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Jack Flack Always Escapes…with Our Cloak & Dagger Morale Set!

By The ITS Crew

The ITS Cloak & Dagger Morale Set is a patch and sticker combo that honors the classic 80’s movie about a clandestine journey to protect secret plans hidden on a game cartridge. Warning, only 200 of the Morale Sets are available after yesterday’s ITS Member pre-release and once they’re gone, we’ll disavow any knowledge of their existence.

ITS Cloak & Dagger Morale Set

Cloak & Dagger Featured

The Cloak & Dagger Morale Patch measures 3.5” Tall x 2.5” Wide and features a hook backing. Additionally, the Cloak & Dagger Sticker measures 2.875” Tall x 3.5” Wide and fits perfectly on a 5200 game cartridge!

Please Note: The game cartridge shown in the photos is not included with this morale set, but they can easily be obtained from eBay.

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Back in Stock: Go-Tubes

Go-Tube Body Cloak & Dagger

Back in stock, Go-Tubes are perfect for deep carry concealment to store small items you need to protect from damage, loss or unauthorized access.

They’re ideal for emergency cash, lock picks, mini flash drives, maps, documents, storing duct tape (wrapped around exterior), geocaches, glow sticks, matches, mini sewing kits, spare batteries (2 x AA or 4 x CR123).

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