling out.**

  • infidelNYC

    Definitely be at SHOT and looking forward to meeting you guys. Great shirts would love to pick one up if possible. Keep up the good work and stay safe guys!

  • sincity337

    See ya’ there!

  • I will be there, too! Hope to meet up with you 🙂 I’ll keep an eye out for the shirts.

  • Kelli

    Heck yeah I’ll be there! Will have to stop by for a chip!

  • Ryan

    You have to make the mechanics shirt public. I need more concealment shirts!

  • John

    I’m looking forward to meeting you guys at SHOT! My first show…can’t wait to snag a poker chip…the chips and shirt look great!

  • jumpingcholla

    I’m in for SHOT! What hotel do you recommend?

  • Justin

    Can’t Wait. See you there.

  • Juan

    I’ll be there at Shot this time.

  • Brandon

    Just recommended to this site by a friend and love what I’m seeing. Definitely hunting you guys down at the show and getting a poker chip.

  • John Galt

    Shirt looks good :D, I’d probably nab one of those.

  • I’ll be there, I’ll keep an eye open for you guys!

  • Hey! I’ll be at SHOT this year! Here’s hoping I see you there 😉

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