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Carry in Style: Enter to Win a Saddleback Leather Pistol Wrap! *Update*

By The ITS Crew


See below for winner announcement.

Who doesn’t love the smell of leather? We’re big fans of quality leather goods here at ITS and one of our favorite leather makers is Saddleback Leather. As a special holiday treat, we’ve teamed up with Saddleback to offer one of their new Small Pistol Wraps to one lucky winner!

All you need to do to be entered in this giveaway is visit Saddleback’s website and then tell us in the comments below which one of their great bags stands out as your favorite! Post your comment below and submit your entry in the giveaway widget and you’ll be entered to win one Small Pistol Wrap in the color of your choice.


The Pistol Wrap is made from Full Grain Leather and features a Sheepskin lining to protect the finish of your favorite firearm. It can also be opened and laid flat to act as a gun mat to rest your pistol on at the range! It also features a sturdy buckle for secure transport and an adjustable leather strap for hanging it wherever you’d like.

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Good luck! Contest Fine Print:

  • One winner will be selected at random and will receive the prize listed above.
  • Winner will be notified by email and once contacted, will have 24 hours to claim their prize. If we do not receive a response within 24 hours, we will select a new winner.
  • Contest ends at 11:59 PM CST on 12/16/15.

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  • FrazierDamon

    I would love a soft sided suitcase.

  • WilliamHopchak

    Their Classic Briefcase looks epic.

  • csmjr91090

    The Squared Backpack is pretty nice. I have a Saddleback wallet and I love it. This is an awesome giveaway.

  • Joechas333

    The Leather Satchel looks like a great business briefcase. Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway!

  • Wschen3330

    I really like the Waterbag — has kind of an apothecary’s bag look to it.

  • CollinBaldacci

    I love the look of the Beast Duffle. It’s a badass traveling bag that would show everyone at the airport that you mean business.

  • exile259

    The waterbag

  • GLMT

    I have had their wallet for years and love it. But the Thin briefcase has recently caught my eye.

  • Matthew

    Got a wallet, briefcase and duffel. Really like the suitcases and The Beast is a huge wish!!

  • C.C. Chapman

    Two brands I love working together. This makes me VERY happy.

  • Joshua

    The thin front pocket briefcase

  • Colt 45

    The waterbag is where it’s at. That’s what I’m talking about Saddleback!!!

  • misanthropic777

    I’ve had a thin briefcase for several years now and just love the heck out of it.

  • caytonjones

    I have the Chestnut medium bifold wallet, so that’s the color that looks best to me for the pistol wrap.

  • Clearly the gun sleeve!

  • Hard Sided Carry On, already have a similar suitcase

  • Happy Camel

    The Simple Backpack. I love how there are no zippers or anything of the like used in its construction.

  • Michael David

    I like the dry bag, as I’ve never seen one like it, before.

  • JTravers19

    That Pistol Wrap they got there is easy on the eyes. I’ve never been much for leather bags and gear but that Front Pocket Brief Case is real slick and has me thinking. Never heard of this company before though. Definitely has my attention now. Great products.

  • Andy

    The classic leather satchel is my fav, very versatile

  • Evan

    Waterbag. Has been my goto travel duffel since I bought it, on two continents, about half the states in the US and several other countries as well.

  • whereisanthony

    quality craftsmanship. Looks great and sturdy.

  • Haven’t seen one like this, looks great!

  • ben butler

    front pocket backpack

  • JBrown88

    Medium in Tobacco. Thought I would like the black, but tobacco is just too cool.

  • dtcoughlin

    The small in Tobacco, would match my other tobacco products

  • Robert_A

    I like the beast duffle bag, it would hold plenty of supplies.

  • mitchgorman

    I’d love to have the side pocket duffel. It’d be great for traveling.

  • Seven7Seven

    I have the Thin Front Pocket Briefcase in Tobacco… is awesome!  Highly recommend anything Saddleback makes.

  • 91B30V

    Dark Coffee Brow would look great with a custom 1911…just sayin.

  • RobertSlone

    I think a Glock 19 would fit…

  • Ryanlemons

    saddleback makes great stuff. Would love to have one

  • rwatson452

    Large front pocket backpack dark coffee brown, beautiful.

  • Eric Birmingham

    Is there any sort of confirmation that you entered? I can’t tell if it registered or not. This certainly would be the perfect way for me to set up my edc in the car for fast easy access and would look pretty swell with a morale patch secured to it somehow. My hardest choice would be what color to go with.

    • ChadNabors

      Click the drop-down icon on the upper right corner of the widget: it will tell you how many entries you currently have.

  • graphitegirl

    The Thin Front Pocket Briefcase is my favorite!

  • ChadNabors

    The front pocket briefcases are built-the-old-school awesome!

  • SamRivera

    oooo the rifle sleeve is bad ass

  • bondj26

    I love the look of the waterbag reminds of something from Indiana jones

  • Cap11C

    Currently own the medium satchel and love it! Great little bag for toting my iPad and junk back and forth to work.

  • theWeej

    Front pocket briefcase looks epic!

  • Matt L

    Classic briefcase is the way to go.

  • Ryanlemons

    Pistol wrap coffee brown. Awsome

  • LaszloKovacs1

    Thin briefcase, straight black.

  • mkajimoto95

    I love the look of the utility case, simple and different.

  • awilson020

    Pistol Wrap in Tobacco is Sweet

  • PadenPeek

    Love the water bag

  • RV80

    The Tablet Bag

  • TheUlfhedinn

    The Drybag

  • Rulrofelves

    The Medium Pistol Wrap in Tobacco.  Its pretty freakin sweet!

  • emchelly77

    the beast duffel bag is awesome!!!!!

  • mimoulton

    The gun sleeve in chestnut

  • JLM3rd

    The Tablet Bag in Chestnut!

  • Scav

    Tobacco wrap will look great as it ages.

  • jwhite

    The simple backpack for sure!

  • c
  • Mitch

    Everything on their site is heirloom-quality , but their leather gun sleeve ( is definitely going on next year’s Christmas list!

  • jj

    Pistol wrap tobacco stylin

  • Righand00

    Front pocket briefcase in tobacco

  • WillP

    Thin Front Pocket Briefcase in Tobacco

  • GageJ

    The squared backpack stands out to me. I like how simple it is but at the same time it looks like it can get the job done.

  • idpassr

    Classic briefcase in chestnut because classic is classic

  • Jason

    I like the Gun Sleeve in tobacco.

  • Gary

    Love the rifle sleeve, but that is one sweet pistol rug.

  • Michael

    I have their messenger bag and love it.

  • WilliamTaylorDay

    I’ve had my eye on a Saddle Back Leather Briefcase for years. I seem to change my mind a lot but right now my favorite is the Front Pocket Briefcase in Chestnut.

  • m j r

    pistol wrap in tobacco

  • RobYoder
  • Chris

    I’m very drawn to this pistol wrap.

  • Jmonaghan175

    I like the look of the pistol wrap in tobacco

  • DouglasLee1

    The Thin Front Packet Briefcase caught my eye.

  • DakotaSchafer

    Pistol wrap in tobacco

  • Reddog245

    Large satchel in tobacco or chestnut.

  • sk wade

    Love the M Thin Front Pocket in Tobacco

  • umfan1

    That’s pretty sweet!

  • dm3stone

    Chestnut pistol wrap

  • gcut13

    Tobacco pistol wrap

  • Jacob Farley

    The chestnut gun sleeve looks awesome

  • jamesonraines

    A medium thin front pocket briefcase would get daily use!

  • Mitch G

    Saddleback makes freaking awesome stuff. If I had my choice, I’d go for the Dark Coffee Brown pistol wrap.

  • Johnthad

    Love the Thin Briefcase in Tobacco

  • JG

    One of the small pistol wraps would be great for taking the barbecue gun down to the range.

  • Keepertx

    I like the medium tobacco pistol wrap and my lady likes the tobacco or chestnut cross body hobo bag.

  • Virius

    The Gun sleeve would go great with one of my rifles!

  • SinisterRook

    The  Utility Duffel was very nice.

  • JTM4

    I love the iPad case in Chestnut!

  • SGMB56

    I love the Waterbag and the Pistol Wrap (in Tobacco)!!!

  • fbrowell

    Awesome gear.

  • CBS3

    I think the Pistol wrap would be awesome.

  • Matthew H

    I could put the small Chestnut Pistol Wrap to good use!

  • iamvetter

    I think their utility duffel is well made and very versatile. i think it would suit me well.

  • Joe Dew

    Truly beautiful craftsmanship. Nothing beats full grain leather! Chestnut Small Pistol Wrap would pair nicely with a couple of my revolvers 🙂

  • JhimJhones

    I like the Square Back Pack!

  • emilyfahring

    I love all their itmes, such quality but my favorite right now is the sunglass/pen case

  • scott

    liking their satchel for everyday use

  • wfq

    I wish I could afford one of their carry on bags. They look well constructed and really nice.

  • jssmith11

    pistol wrap is nice, the rifle sleeve looks awesome as well. I own one of their wallets (bi-fold model)….its been going strong for 5 years. They told me “lifetime” warranty, i believe it!
    I had a hartman belting wallet that went 10 years, i bet this saddleback could easily go 20+

  • I’d have to say that the Front Pocket Briefcase looks pretty slick.

  • eric the kid

    I like the carry on bags. Reminds me of Indiana Jones and watching it with my dad when I was a kid.

  • Mic Chan

    Classic briefcase in cherry.

  • unevolvd08

    I would enjoy having the hard side carry on.

  • KevinKnipp

    I’m really liking the look of the Gun Sleeve.  I don’t think I’ve seen a leather gun carry case like that.  What a great way to carry my favorite trap gun to the range!

  • KOrecoil

    Hard sided carry on looks like it would last a life time.

  • Leon Grimes


  • Seuss

    The Water bag looks great, and looks to have plenty of room to take things anywhere. I love the solid construction of these bags!

  • Leon Grimes

    Awesome!  I love the Trico Wallet!

  • Swagin9

    I like the front pocket backpack!

  • earlthomasreagan

    God id love to have that in my jeep while the doors are off.

  • Jesse

    Man I like that Medium Pistol Wrap in Tobacco.

  • DerekMathe

    I like that Utility Duffel, that’d be a sweet way to carry everything I need in my truck

  • I love the small pistol wrap in tobacco!

  • Blake Sweeten

    Very nice!! The simple backpack is my favorite.

  • E A

    The Leather Sachel in Chestnut looks gorgeous.

  • John Thad Wade

    I won!!! Thanks guys! I replied to the email that you sent, but got an auto reply message. Just wanted to make sure someone knew I sent an email back. Thanks again!

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