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Grow Your Morale Collection with the ITS Modular Morale System

By The ITS Crew

Our ITS Modular Morale System is now back in stock! Whether you’re just starting to grow your morale collection or have been collecting for years, our unique display system can expand to hold a limitless number of items. You can add as many Modular Morale System panels as you need without worrying about unusable space.

ITS Modular Morale System

Modular Morale System 01

Each expandable Modular Morale System is a 12” x 18” panel made from 3/16” foam that’s bonded to an HDPE plastic backer before being covering with UBL soft loop fabric and stitched down. Soft loop allows hook backed morale patches to adhere to the surface of the panel, while the 3/16” foam allows pins, buttons and non-hooked back patches to be pressed in as well.

The UBL soft loop fabric wraps around to the back of each panel, creating a picture framed strip of soft loop to interface with our attachment method of two included 12” strips of 2” wide VELCRO® brand adhesive-backed fastener. By placing a hook strip offset on the edge of a panel, it can interface with another panel to grow your Modular Morale System as big as your imagination allows. Hang them vertically or horizontally, there’s no right or wrong way to use them!

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