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Win the Black Ops Prize Pack from Huckberry and ITS! *Update*

By The ITS Crew

Huckberry Black Ops Prize Pack Giveaway

ITS Tactical has partnered with Huckberry to give away this Black Ops prize pack! With exclusive sales and original story-telling, Huckberry is our go-to online shop for awesome new gear and apparel, etc.

While members of ITS get a special deal of $10 free credit for their first purchase on, we’re giving everyone a chance to get in on an awesome prize pack. Make sure you have your good luck charm handy!

What’s Up for Grabs?

One lucky individual will win the Black Ops Prize Pack from Huckberry that includes:

This contest is only running for one week so make sure to get your entries in!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Click here if contest widget doesn’t load.

Good Luck!

Congratulations to Conor A. for winning this latest contest and thanks to all who entered! In case you didn’t win this time, stay tuned to more contests in the future! 

Contest Fine Print:

  • One winner will be selected at random and will receive prize pack listed above.
  • Winner will be notified by email. Once contacted, they have 24 hours to claim their prize. If we do not receive a response from within 24 hours, we will select a new winner.
  • Contest ends at 11:59 PM CST on 7/29/14

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  • josephgoettsch

    Whoa looks awesome, wouldn’t mind having that

  • This is pretty awesome! I hope I win!

  • fanfi85

    Hell yea GORUCK gear! As if I need more GORUCK gear. #GORUCKproblems

  • mattkoyak

    Awesome contest, for some awesome gear. I love my GR1… cant wait to try the Echo!!!

  • FrazierDamon

    In!  Thanks ITS!

  • skraeling

    This would be nice.

  • Damn cool prize package right there!

  • James__Montague

    This is awesome. Would make for a great kit to keep in the car

  • whereisanthony

    I’ve been checking out the backpack for a long time. I would really like to sport it and the other awesome gear

  • Rad contest!

  • J Long

    I want it!!

  • CharlieKilo

    Awesome contest!

  • Will

    Righteous giveaway!

  • JimBeix

    Good looking give away, love goruck

  • EarlHerman

    Looks like an awesome give away! I am a Gerber fan so it will be awesome

  • JoshuaNusum

    sweet backpack

  • ja5on_l

    i want it all!!! goruck makes awesome gear!

  • Larry

    Fingers crossed!!!

  • Mark

    Great contest, thanks ITS and Huckberry!

  • robsonjv

    That would be awesome.

  • Chadb

    I like the under the radar molle

  • SteveR

    I love Huckberry and ITS Tactical. So glad to see this partnership.

  • DanKowalczyk

    good stuffs!

  • Hoping to win

  • Matt

    Awesome stuff! I really want that Goruck!

  • Jason

    Goruck Echo would be a nice addition.

  • john MP

    Great giveaway. Good luck, everyone. Thanks ITS and Huckberry

  • Matt M

    Would love everything in the prize pack!2

  • JeffreyTorella

    i think it be great to win something of quality from a respectable tactical minded shop

  • JAG92

    Good luck everyone!

  • jkcranshaw

    Nice knife and pack.

  • jbrackins01

    that looks like an awesome pack

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    Awesome kit! Definitely choice products.

  • belovedveritas

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    Great contest!  Thanks guys!

  • Patrick

    Y’all rock! Good vibes from Norman, Oklahoma.

  • SnowMonkey

    Huckberry is a great outfit!

    Team that with gear selection skills of ITS = PRICELESS AWESOMENESS!!!!!

  • sage729


  • tustlem

    Great content in this prize pack. Keep up the good work.

  • pruttingj11

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    Really cool stuff on Huckberry!

  • PNWNative

    I love ITS Tactical

  • Steven P

    cool. thanks!

  • SupermanInMyMind

    Love the combo of ITS and Huckberry. Everyday tactical is not just *stuff* – it’s a mindset. The marriage of the two organizations can help bring this to the fore with the wares and articles that they each manage.

  • Jacob_67m

    Cool, I’ve been looking at those Go Ruck packs recently.

  • eidjson

    This is one sweet, black prize pack. I’ve been shopping for a Goruck pack!

  • sam

    If it’s on huckberry you know it’s good.

  • awesome!

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    Could definitely use the bag and have always wanted a Goruck! Awesome giveaway!

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  • Matt

    Solid collection of gear here. Should be an interesting contest.

  • itssvic

    This is soo cool, need to update my gear 🙂

  • mattbrownerhamlin

    Huckberry, ITS Tactical & GORUCK…awesome combination

  • KevinBSnider

    Sweet giveaway. Appreciate the chance to win.

  • ShawnWayne

    awesome stuff. want.

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    ITS & Huckberry team up again…awesome!

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    Goruck Gear is Grand

  • RedRyderCL

    I’ve been wanting a Goruck for a long time but can’t convince the wife that the cost is worth it. So instead I’ve been entering every Goruck giveaway I can find. How awesome that ITS is doing one now.

    • mcdbrendan

      RedRyderCL The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten…

    • RedRyderCL

      mcdbrendan RedRyderCL  Agreed. However, I’m married to one of the few frugal women in existence. It can be a blessing sometimes, a curse other times. “Here’s a backpack that looks exactly the same on Amazon for $50” *sigh*

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    Hard to beat Goruck gear

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    Never heard of before. really looks interesting.

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    My friend has and echo. it is a very nice but small pack

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    I Love Huckberry, was already a member. Thank ITS you guys are awesome too

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    Would love that pack. And can never have too many knives!

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    Thanks for the contest.

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    This looks awesome. I’m always looking for a compact pack set up.

  • AKWintermute


  • edho2002

    I have had 2 GoRuck bags for years and I use them everyday. One of them I put 30lbs of weights and hike 3 miles up and 3 down. It still looks like I pulled it out of the UPS box yesterday.

  • Johntgray32

    I want I want I want!  I do enjoy me some GORUCK….

  • Dec

    Need a new edc backpack that doesn’t look too tactical and I just broke my torch this is perfect just hope I win.

  • AllenD

    Great gear to win here!

  • DougRivell

    GORUCK = Merica!

  • itsmitchyy

    I’ve already been drooling over the GoRuck bags for a while now, but as a broke college student I can’t drop the cash on one at the moment.

  • ThatOneGuy431

    looks pretty sweet

  • Oestermonster

    Can’t go wrong with anything made in America!

  • KeenanGuidry

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    Love the gear, just wish I had the cash to back it up.

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  • Keep up the good work!

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    I love me some ITS tactical. Keep it up guys

  • masternave

    Thank you for such an awesome team-up giveaway.

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    Love the Goruck GR1…the Echo would be a great addition..

  • You guys seriously put together some of the best contest prizes

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    I love ITS Tactical and GoRuck
    Nice giveaway

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    Great giveaway.  Thanks!


    I’m liking the echo

  • jwilliams8791

    Pick me!

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    Need the Echo. Girlfriend wants to do a challenge. Flashlight would be nice as well

  • jlegreid

    Great gear! Would love to win it!

  • AA

    Would love a new Goruck bag!

  • Min

    Huckberry is one of the few webstores I really shop from. Their site is slick and the products, for the most part, are quality.

    Also; thank you for not putting this as a facebook contest. Some of us in interwebs land think FB is the debil.

  • ToddVolante

    Huckberry looks awesome, will definitely check them out more.

  • siegrisj

    Good to see the Huckberry product line expanding

  • Jude

    All black everything – looks good

  • backyardsniper

    Would love to get that backpack

  • PrestonAbdo

    You always do the greatest giveaways. Love the made in USA stuff. I’d put this in my car with emergency/survival stuff in it.

  • A_Security

    Hot damn! would love another GORUCK product

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    Always interested in GORUCK giveaways!

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    Always a fan of Huckberry, ITS, and GORUCK.  All of them in one place is pretty awesome.

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    Love this site, and would love to win some of the top notch gear they review and sell

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    Love ITS!! Especially their patches!

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    Excellent kit for my everyday use!

  • jasonedmonsims

    Did the Challenge in March with an Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack, but saw many people rocking the various Goruck packs. Not sure if it would have helped because it doesn’t really matter what backpack you have, that freaking log was heavy as crap!

  • docrader

    Where is the “Plan, Execute, Vanish” patch…?  🙂

  • theWeej

    I dont normally comment, but when I do, I do it to hopefully win that epic backpack

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    I love the giveaways.  Hope I win 🙂

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    Superb giveaway

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    this collection would be great for a go bag!

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    A very neat prize package. Would make for the beginnings of a speedy go bag.

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    Goruck is badass

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    Perfect for my emergency kit!

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    This is a really cool giveaway!

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    Thank you, I really hope I win!

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    Huckberry is one of the most unique stores found online; true manliness!

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    Good luck all!

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    Thanks for the chance. I’ve always wanted that Goruck!

  • JamesPurvis


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    Gear and a bag to haul it!

  • Jojima

    Finally a good single AA flashlight.

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    GORUCK packs are legit!

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    Looks like an awesome package to win!! Thanks guys

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    Thanks guys!  Keep up the great work.

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    Sweet giveaway guys, I’ve got the Maratac AAA and love it!

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    Looks really cool! Awesome giveaway!

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  • belval

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  • w6zip1

    I’m ready to ruck, bring it!

  • 11311

    It’s awesome that they give these chances to win this stuff!! Hope I can win haha.

  • TomGrace

    Great comp, i’m feelin’ lucky!

  • BrandonBarnes1

    would be awesome to win

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  • Would be a nice win!

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    GORUCK makes an awesome backpack.

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    I’ve wanted a go ruck pack for a long time. Want to do their challenge.

  • Lovely!

  • MichaelMarass


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    Great base EDC Kit to build on!

  • lwhassell

    GORUCK products are top notch and I could always use a new knife

  • MichaelTran

    I might not be a true American by birth, but I am an avid Canadian fan! – Send some loving up north, eh?!

  • Florian Hader

    I really love that you have these givaways! 🙂 Keep on going!

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    Glad to see you’re taking this note from Art of Manliness, good stuff.

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  • Nathan

    Big fan of Huckberry; they’ve always had very high-quality stuff.

  • Tyler

    Always enjoyed HB, can’t hurt to throw my name in the ring.

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    I’ve often thought about buying a GoRuck bag, and I like the design of the Survival Pod, too.

  • Michael H

    Been eying a GoRuck for a while now.

  • Brandon Williams

    Another great giveaway!  Thanks ITS and Huckberry!  This would be a perfect sized ruck for my boy.  He’d love it since it would match my GR1.

  • A Levent

    Awesome pack, I’d love to get it for free.

  • AV


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    Man, you guys know how to put together a fantastic giveaway package. I guess it makes sense – your site and your articles are top-notch. Thanks for what you do.

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    “Check out what I got from ITS!”

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    Keep the good stuff coming!

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    Huckberry is the best dude. I recently purchased a sweet iPhone sleeve form Sword and Plough. Also, the Knockaround sunglasses are cheap and handy.

  • MikeOttersbach

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  • Sam Berry

    Good luck to everyone, this is one hell of a nice prize pack 🙂 I’d love to have one of those GoRucks for myself!

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    This is a great event, it really shows that the company cares about it’s customers and clients. I would love to shop and check out more about ITS Tactical.

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    Need to see Scorpion camo products in the future, ya know, to match the new camo issue of the US Army.

  • NeptunusRex

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  • I tell you what, there’s some really nice things on, but I think my favorite so far is this:

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    I get a lot more than $.14 a day. i get educated and some of the best gear available…

    Life Member!

  • RandyTaylor

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  • MaryToleson

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  • windycity9er

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  • Yeti

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  • I just wanted to stop by and see what a great website you have. It’s refreshing to see a contest as well. IT shows you really care about your readers. I just wanted to suggest that maybe you might give away some personal defense items like a flashlight stun gun or a stun baton as a tactical defense item.

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