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Baboon Ass and Combat Hot Air Balloon Pilot Patches Are In!

By The ITS Crew

We’ve just received in our Baboon Ass and Combat Hot Air Balloon Pilot Patches designed by our graphic artist extraordinaire,  Matt Gambrell!

They’re now online, ready to order and ON SALE* for the rest of this week only! If you’re wondering what the hell a Baboon Ass or a Combat Hot Air Balloon Pilot are, allow us to explain.


The term Baboon Ass is a Navy term for the red, swollen ass you get during a long transition on a Zodiac F470 bouncing off the tubes. The Z-Bird is a truly unforgiving creature and a long inflatable boat ride can leave you feeling it for days!

Combat Hot Air Balloon Pilot was a job title a few of us used back in the Navy when asked what we did. We had a pretty elaborate explanation put together where we’d talk about new nano-technology in basket weaving and how we were experimenting with a new sky coloration to seemingly disappear until we were right on top of the enemy.

We’d talk about how one of us was the 50 gunner and how there was nothing like that 5o rockin’ on the basket mount. Hey, it was either that or you’d tell someone you  drove the Zipper on the Coronado Bridge if you didn’t want to bring up the military at all.

We think these patches came out great and you’re going to be the envy of all your friends! Thanks again for helping us in our poll to decide which versions got produced and your continued support!

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