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SHOT Show 2011 Coverage: The Best of Day Three

By The ITS Crew

4 of 5 in the series SHOT Show 2011

With only one day remaining of the 2011 SHOT Show, there certainly wasn’t a lack of new and interesting products to see. We feel like we haven’t even seen half of what we wanted to and we’ve been walking the floor for three days!

There’s no way to express just how massive the SHOT Show is and how great it is to be here providing coverage for our readers! Here’s what we felt were the best products that we saw today.

Best of Day 3

  • Arc’teryx H150 Rigger’s Belt – Weighs the same as a PMAG
  • Blue Force Gear Quick-Release Sling Attachment (two-point to single conversion)
  • US Palm Binary Rail Panel – Rubberized Grip Surface
  • ZEagle Fins – Low Profile over-boot design
  • OR Iron Sight Gloves – Non-stick grip surface
  • OR Swoop System – Cold weather FR Liner / Insulated fold-back Shell
  • Vertx Gunfighter Jacket – More info to come
  • Blue Force Gear SOC-C Lightweight Armor Carrier
  • US Palm AK-47 Cowitness Rail/Handguard
  • Governor Perry at the LaRue Tactical Booth!

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A huge thank you to all those who support ITS Tactical and everyone we’ve had the good fortune of meeting in this industry. It’s truly been exciting to see all these new opportunities developing for ITS at this year’s SHOT Show!

Don’t forget to  follow our tweets on Twitter for the most timely updates from the SHOT Show this week (there are photos we’ll attach there too) as well as  Facebook and right here at ITS Tactical!

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  • szpigiel

    Huge thanks guys!
    Especially from a guy like me who live in Poland and is unable to experience the shot show for himself.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for checking us out from overseas! Were really excited to have international viewers.
      ~Eric S.

  • Victor J DeMicco


    Awesome photo’s guy’s…thank you so much. I miss the Shot Show, but the fact is that I have been down range in some capacity (by choice) for the last 5 of them. Your pictures make it like I am there.

    the “Ruger beta mag” looks promising too!


    • I wish ITS Tactical was around when I was deployed. You remember those days with CENTCOM and SRT Supply! Thanks for stopping by Victor.
      ~Eric S.

  • Hmm what’s those two pictures of the sling swivel? It looks interesting with the pull latch built in.

    • Its a quick release. Pull it and it releases the swivel and sling all at once.

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  • Gregg

    I don’t suppose you have information on that medical kit pictured in the first few shots?

    • Are you talking about our ITS ETA Kit?
      ~Eric S.

    • Greg, I think you mean the M9 Bag from TSSI?

    • Gregg

      Yes, I found the name on the flickr page. Thanks!

      “M-9 Assault Medical Backpack”

  • Gmmbender

    Do you recall who makes the armor in photo 50?

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