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May The Fourth Be With You Morale Patch Collection: Extremely Limited and Available Now!

By The ITS Crew


On May 4th, we created a Facebook banner depicting a few characters inspired by May The Fourth Be With You and there was a tremendous response to turn them into morale patches! Not only did we listen to YOU and produce all 5 as a collection, but we’ve also tossed in a free double sided “circular challenge device!” (poker chip)

May The Fourth Be With You Morale Patch Collection 01

May The Fourth Be With You Morale Patch Collection 02

But wait, there’s more! We’ve also included a Mail-Away offer card for a Free ITS A Trap! Morale Patch. By simply mailing in the included offer card and 5 ITS Tactical Card/Tag QR Codes with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address on the card, we’ll send you back a Free ITS A Trap! Morale Patch.

May The Fourth Be With You Morale Patch Collection 09

This is an extremely limited offering and only 500 of the May The Fourth Be With You Morale Patch Collections were produced and will NEVER be made again!

**ITS Header Cards and Hang Tags with QR Codes can be found attached to many ITS products in the ITS Store, such as ITS Morale Patches or ITS Nylon Goods.**

**ITS A Trap! Morale Patch is NOT Included in the Set, but available as a Free Mail Away offer.**

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  • ChrisBrooks2

    Very cool! Wish you could buy them solo, though.

    • ChrisBrooks2 Thanks! Unfortunately with the limited edition nature of these, we just weren’t able to offer them individually.

    • ICT17D

      Don’t you mean wish you could by them Hans Solo?

    • Zeratul634X

      @ICT17D Jesus lord, its not Hans… its just Han…

    • Urban_Monkey_55

      Zeratul634X  Hans is the German Star Wars character…geez.

  • AllDayRuckoff

    Awesome! Purchased with enough other patches to mail back for the It’s a Trap patch! When I was placing the order and looking at the total I realized what the trap really was 😉

    • AllDayRuckoff Thanks brother! We certainly didn’t mean for the offer to force you to buy other products and wanted to make what you had to send in something that people might already have lying around from past purchases. Also the offer is good until the end of the year so you have quite awhile to save up for the free patch 🙂

  • EnanoSiniestro


  • JenniferLynn850

    I just bought this set for my husband along with 4 other moral patches for Christmas. My question is if I need to order a 5th patch to qualify for the “Its A Trap” patch or does the set count as one of the 5 ITS tactical card/Tag QR codes? Thanks in advance for answering my question and sorry if its a stupid question.

    • JenniferLynn850 Great question Jennifer, the May The Fourth Be With You Moral Patch Collection comes header carded, so that does count for one. You’re good to go!

  • michael2007

    It’s definitely a trap. I threw away all my bags and tags in the excitement of getting a new trauma kit with all the goodies! Love my goodies though.

    • michael2007 Hah! Thanks for your support!

  • AndresAlbertoDavilaPagan

    Damn it!!! I was just about to buy them in my cellphone and it would not let me, I changed to my laptop and they are now out of stock!

  • Chad1020

    Sold out @!#$#

  • Chad1020

    had better make more (shakes fist in anger)

  • CharlesJMiller

    Odd, email arrived at 0704 CDT and already sold out.  If this were April 1, I would take it as a joke.  Surely you expected demand to be significant.  You guys have 2500+ regular readers.  Now you have 500 happy customers and 2000 ticked off subscribers.  It’s a great looking set, well conceived and executed.  Time for another production run, methinks…. Meantime, off to eBay to find a seller.

    • CharlesJMiller I think what came to you this morning is the email through our RSS Email subscription: where you get the articles from the previous day delivered to your inbox. 
      We did send out an email blast to our mailing list at 12pm Central Time yesterday, which is a separate list we use for product updates and our monthly newsletter. Here’s the sign-up for that list if you’re interested in subscribing to it.
      The release exceeded expectations and we’re certainly evaluating future releases based on this. Thanks for your continued support and your feedback is much appreciated.

    • Nick

      Sadly, I wouldn’t count on finding these popping up on ebay.

  • DavidDuncanMyers

    Argh! Seriously?!? Sold out already? How friggin’ popular can these really be? Evidently enough to do a second run and offer them individually.

  • nathanrodger

    Placed in cart – went to process – out of stock.

    Clearly production of these was outstripped by demand, but as production was so recent – what are the chances of another run? Perhaps before end of year? Please?

  • Nick

    As an ITS fan and a Star Wars super nerd I am totally bummed that I missed the offer. Please offer a second larger run!

  • PnB

    You know, you could do a second run but BIGGER and in PVC.


    (But its ok if you don’t, I snagged a set…)

  • dpruhs

    PVC!  PVC!  PVC!  PVC!

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