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SerePick Bogota Entry Toolsets Back in Stock!

By The ITS Crew

Back by popular demand, we’ve restocked on both our Stainless and Titanium Bogota Entry Toolsets in the ITS Store.

If you’ve considered purchasing these, please act quickly because these have sold out in a matter of minutes in the past!

For those of you not familiar with the Bogota Entry Toolsets, please read our in-depth review here.

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  • Daniel Garcia

    You’re killing me here!
    Either I win the lotto soon or it’s “Black Ops” time in Beverly Hills. LOL!

  • chris paterson

    Just put my order in. I was waitin for these forever.

  • Doc Rader

    Holy crap the Ti ones sold out quick… Sigh. Stainless steel for now…

  • Terry

    Can I backorder some Ti ones for when you get them in next?

    • Sorry Terry, we don’t do backorders. Just something we don’t believe in and don’t agree with taking people’s money without a product to ship them. We’ll keep you posted on when they come back in stock though.


  • Brent

    I just got my Ti set today and wow, very sturdy, very well made. Even as very thin metal strips, Im not seeing this lose its shape at all anytime soon. I also got some other great products from Bryan from the website.

    Thanks again

  • chris paterson

    I got my stainless set on Wed, by thursday night I’d picked every lock I own. I’m now asking co-workers to bring in any spare locks they might have.

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