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Free Gear for Those Fighting the Good Fight *Update*

By The ITS Crew

*Update* Thanks everyone for sending in your comments and emails. Unfortunately, all of the gear has been spoken for. Thanks for your support and your service. Stay safe!

One of our Plank Owners, Eric Chevalier, recently contacted us about using ITS as an outlet to donate some gear that he no longer needed. Eric personally sent over two huge boxes to us so we could distribute it as we saw fit to those in harms way.

While we were able to get a few things out to our brothers down range, there’s still a log of gear that needs a good home. So, piggybacking on Eric’s awesome gesture, we’ve thrown in some gear and ITS merchandise into the pile of awesome.

ITS is going to cover the shipping to send this stuff out to whomever we feel has the most need for the gear, regardless of where they’re at in the world. We want this to get to those who need it. While we’d prefer it went to deployed Military or Contractors, our Law Enforcement brothers at home are no less deserving.

How to enter

If you’d like to throw your name in to claim a piece of gear, just leave a comment with a brief description of what you do, what you feel you could use and an email address so we can contact you to send out your gear. All the gear is numbered, so please reference numbers when throwing in your name for something.

Please pass this information out to all those you know in need and either have them come here to leave a comment, or leave one yourself with who you’re nominating to receive the gear. Again this is all free of charge and open to anyone in need, please be honest and don’t abuse this.

We’ll try to spread the gear out to everyone, so truly only throw your name up for what you know you can use (you can request more than one item). Also, if you have things you’d be willing to ship out to those in need, add that into the comments and people can roger up for what you’re offering as well.

Let’s all work together and show our appreciation for those fighting the good fight!

What’s Available

  1. Kifaru Express Pack w/ Waistbelt
  2. Kifaru Claymore Pocket
  3. Kifaru Claymore Pocket
  4. Eagle Industries Courier Bag
  5. Esstac Patch Book
  6. Emdom KitMat
  7. Paraclete MOLLE  Medical Pouch
  8. Paraclete MOLLE Double (Single) M4 Pouch
  9. Paraclete MOLLE Double (Single) M4 Pouch
  10. Paraclete MOLLE Admin Pouch
  11. Paraclete MOLLE Canteen Pouch
  12. Paraclete MOLLE GP Pouch
  13. Paraclete MOLLE GP Pouch
  14. Paraclete MOLLE Small GP Pouch
  15. Paraclete MOLLE Medical Pouch
  16. Paraclete MOLLE Admin Pouch
  17. Paraclete MOLLE Small GP Pouch
  18. TAG Double Mag Pouch (Magnetic Retention)
  19. TangoDown Stubby Vertical Grip (Painted)
  20. TangoDown Vertical Grip (Painted)
  21. TangoDown Stubby Vertical Grip
  22. Ergo Grip Rail Panels (3)
  23. LWRC Rail Panels
  24. TangoDown Rifle Grip
  25. ITS Schwag (Multicam Patch)
  26. ITS Schwag (Black/White/Grey Patch)
  27. ITS Schwag (Tan/Grey Patch)

This giveaway will be posted for 1 week, until May 25th, 23:59 (Central Time). At that time we’ll send out emails and get this stuff shipped out.

Thank you to everyone for your service and to Eric for making this possible!

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  • Viktor

    Hi, i’m Viktor and active duty in the swedish armed forces. I’d really need some new mag puches and GP since the ones i’m issued pretty much suck and have to buy my own gear. The thing is, i can’t really put all of the new gear that i need since just recently i found mold in my bathroom and have to hire contractors to build me a new one.

    The pouches i’m interested in are #8, #9 and #12

  • Would love to get my hands on any of the gear actually, but the only things that are related would be either #4 Courier bag and #10, the admin pouch.

    if someone else is more deserving, please feel free to let them have it.

    I’m an Info Sec officer for DoD.
    PM me on the boards for e-mail/address if you do choose me.


  • Brett

    I’m just a data geek in the Marines, 0651. I’m heading to Africa soon. #4 would be very helpful. #27 would be cool to have too. I left my email in the box above (I didn’t want it public).

  • Brian Tackenberg

    This is a great idea and gesture. I’ve been deploying in both the military and DOD since 2003 and I’ve had to go through and buy most of my own gear to replace a lot of the second quality issue items. I’m in between trips this year and am due to head out later. Last year my deployment bag finally had it and literally fell apart. I haven’t replaced it yet because I want somthing that is finally going to last multiple trips on a C-130 and elsewhere. I’d like to throw in my name for item 1, 15, and 18. Thanks!

  • I am currently in a Long Range Surveillance Company. I would make use of any piece of gear. If I need to bug out #1 would be nice for essentials. #10 would be nice to store stuff for notes,etc. I would make use of medical pouches and admin pouches. If you could throw in some patches to show support for you guys, that would be great.

  • Bryson Holland

    Cpl Bryson Holland, USMCR. 0331, Machine Gunner. I’d like a shot at the Kifaru Express pack. I’m currently with 2d Bn 23d Marines Fox Co, returned from Iraq (Ramadi) in September and am planning to deploy to A-stan with elements from 1/25 in a couple of months. I’ve currently got no suitable pack of that size.

    Pass along my thanks to Chevalier for his generosity and commitment to those fighting the good fight. I appreciate it greatly, whether the pack goes to me or somebody more deserving.

  • Aaron Rainbolt

    Hello ITS team, I am in need of a small OD medical pouch for my First aid kit, if its in any other color thats fine also. Any Swag from ITS would be very cool to own also.

    Thanks Guys

    Aaron Rainbolt
    [email protected]

  • John

    I am currently stationed at fort bragg with the 82nd. already did one combat tour already and will be going on another one shortly.Kifaru Express Pack w/ Waistbelt #1 would just be nice to have love great assault packs.Paraclete MOLLE Admin Pouch #10 would be great for my note pads and pens.TAG Double Mag Pouch (Magnetic Retention #18. mag pouches last deployment stunk. # 25, 26, and 27, would also be great to have.

  • James

    I could really use the Admin pouch (#16)

  • Michael Dixon

    Hey, of all the things, I’d really just like some ITS Schwag to support you guys for supporting us. You guys have so much good information up all the time I figure if people see me wearing one of your patches at work, it’ll help spread the word a little.

    SPC Dixon
    Special Operations Helicopter Crew Chief

  • Greg Whited

    I am in law enforcement here in the desert southwest, and I am putting on a patrol rifle qualification course for my small department. I could really use any one of the mag pouches since currently I am going to have to carry them in my pockets.
    Great gesture guys. My son is in the Army, and I know how much they need good gear. Please consider me last.

  • Michael Ward

    I’d love #1 or #25. I could use either, one for hunting and one to sew on my hunting gear. Anything would be great tho.

  • randypb

    Seeing all the need out there for those serving our country, whether as military or LEO on limited funds, how about the possibility of setting up a contribution fund that could be used for gear desperately needed. I’ll donate $50 to get it going. I know that there may be some legal problems with donations, so maybe there can be a place for a wish list on the forum and we can do it directly with individuals. Ideas anyone?

  • Bill Moss

    The #4 Courier Bag would be extremely helpful. My old shooting bag is all but gone, but just don’t want to get rid of it. I assist and teach “LONG” range/distance shooting so this would be ideal to keep pertinent information and data book, etc.

    Semper Fi

  • This is awesome, Thanks for doing this for us. I don’t need anything right now but if this becomes a regular thing there may be some things that I can add once my PCS is complete.

  • I’m studying as a student in the aersospace industry hoping to work on future aicraft for our armed forces, especially the next generation of ground attack aircraft in the legacy of the Warthog.

    As such, there’s nothing I need (except maybe an ITS patch to support you guys!). I hope everything will be well used by those who really need it.

    Respect to those on the frontlines, and those standing behind them.

  • Ed

    Hey guys, great giveaway idea!
    I could use items 10 and 15, since our SWAT team just got new Molle armor carriers and I am trying to out fit mine.

  • Nicholas

    Hello, my father is a police officer for my small state and was just issued a carbine for use, however he wasnt given any accessories at all for it. So i recently just bought him a rail system n my own dime, but had no money left over for anything else. #’s 20 and 22 or 23 would be a great addition to help him get started with the use of his rail equipped carbine, but if there is someone more needing or deserving of it please send it to them over me. Thank you very much for your effort.

  • matthew whitaker

    i work as a pathfinder in the 101st airborne division. we have a large set of metl tasks, but it involves a lot of time outside the wire. could use the bag as a recon patrol bag or for extraction equipment. replacment pouches b/c the crap the army issues only lasts/ performs so well, and of course the patch to a quality site who looks out for the grunts. if you guys want to adopt a platoon i know a bunch of steelie eyed killers that could use your help. thanks for the support.

    1 Kifaru Express Pack w/ Waistbelt
    2 Kifaru Claymore Pocket
    7 medical pouch, paraclete
    8 double mag pouch, paraclete
    25 its multicam patch

  • Jason

    I’m a peace officer for a small 2 man department in rural Alberta, Canada. We have a tiny budget (only covers our meager wages), and can use all the help we can get. Med pouches (especially if they had blowout supplies in them) would be especially helpful for my partner and I. I could also use a messenger bag to hold my duty gear in the truck. (and if you wanted to throw in a multicam patch or sticker so I can brag you guys up, that would be great too)

  • Charles A. Martino

    I would like to enter for my son-in-law, Brant Albright, who is currently on his first deployment with the Marines in Afghanistan. I really don’t know what he could use but I’m sure he would appreciate any item 1-17. I’m pretty sure he’s squared away for weapons gear. Thanks for the consideration!! Like I said he’ll appreciate it!!

  • Brockb

    I’ll put in my good buddy who is a SAR member and a reserve deputy. Item 1 for SAR and 25 to pimp some ITS 🙂

    Very generous and amazing offer. Love to see people trying to help others out!

  • Ashley Hess

    This is awesome. I am a Cavalry Scout with 10th Mountain. I would like to put my name in the hat for the #1 and, hell, anything. Thanks,

    [email protected]

  • Grunt

    Hey guys! This is an awesome gig you have going on. Both the web site and this give away. I have about ten years experiance as a medic in the Army. That is all about to change in a few months, I will be going to NSEOD at Eglin. After that I’m pretty sure it will be back to the sand box. That said, I do have a bit of time in the states before any ops so hook up the current warriors first.

  • Joe

    I want to start by saying that Eric Chevalier and others that donate thier gear to others in need is absolutely honorable! I know that at times in the past I have been fortunate enough to give buddies pieces of kit they needed that I no longer utilized and I know many others that do the same, we tend to look out for one another. I know for alot of good hearted operators it is difficult to actually ask for gear unless someone actually says to them I know you need it take it, many operators feel they should scrap by as best as they can and attempt to do it themselves in acquiring it, I know I do. Currently I am a tactical medic and certified police officer attached to our local Special Operations Team, I work full time on a medical helicopter so my time is volunteered to the unit and the department. With the economy the way it currently is it is extremely difficult for me to purchase needed equipment on my own. Department budget restraints has made it difficult to aquire gear. When funding has been available its helped the team obtain some needed gear, typically however the paid officers get the needed gear first. Not only would I, but the officers I stand ready to protect would be greatly appreciative if you felt inclined to donate any of the gear you have, the specific items despritely needed is #7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 & 14 . I know many other operators need gear just as much as I do, so I commend you for taking the time to review all the posts because I know it will be difficult to determine who is in more need over the other. I hope this starts an even greater donation based effort that continues on. Again thank you and all who have the ability to donate gear I have an abundance of respect for you!

  • Innis

    As a NCO at Fort Bragg who is preparing for yet another deployment i could really use anything you would be willing to part with…lets face it im not picky anything you could help with is just less i would have to buy later…..particularly anything items 5 thru 18 would be of particular help.

  • Chris

    My name is PFC Christopher Letch, USMC 0311. Deploying to Afghanistan soon and would like to throw my name in for number 2 (or 3) and number 6.
    Awesome contest that will definitely help out those in need.

  • I am a Scout and I could really use item #25.

  • ltcomp

    Hey Guys.

    I would like to put my name in for item number one. I am an ODA deployed to OIF. This is my third tour here. I work with Iraqi Sepcial Operations in and around Baghdad. I recently had my radio bag that holds my 117 G, SAT phone, extra batteries, pyro, and cyrpto, blow out on me while conducting a HAF. Would really like to be able to get another bag.



  • chris

    hello there i am a hydro mechanic in the us air force working every day to get b1 and c-130 airplanes flying to support my brothers on the ground. obviously our warriors overseas need this gear far more than me but i could sure use #10, admin pouch, to carry all the pens, pencils and parts i need to do my job. thanks a ton, you guys are amazing.

  • tnegiet

    While I could justify any of that stuff for future military and law enforcement use I believe others on here need it more than I so I’m gonna throw my name in the hat for items #25, 26, & 27. Why, so I can have some cool ITS stuff and give your awesome company free advertsing!

  • jherm0311

    Hello all,
    I work as a full time LEO for a small department in New England. After years of pleading with our less than tactically sound Chief, he has finally agreed to allow us to implement a patrol rifle / active shooter program. Things being as they are financially, particularly in my town, we are only able to field three rifles, without any accessories or equipment. Being a former grunt, I have a small collection of “acquired” gear, however not nearly enough to outfit all my brothers. Any assistance, particularly in the way of mag pouches (#’s 8,9) or any other “go bag” type gear would be greatly appreciated. In exchange, I would be willing to send pics of my boys putting the gear to good use, and will also take up a collection of any LE / tactical gear we may have which can be donated back to ITS to perpetuate this great idea. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good fight, and watch your six!!

    [email protected]

  • loganvobis

    I am a CAT-A Team Sergeant for a team that is currently deployed in southern Afghanistan for another ten months and we can use anything on the list to be honest. We don’t get much when we deploy and Supply is living up to all the negative stereotypes you can toss. Off the top of my head I can say bags are always a plus since our mission changes day to day from KLE to TCP to dismounted patrols. All depending on what unit we are attached to and how we can slip past the bureaucrats. From the list I could see an immediate use for 1,2,3,10,16,17,19,20,21,24, and any its schwag possible. I have to echo the others above me that this is a great idea and I’m sure my wife would love me to toss up some of my extra gear when I get home. Loganvobisatmedotcom

  • Richard Hill

    I am an Airborne Infantry Platoon leader 6 months into a deployment to eastern Afghanistan. A buddy told me about this site and I would like to get any GP pouches for my soldiers. We are usually ripping through most of the pouches pretty quick and I want to keep my guys to keep their money for R&R. GP Pouches 12, 13, 14, 15 would be great for the Joe’s.

    Appreciate all you guys are doing for the troops.

  • C Gallant

    I’m a “aircrew” member in the US military. I travel alot and anything would be appreciated, however, my unit gives us more than some. If any scwhag possible to get the name out is my main goal. The co operation you have with the other company is outstanding in supporting the ones I feel deserve it most. Keep up the great work. You don’t see this often enough!

  • My little cousin is just about get his boots on the ground in Afghanistan. Fresh out of high school and in the Marines (Infantry), I imagine he’s a little under prepared.

    (LCPL Lowe, Richard C. — 3/3 Lima Co. WPNS — Unit 44090)

    I actually just sent him a few letters asking what he really needs but don’t think I’ll get a response back in a timely manner. No big deal.

    There is a package I have going out today for him that includes some magazines (paper kind) and other treats as well as an ITS Tactical patch, and a handful of ITS stickers.

    With me not being sure as to what he really truly needs the most, I went through and picked some of the basic multi purpose gear.
    Although, anything he can get would be totally fine (I just don’t think he really ‘needs’ a patch book, etc.).

    6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19

    My plan is to slowly buy him items like these in the future and send them to him. Anything that will give him the edge as well as keep him alive.

    Regardless of who gets these items, I can’t thank Eric Chevalier enough. What he’s doing is amazing and it makes me very excited to see the brotherhood that we always hear about actually shine and show itself.

    Eric, thank you.

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  • I don’t personally need any of it, but my wife is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan with 557th maintenance in July. I am interested in 7, 20, and of course 25 to go with their multicams being issued upon arrival. I was going to buy a med pouch and a couple ETA kits to complement the (nearly worthless) IFAK they are issued, but I will wait to see what happens with you guys. Anything that will help organize what gear they are given by the zombies in the higher levels of brass will be worth while. You know the email…

  • usmc85

    Im a LCPL in the Marines and would greatly appreciate any spare stuff that could be parted with including any ITS swag to rock on my FLAK! PM if for my email address

  • Hey dudes, thanks for the great giveaway. I am currently a K9 handler for a Sheriff’s Office but I’m getting ready to deploy as a Civilian Contractor into Afghanistan at the end of the summer. I’ll be handling a bomb dog overseas and would love to represent for ITS.

    25, 26, or 27 would suit me just fine, but I wouldn’t turn down 1 or 4 either. Thanks for the donations ITS and Eric especially!

  • Andaew Lau

    Hey ITS, I would like a #7 or a #15 Paraclete MOLLE Medical Pouch. I would like one to transform it into a Medical Pouch. Currently Graduating High School and will be attending Tallahassee Community College to become a Paramedic and then transfer into the Law Enforcement Academy. I wouldnt also mind the #26 ITS Tactical Patches too to sport them around. Email: [email protected]

    – Thanks and Good Luck to everyone.

  • D

    Currently a Infanty Squad Leader deployed to OIF(Iraq) since December 2009. Would really like to get my hands on a stubby, or vertical grip(19, 20, 21)from all the reviews ive seen on the ones described above. Ive had to push my issued one aside to someone else for bulk and quality issues. I would also olike to get some ITS Schwag, even if its just some buss. cards to spread the word or take pics with in “precarious” places.

    thanks, D

    [email protected]

  • theblackknight

    Im not gonna be a douche and ask for gear for myself, even tho im headed out soon, but atleast send it out to the write service. Army bubbas will get all the Multicam stuff for obvious reasons. Send the desert tan stuff to our Marines.

    Stay in the Fight!

  • theblackknight


  • Raymond

    wow, i’ve just finished reading all these comments and Brian, i’m not sure how you’re going to choose. I don’t envy you that’s for sure. everybody here has a valid need but what strikes me the most is that they all feel that there is someone more in need than they are. I guess i’m trying to describe them all as self less individuals. It makes me smile and makes me happy knowing that in this life, we are are like the Spartan line; whereas we protect the man next to us with our shield and fight for him with our spear…and our brother does the same for us. This website only gets better and better and it keeps drawing the best people to it. I’m very proud to be a Plank Owner and will look through my gear and see what i can give up to those that need it more.

  • Raymond

    almost forgot, Eric, hey brother, you are a very good man. plain, simple and to the point. That was an awesome thing you did and i know it was not done out of recognition or fame, but just a selfless good deed. awesome bro, just awesome.

  • Andrew

    I’m a PFC currently stationed at Bragg and awaiting an upcoming deployment. I would graciously accept anything that I could use on my first deployment. The items that I could use most are:
    1 – Kifaru Express Pack w/ Waistbelt;
    4 – Eagle Industries Courier Bag;
    8/9 – Paraclete MOLLE Double (Single) M4 Pouch;
    12/13 – Paraclete MOLLE GP Pouch.
    I’ve been looking for a decent bug-out bag to throw essentials in but haven’t found the dough to shell out for a Mystery Ranch Assault pack. The courier bag would double as a range and day bag. Double mag pouches have so many uses and the GP pouch would be used to store notebooks and other small go-to items (headlamp, gerber, batteries, etc.)

    Thank you to everyone who donated gear and for giving Joes the chance to get some decent gear. I’d gladly wear any of the patches on my gear to support you guys.

  • Scot

    I am a Deputy, with the large amount of Officer related shootings in the county, I am trying to put together a medical bag. If someone needs it more, I completely understand. We have to buy our own gear due to cutbacks. Some swag would be great too! My gear is black but I will take anything I can get. Thank you

  • Tom Trask

    As much as I personally would like every bit of that gear, if I won, I’d give it to someone actually watching my 6 out there, preferably military. We are a small defensive pistol instructors group, and we have everything we really need – just lucky I guess.

  • Daniel kohlman

    Hello I am currently at my base in Eugene waiting for deployment in November. I’d like to start traingin with an actual pack that can hold the weight I carry so number one would be greatly appreciated! I could also use stuff for my ar like item number 18,19,20 or 21 thank you

  • Airborne25

    I’m a PSG in the mighty All American Airborne Div; my unit just redeployed fr a humanitarian mission and are prepping to deploy again to combat. I’m not worried about me, but would love to get any of that gear fory troopers in my platoon. Reset isn’t what it used to be for equipment.

  • Josh

    send you an email thanks for the response. – josh

  • Mike

    I’m a Soldier in iraq (not a fobbit), need a quality pistol mag pouch thats practical…any idea’s? The issued items are all shit, so get your own is the way to go.

  • Bernie

    I am a retired police officer. My son is preparing for a deployment in Afganistan. He has completed one deployment to Iraq about a year ago. His MOS is Forward Observor FOX 13. He just bought load carrying vest and Camel Back MOLLE pack from US Cav since the issued equip is crap. He is specifically looking for pouches to carry his communications gear, navgation gear etc on his bag and vest. Any pouches would be greatly apprecated. The load vest has mag pouches already but any of the others would be great. Thanks so much.

  • Gerard Marin

    USMC 0302, currently in Quantico for IOC. Heading to Lejeune in July. I could make good use of the Kifaru claymore (#2 or #3). Anything else would go to my guys. PM for email. Thanks.


  • John Vickers

    I am the new and first Paramedic assigned to our local SWAT team. I am looking for any equipment since the local Sheriffs office has never had a Paramedic on the team. We will take any equipment that you would be willing to donate. I am really looking at numbers 1, 7, 15, but will take anything.

  • Chris

    I’m a Infantry Sergeant here in Iraq and would love #5 to store my nametapes, ir flags, and misc bullshit I usually just keep in crappy plastic baggy, and a ITS patch to put on the front wouldn’t hurt! Thanks guys!

  • Nick

    Law Enforcement SWAT Team – I am a police officer / SWAT operator / paramedic sand we are trying to assemble a TEMS/trauma kit for our team. We could use the backpack, patch book or messenger bag. Thanks for doing what you do…

    • Jeremy

      Have you tried looking at the federal drmo they have alot of blow out kits a medic bags that you can get thru the department for a close to nothing I will get you the guys email address I have been talking with to get our equipment

  • Robert

    I am a marine MP in a platoon deploying to Afghanistan in September our platoon runs two teams. And provides eod security, convoy security, and insident response to potential ly anything such as trap missions or genarel combat support we have lost people on other deployments. And have about 60 people on the deployment roaster. I amaginewe could use 1, 4, 7, 8or9, 10, 12or13, 15, 16, 17, 19or20, 22 and or 23, and 24 and. 25-27 not needed but would take anything would be greatly apriceated and kept with the platoon for future deployments after this coming one thank you for what u all do and Simper Fi

  • Andrew

    13,15,17 or what ever u got let is cool w/ me. I'm a machine gunner in a infantry line company getting ready to push out to afghan. u guys rock thanks for the support.

  • Christoffer

    1-4,15 and 25-27 (one of the patch set to support ITS Tactical of course), i am a Swedish army Sniper, soon deploying to afghanistan and i could really use this to be able to bring the gear that i and my group need, to be able to complete our mission and get out without getting in harms way!

    thank you for all the effort you put nito this!

  • C.J. BAll

    I am a full time deputy with the Cocke County Sheriff’s Dept. and we have just started a New SWAT team in out county and we need various items if possible. Anything you can do we would appreciate it. Items needed are as follows by number 8,9,11,14,10,1

    • Jeremy Sharp

      Have you looked at the federal drmo if not email me and will give you the info you need you can get apc guns and equipment

  • jeremy Sharp

    We are try to start a tactical medic program from scratch to support our city and couny SRT teams looking for any equipment and any ideas for funding and equipment

  • Kris

    I am a Cavalry Scout in the Army and would like an upgrade to my issue assault pack for my upcoming deployment to Afghanistan and the Kiffaru bag (#1) would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Tim Manteuffel

    Hello, Im on a local Sheriff’s department and also on the SWAT team. We have just commited to a rifle program and would be interested in 22 and 23. Also with being an instructor for active shooter, I would love to have #4 for a jump out bag for my patrol vehicle. Thanks

    • Tim, the give-away is over,, but keep checking back for more.

      Eric S.

  • Randall Carroll

    I am supply/flightline support NCOIC. I could really use #1 bag or # 4 bag for the transport of my computer to the mechanics on the ground or on the flight line. I have a pelican box roller, but those are not always the most convenient for getting in vehicles or inside the aircraft in hurries. Thanks for the opportunity to score a great product.

  • Jacob rivera

    hey my name is pfc jacob rivera im in a scout sniper section and we are out on missions 24/7 we get tasked out threw out our battalion because we are considerd the best platoon in the battalion and we would love to get some free gear for these missions i would like to ask for a few items for me and my battle buddy spc albert harris we would like the same items if you could.. the numbers are 24,19,1,16,15 i would appreicate this alot so would spc harris we thank you very much for what you do for us deployed soldiers. my email is again [email protected] and spc alber harris email is [email protected]

  • Julian Deacon

    I am currently deployed in Afghanistan in support of OEF. I am a Scout on a Recon & Survaillance platoon for 1-187 INF of the 101 ABN. I would appreciate if I could ask for the following items which can be essential for mission purposes: 6, 10, 12, 14, 21, 25. Thank you very much for your support.

  • Cameron

    Hello im currently deployed in Afghanistan right now as an SSO in a recon plt for 3rd brigade 101st and was interested in 1 and 24, 1 mainly because when we establish are OP’s i get tired of bringing my ruck on leaders recon’s just for 1 MRE and water and some snivel lol….ty again.

  • Steve Nieto

    Hi. My unit recently deployed to Afghanistan. We are engineers. We are responsible for construction and deconstruction. In some case we’ll be in places which are sparsely populated by any military because those places are set for the deconstruction phase. Myself and the other members of my unit would greatly appreciate any gear you could see fit in sending our way to make our job and defending ourselves easier.

  • I live in a military transistional housing place. I am older than most here but younger troops are showing up. It would Be nice to give them some patches.Thanx for your consideration. Any from 25-27 God bless

  • tim brooks

    I am currently deployed in Afghanastan. We are a Sapper Company so our job can become just about anything. I will take any gear but numbers 1-12-13-16-18-19-20. Pleae let me know if you can send us anything and i will tell my soldiers.

  • SGT Pyles

    I’m deployed right now in The Horn of Panjwai, Afghanistan. I am an 11B. As you prob know the equipment we get issued is not the bet for the fight we are in. The items I would like for myself and my men if you ever get any would be 19, 21, 24, and some fastmag’s if you ever get any of those….

  • Dan Mertz

    Hi guys! Stumbled in your website tonight and thought, what awesome people with an awesome idea. THANK YOU for putting all this together
    I am currently with my MP unit at Fort Bliss, TX and Fort McGregor, NM doing training before we leave for Afghanistan on march 17 th.
    our hunt is out of South Dakota so our funding for equipment is low. Most if not all the listed items could be used in the unit ( 124 people)
    Our mission will be a security based mission when we arrive in Afghanistan. Any help from you guys in providing some unneeded equipment would be
    more than greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much guys! Keep fighting the good fight


  • Marshall

    Me and my 4 guys are providing Mortar support for a cop here in RC East. Any gear is much needed.

  • Joseph Lobban

    Is this giveaway still happening?

  • christopher casper

    hey we are in Kandahar and are part of a sfat team we roll non stop and could use pouches for gear and any grips for m4’s if this is still going on

  • Powers

    Currently deployed to Kuwait doing a customs mission.

    Are items 21, 22, or 24 still available?

  • Fabio Vargas

    I’m Currently deployed in Afghanistan (kandahar) supporting our counter IED Mission. is Item 1 still available. It would really help out carrying some gear. my personal email is [email protected]

  • indielovemediamp

    I am currently deployed in Afhanistan, and would love to use your bad ass gear.  I am part of a combat military police unit.  My address here is
    Rudy Sanchez
    170th MP CO
    Operation Enduring Freedom
    APO, AE 09354

  • charris333

    Im not sure if you are still doing this program but i am Active Duty Military Deployed to an undisclosed location and could use everything youv got on there. I will say number 1 and 5 just because i have to put a number on something but can use it all. Contact email is

  • RyanVR6

    If you guys are still doing this, I could use any of the gear that’s available. I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and would be very happy to receive anything that could help out. Contact email is [email protected]

  • AddamSinclair11b

    I am ex infantry with the 101st airborne now serve in the army reserves still my main mos is infantry I enjoy everything on this page just had a little boy and now i’m starting to get a few things at a time to be prepared for anything bad that might come in the future by getting a little bit of equipment a month lol

  • Randall Morris

    just found out about this. i am currently in Qatar. Conducting Air and Missile defense. I have been to Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you for all the support ya’ll give to service members.

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