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Free Gear for Those Fighting the Good Fight *Update*

By The ITS Crew

*Update* Thanks everyone for sending in your comments and emails. Unfortunately, all of the gear has been spoken for. Thanks for your support and your service. Stay safe!

One of our Plank Owners, Eric Chevalier, recently contacted us about using ITS as an outlet to donate some gear that he no longer needed. Eric personally sent over two huge boxes to us so we could distribute it as we saw fit to those in harms way.

While we were able to get a few things out to our brothers down range, there’s still a log of gear that needs a good home. So, piggybacking on Eric’s awesome gesture, we’ve thrown in some gear and ITS merchandise into the pile of awesome.

ITS is going to cover the shipping to send this stuff out to whomever we feel has the most need for the gear, regardless of where they’re at in the world. We want this to get to those who need it. While we’d prefer it went to deployed Military or Contractors, our Law Enforcement brothers at home are no less deserving.

How to enter

If you’d like to throw your name in to claim a piece of gear, just leave a comment with a brief description of what you do, what you feel you could use and an email address so we can contact you to send out your gear. All the gear is numbered, so please reference numbers when throwing in your name for something.

Please pass this information out to all those you know in need and either have them come here to leave a comment, or leave one yourself with who you’re nominating to receive the gear. Again this is all free of charge and open to anyone in need, please be honest and don’t abuse this.

We’ll try to spread the gear out to everyone, so truly only throw your name up for what you know you can use (you can request more than one item). Also, if you have things you’d be willing to ship out to those in need, add that into the comments and people can roger up for what you’re offering as well.

Let’s all work together and show our appreciation for those fighting the good fight!

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What’s Available

  1. Kifaru Express Pack w/ Waistbelt
  2. Kifaru Claymore Pocket
  3. Kifaru Claymore Pocket
  4. Eagle Industries Courier Bag
  5. Esstac Patch Book
  6. Emdom KitMat
  7. Paraclete MOLLE  Medical Pouch
  8. Paraclete MOLLE Double (Single) M4 Pouch
  9. Paraclete MOLLE Double (Single) M4 Pouch
  10. Paraclete MOLLE Admin Pouch
  11. Paraclete MOLLE Canteen Pouch
  12. Paraclete MOLLE GP Pouch
  13. Paraclete MOLLE GP Pouch
  14. Paraclete MOLLE Small GP Pouch
  15. Paraclete MOLLE Medical Pouch
  16. Paraclete MOLLE Admin Pouch
  17. Paraclete MOLLE Small GP Pouch
  18. TAG Double Mag Pouch (Magnetic Retention)
  19. TangoDown Stubby Vertical Grip (Painted)
  20. TangoDown Vertical Grip (Painted)
  21. TangoDown Stubby Vertical Grip
  22. Ergo Grip Rail Panels (3)
  23. LWRC Rail Panels
  24. TangoDown Rifle Grip
  25. ITS Schwag (Multicam Patch)
  26. ITS Schwag (Black/White/Grey Patch)
  27. ITS Schwag (Tan/Grey Patch)

This giveaway will be posted for 1 week, until May 25th, 23:59 (Central Time). At that time we’ll send out emails and get this stuff shipped out.

Thank you to everyone for your service and to Eric for making this possible!

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