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Bogota Entry Toolsets Now Available

By The ITS Crew

Just a quick heads up for those that have inquired on when we were going to start carrying the Bogota Entry Toolsets in our store.

These are now available to everyone 18 years or older. Act quickly, as there are just a few sets in both Titanium and Stainless available for the time being.

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  • I just tried to checkout with a pair of the titanium and it said they were sold out! Wow! Those went super super fast! I shoulda been faster on the news, serves me right!

    There looks to be some stainless ones left though but hurry up guys and gals, I’m sure they’ll be gone soon enough!

    Can’t wait to get some practice under my belt and these tools are really going to help! Thanks to ITS & Sere Pick for supplying these!

    • Brockb

      Don’t feel bad Mike, I didn’t get a set either (both gone when I got home from work). Next time!

  • Jeff Sharp

    No kidding, I was watching like a hawk and missed it. Il lbe happy just getting a set though. Big thanks to ITS and SerePick.

  • Ratfink

    stainless are gone now too i just tried to buy a set and they are all sold out

  • Dang… tried to order a few hours later (now) and ya’ll are completely out of stock 🙁 any idea on when you guys might be re-stocking on more? 😀

  • Blast! They’re already gone : |

    I suppose I could make my own picks, but these look really nice.

  • Darrell

    Wow! These went fast! I got caught sleeping. Hopefully these will be back in stock soon.

  • Matt Hazard

    I have wanted a set of these since I read about them on LockPicking1o1. I am glad I got my order in! I was pretty torn between the stainless and Ti. In the end, I chose the stainless.

    Will there be more of these any time soon?

  • Brett

    The titan set is freakin awesome

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